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I think that's pretty self-explanatory.

I got my car back February 24, the day after I finished the temp assignment with the California Bar Exam (that was 4 days of interesting stuff that I'll talk about in a bit) and I'll be returning said car tomorrow, March 25 because I'm almost 28 days behind in payments, can't make car insurance payment because of no job (which I'll also talk about in a bit as well).

car stuff )

4 day temp assignment )

j o b )

school )

BIG SIGH! I think that's everything! Until next update! I hope that will have more good news than anything else! Please send positive job and school thoughts my way! I really need them!
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Apparently the last time I did an entry (of substance) was July/August 2016!?

Well, not to go into great detail, after that was my birthday. I turned another year older.

Then I spent Thanksgiving with some friends. I used to be super close to them, but then after being ex-communicated or whatever from them, it still feels weird around them.

Then I spent Christmas with some other friends. That was whatever.

2017!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Church on New Year's Day.

Then I was in a car accident on January 5th. I was okay, but my car was heavily damaged. (behind the cut for a picture and what happened).


My car is the top picture and the car that hit me is the bottom picture.

Now that I've calmed a bit, I was in a car accident. I'M OKAY! No pain anywhere and no soreness. this happened about 4 hours ago.

No one was injured but my rear passenger door can't open.

Police reports were made and I exchanged insurance info with the other party and contacted my insurance company.

I'm STILL in the process of getting my car repaired! It took from Jan 5 to Jan 27 to get the okay to take it in for repairs! A few days after that I was told it was going to take 3 week for the repairs but I would get weekly updates about the progress.

But...I might still end up loosing the car. See, the way I got the car was through uber/exchange leasing. Weekly car payments taken from uber earnings...however, I was only with uber for like 18 days, but if I continue to make weekly payments I could keep the car. Why might I lose the car? Because I couldn't keep up with the full weekly payments. They were about $100/week and I was doing about $60/ everything was getting behind. If the lease goes 21 or 28 days without full weekly payments, they can start the repossession process. Of course, during all this time I was calling the lease company near daily and would be on hold something like 20 minutes before giving up with the call. I would also email them and it would take 2-3 days for them to reply back to me...but it was always a stupid automated response and even longer to get a response to that was from a real person.

I borrowed money from my mom, but I'm back in the same position of needing to pay for this week so it doesn't get 21-28 days behind. I'm trying to sell off furniture in storage but people keep flaking on me.

So frustrating.

Today I went back to my first temp agency. They didn't have anything right then in the area I wanted, but they had a 3 day gig. Next week I'll be proctoring an exam. Future lawyers taking the Bar Exam. I wish I was something more, but at $13.50/hour and 10-12 hours a day, this is very much welcome.

That's about everything with me. I know I left stuff out, but I'm on a time crunch – my niece is waiting for me to take her to pick up food. Hopefully next time I update it won't be another 6 months. lol


Jul. 1st, 2016 10:04 pm
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so apparently I haven't posted since November! Oops. If you want to know what's been going on, you can read about it here and here.

But for some good news!

It's a previous rental car, but it passed inspection so that's all that matters to me.

I signed the final documents today!

Now, I'm sure you're wondering how I'm able to afford such a new car?

Well I've entered the world of rideshare driving! For about 8 months or so (about as long as I'd been previously working), I was using uber and lyft to get to work in the early morning or from the grocery store when I had too many bags to carry on the bus.

So, uber has this program, I researched this for close to two months (well before I was let go from the temp agency job) and spoke with other drivers about not only driving for uber, but if they used this leasing program, where if you don't have a car, you can lease one (for about 3 years) and the weekly payments (between $100-$120) come out of your paycheck from driving for them. There was also a $250 down payment as well as this specific insurance add on that drivers needed to have. Basically between car insurance and car payments, I'm looking at about $553/month, not including gas. Car maintaince it taken care of/provided by the leasing company. I let them know I need the car serviced and they send me a voucher to at at someplace like Jiffy Lube or Auto Zone and it's take care out.

It wasn't until my hair dresser mentioned it, that I thought I'd apply. They most they'd do is say that I don't qualify and I'd be on my way. It took about a week to actually get the process started, then on June 24 I went to look at cars that I was approved for and decided on the Toyota Yaris. It was nearly another week before I heard back from the car sales guy I was working with. He called me yesterday while I was in class (I have good news about that in a bit), saying that the car was ready for me to pick up!

My niece and I went to the Hertz car rental, signed more paperwork and then I was given the car keys!

I haven't decided on a name for the car yet. Any suggestions?

It was funny, when I called to tell my mom, I was like, "I posted something on FB that I want you to look at while I'm on the phone." and of course she had problems getting FB to open and she was like, "I'll just look at it later." then she added, "did you get married?" I was like, "really mom?!" No, I want you to look at it while I'm on the phone. I'll text you the picture." then I had to explain to her how to view a text while she was still talking on the phone. When she got the text opened, she was like, "who's car is that?" I said it was mine and she was like, "really?! your car?" I told her yes and that I'd just signed the papers on it the hour before. I explained to her, some, how I was able to get the car, we chatted for a bit, then the call was over.

Now I have to tell my sister. haha
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My mom has a new 'do! I think it's a bit on the drastic side, both in style and color, but it sort of suits her.

lookin' good mom! )

Then, in the best news this week, MY KITTY CAME BACK!!! Like, she found her way back on her own!

welcome home, Ms Marple! )

I walked out of the living room to my bedroom and laid on the bed, then 2 mins later, Kim is all "Lizet! Come quick! I think Ms Marple is back!"

So I go back to the living room, and sure enough I hear her meow on the other side of the screen door! I turned on the light and opened the door and had to coax her back in, but she wouldn't come, so I picked her up and brought her in.

Kim, of course, is crying and going on like she did last week when I found out Ms Marple got out.

My kitty looks fine, if a little lighter from likely not eating every day for a week. And she doesn't run away from me when I pick her up. I wonder how long that will last.

But SHE'S BACK! I guess she got tired of roaming the neighborhood and decided to come back. Too bad I didn't have a cam on her to see all the places she'd gone to and the people she'd seen during her week adventure.

I have to get her a new collar though - she's lost her's. I hope I can get a replacement chip tag with her chip ID number on it. I know I can get another regular tag with her name and my cell phone number, but I'd also like to get that chip tag too.
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Wednesday night my cat got out. I'm not too upset by this. Just concerned about where she's at.

Kim, however, has been crying off and on since we found out on Thursday morning. See I think she got out while Kim was being OCD about how the curtains look from the outside (if people can see into the house) and she will literally spent 10 minutes going back and forth from inside to outside before they're just right. It was during this time that I think the cat got out. Thursday morning Kim told me around 2 am she thought she heard scratching on the door but was too tired to get up and investigate. Could it have been Ms Marple wanting to come back in? I don't know. Though I am a bit upset that she didn't at least look out the window to see what it was.

What I am getting annoyed by is her continuing to give me doe eyes or whatever when she thinks I'm not looking because she's upset about it. Twice she's cried on my shoulder about it, blaming herself and I did the good thing and tried to assure her that it was an accident and I'm not mad at her, but if this continues, I won't be held responsible for telling her that, yes, it is her fault and ask her what she's going to do about it.

Part of me thinks this is "God's" way of eliminating the obstacle keeping me from helping Abel's parents (I mentioned that I helped them the last weekend in March and I decided that doing elder care like that wasn't for me), but there is still the communication barrier and the fact that I can't deal with basically being locked in a house because that's what Abel's dad has to do to keep his wife, who has dementia, from getting out of the house. Also, since I'm working, I don't want to be relied on to care for her outside of the "at night" that Abel said I'd be helping with.

The other part of me thinks that my cat ate one of the pills that I've been finding on the floor and she got out to die or whatever. Kim's brother was losing his eyesight and apparently his pills were small and easily got lost in the dirty carpet. It wouldn't have taken Ms Marple much to find it and eat it and get sick. I shouldn't think morbidly like that, but that thought has always been in my head when I first starting finding the pills. I'm also reminded of Lora's cat Bubba, who was maybe 4 or 5 years older than Ms Marple and a couple of years ago, he got out of the house and hasn't been seen since. Lora thinks he went somewhere to die because he was old. So I was thinking that Ms Marple maybe did the same? I don't know.

I've posted on twitter, IG, tumblr and FB about Ms Marple going missing. People have been sharing. Her tracking info is up to date so if she's found, hopefully someone will take her to a vet or shelter to have her scanned and returned to me.
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If at all possible, AVOID properties managed by Realty Executive Select.

Rather than paying around $100-$150 to have carpets cleaned, they opted to have NEW carpet installed because the "damage was beyond normal wear and tear" to which I call bullshit!

So they're charging us for the installation for the new carpet (nearly $1000) and hauling away of bulk trash (around $230, which we knew was going to happen).

I'm going to contact one of the lawyers I used to work with when I volunteered at the Legal Aid in the Compton Courthouse to see if they can give me any advice on this.

We have 21 days to pay this or they'll give us (really my mom) a negative credit report on the credit record.

That's 28 years of living there for you. The owner was/is nice, but the property manager is a bitch.
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finally found someone who gave me cash to junk the car. I got about $300 less than I was hoping for**, but hey, money is money.

Now I have to deal with yet another potential buyer of the brown bookcases I have. Someone was supposed to come a couple weeks ago to buy them. He rented a truck and came here to measure them and decided that they were too short. Umm I put the measurements with the listing! In the end he didn't want them. at least he admitted it was his own fault for not reading the ad clearly. I hope this other person paid better attention to the measurements. But if they don't sell, my sister told my mom she wanted a couple? of course I get no money for that. *rolls eyes hard*

** All along my mom has said whatever I sell, I get to keep the money for. She also told me the same for junking the car. I spent a week calling different car junkers that advertised "cash for cars" looking for the best offer. I was hoping for $500, but $200 was the best offer. Today they came to get the car. 15 mins ago my mom came into my room, hand held out expectantly, wanting half! Umm what?! She never said anything about taking half! Not even when the last 2 months my dad's mechanic friend said he would try to find someone to buy it (he never did and my mom kept harping on me to call the guy to get the pink slip back and "take care of it yourself.")

Now I'm pissed off and want to tell her off but I can't because she's going to be giving me money every month while I'm rooming with a friend so I can take care of myself until I get a job (and yes, pay her back the nearly grand I already owe from being unemployed since December 2013). I also want to cry. I'm not sad about it, but more disappointed that she did that when she knew what I was going to use the money for. Like it shot the plans I had in place for the first couple of months and I have to re-work everything so it makes sense again

on top of having to deal with everything else she pawns off for me to do.

Speaking of jobs...a friend emailed me about a receptionist position a friend of his has. It's part time, but a job is a job. I'm sprucing up my resume to email to them...then I'm going to try to forget about it. I'm learning not to tell people I've got interviews, no matter how excited I get about them, because I can't stand the near constant asking "have you heard back?" I get from people I see daily/weekly. It's bad enough I get "do you have a job yet?" from some people at church. I know they mean well because they've been praying for me to get something, but having to say no and grin and bear it when they say "well I'm going to keep praying" makes me feel like crap and want to scream.
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I signed up for twreversebangtwreversebang and sort of regret nothing?

I hope I get art that can inspire me to write at least 3000 words. I mean, I've written 1800 words based on nothing more than a prompt, so having a picture should help more, right?

We'll see once art preview is posted on April 9th (and claiming on April 11th). I have a feeling it's going to be like how it was for h50_reversebangh50_reversebang but more competitive and I'll be staying up all night (10th to 11th) to make sure I get the piece I want.
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Here we are...down to the wire.

The property manager called to let us know what we have to do as far as us moving out. March 18th is our absolute last day. The keys will be picked up at 3 pm.
* carpet professionally cleaned
* any holes in the walls (from hanging pictures or whatever) filled in
* nothing left in the garage
* walls/windows/blinds cleaned

basically everything cleaned. I'm looking around for deals on carpet cleaning services. I checked on Amazon local deals and found 3, the husband of a friend I went to school with does cleaning and my mom is waiting to hear from my sister about who she went with for her carpet cleaning. So far, the most expensive for 3 rooms and a hallway is around $100. My mom said she didn't want to pay that much, it's one of the offers.

My sister's ex-husband's nephew is a realtor and he said that the manager can't penalize us for normal wear and tear on the carpet, but if it's super dirty, then to have it professionally cleaned to ensure that we get as much of our deposit back. To be honest, I don't know that we will anyway? I was looking over the original rental agreement from 1986 and the legalese it was written in gave me a freakin' headache - I couldn't determine what my mom's deposit amount was.

Utilities are going to be cut on March 13 or 16 (probably the 13th). hopefully my cousin, who is a professional mover, will be able to help us pack the apartment and move stuff to storage, my sister's place and "my" place on the 13, 14 or 15.

I also need to find someone to haul away my bed (mattress/box spring), the fridge and microwave. I don't need to take them with me or keep them in storage for when i get my own place
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not that there's ever a time for this, but my laptop died.

I was stupid and downloading any program I could find/try to create a slideshow from the Community breakfast my church had this morning. I noticed my laptop was lagging, so i go to restart it and when it comes up, I get my regular welcome screen, so I log in...only there's no desktop! It's a completely black screen! When I press the windows key, nothing happens!


Only something does happen. Some system clean up pops up and twice I canceled it (to have to restart my laptop), so this time I let it go through. It then says it found over 2000 threats and the only way to deal with it is to register for the full clean up...only to do that I have to pay like $25! Uhh no!

But I click okay, then by some fluke, a browser opens up for me to pay to get this full clean up. But I don't have the money. so I had to bring up the task manager to force that clean up to close.

I still have my browser open, but nothing else. I'm really scared to restart my laptop in case the same thing happens.

This is my damn life! UGH

Anyone know how I can get my OS back or whatever? If so, please please let me know! I don't want to have lost my pictures and music. Thankfully my writing (and some other pictures) is saved to a flash drive and google docs!
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I mentioned Kim offering my a place to stay. That's still a go and this week I'm going to start moving stuff over. Mostly on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays since I don't have a car and have to work with the schedule of other people.

My mom's packed up the DVDs in the living room and she's going to ship like 3 or 4 boxes back to her sister's so that they're already there for when she gets there.

I need to pack up the shelves in the kitchen so that I can wipe them down and they can be ready for the yard sale my sister convinced my mom she should have. Whatever. I still get the money from it.

I haven't heard back from any of the last 3 or 4 places I sent my resume to or interviewed with. Everyone keeps saying "something's around the corner!" or "God's going to send something your way soon!" I smile and nod, but in my head I'm just like shove it. Platitudes like that don't do anyone any good.

I wrote a teen wolf ficlet. It got more hits/kudos on AO3 than I thought it would. I'm sure if it was longer I would have gotten some other comments. The last 3 or 4 days I've been thinking about doing a Sterek big bang? I don't even know what my life has become! I didn't even start writing McDanno stuff until I'd been in the H50 fandom for a couple of years. I'm not even "in" the Teen Wolf fandom and I'm already contemplating (it's outlined in my head, but shh) a Sterek BB.

Also, I'm in the last 9 days or so of a 30 day fic writing challenge on tumblr. It's been an interesting ride, that's for sure. This one is McDanno/McWilliams (Mary McGarrett/Matt Williams). I'm already thinking there's going to be a sequel.

and now to read some fic before bed.


Jan. 15th, 2015 04:42 pm
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Some time last week, my mom gave me a slip of paper. It was job information for a driver position for Access...only access hires out it's drivers from other transportation companies. I went to the website of the closest transportation company and saw they were hiring drivers.

It took me DAYS to get the money for my bus fare and to pick up my 3 year and 10 year driving record from the DMV.

I was supposed to go on Tuesday, but I overslept. So I went yesterday. I was there, at the DMV, for 3 hours! They were telling people with appointments(!!!) that it was going to be a 3 hour wait! So, I got my 2 driving records and got back on the bus to head to the company to turn them in and fill out an application.

That was another 2 hours, getting there and filling out the application, and was informed that once the application was reviewed, I would be notified.

Now the waiting game.

I honestly wasn't a call back today, but around 20 to noon, I get a call back! I thought they were calling to say "thanks, but no thanks," or that they had questions about something I put in my application.

Turns out, they want me to come in for an interview!


I was so freakin' shocked!

Tomorrow at 10:45am is my interview. With how frequently the buses run (one is every hour, one is every 20 minutes and the other is every 40 minutes) I'll either get there 40 minutes early, or would just be getting off the bus at 10:40am, leaving me 5 minutes to walk 2 blocks to the location where the interview is. I'd rather be there 40 minutes early to have that "cushion" in case I have to end up walking about 2 miles from where I get off bus #2 to wait for bus #3. I hope that doesn't happen, it's a possibility.

Now...about this job.

I mentioned Access Transportation before. It's the company my mom uses sometimes to get to/from her doctor appointments, church, and when she goes to do her day care. And like I mentioned in this entry, they get their drivers from other transportation companies. The one i'm going to interview with, Global Paratransit, is a 24/7 transportation company. Because of that, their drivers need to be available to work holidays, weekend, and sometimes overnight. They also have no problem paying overtime. I found that out because my mom said one of her drivers said they have a high turnover rate when it comes to drivers. People talking/texting while driving. Not only is it against the law, but if you're responsible for driving someone else around, possibly 3 or 4 people if you're in a van, you need to not be distracted. So you don't get a first or second chance. If they find out you were texting/talking while driving, you're fired.

The benefits: if hired there's two weeks of paid training at $9/hour and after that you get paid $11/hour. They have no problem paying overtime, in fact apparently they encourage it, there's paid time off as well as medical/dental insurance.

All that said, interview tomorrow and I need to find something warm and professional to wear.
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I got a call from the mortuary. They got a date from Riverside National Cemetery. The next available date for services is December 1 at 1:45 pm.

HOLY COW! That's in 12 days away and 20 days after his death!

I get it's first come, first serve kind of thing, but it just seems like too much time. Make me want to find out how many services a day they do that's given us a date that's so far away.

But I'm also assuming that since things have gone forward, that the mortuary got their money from the life insurance my mom had through her job and that by the end of this month we should be getting the remaining money. I also need to go to the Social Security office with my mom to sort out the survivors benefits stuff my mom should be getting from my dad's social security, but we can't do that until we get the death certificate.
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Today's my Dad's memorial/funeral service.

After the service we're going over to my mom's cousin's house for lunch. I really really don't want to. So many thing I don't want to do but will because I don't want people to tell me anything.

One day I'll feel more like an adult and can feel comfortable telling people in my family no and stick to it.

My apartment is filled with people. I shared a room with my mom. I just want to sleep/veg away.

My friend thinks I might be a little bit depressed. I know I was over summer, I probably still could be.

Jasmine and I are going to get somewhat matching tattoos in honor of my dad (her grandpa) the next time we get money.
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My dad passed away about 45 minutes ago (2:30 am California time). We're waiting for our hospice nurse/doctor to come and "confirm" his death.

Family has been called and we've told closer friends, but I still "feel" the need to tell people. I haven't posted anything to facebook or twitter yet. I did update my rp tumblr, which I don't know why, really. But they know now.
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We have been told to discontinue giving him all food/liquids since he is unable to swallow and if we try to give him anything, he could choke. He is also being switched to a pain patch to make him comfortable. With the discontinuation of food/liquids, the doctor says that we shouldn't expect him to live past 7 days. We will be sent a nurse to be with us/him 24/7 until he passes away.

I've called my brother, sister and aunt and sent an email to our Pastor. My aunt is going to call her siblings (she's my dad's sister) to let them know. I haven't actually been able to get a hold of my sister, but I left her a message asking to call me back when she gets the chance.

My mom is calling the rest of the family (her side) to let them know.
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I've added the Teen Wolf DVDs to my amazon wishlist.

MTV only has seasons 3 and 4 available for streaming online and netflix only has the dvds of the show.

I haven't been able to find anyplace else that has online streaming, so until I get the DVDs I won't be able to watch...and I'm sort of bummed. But I'm thinking since I've read so many of the fanfics, I'll be able to get more into the first few episodes like I wasn't able to the first few times I tried to watch the first season.
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I've been reading more Sterek kid fic, I maybe have 5-8 more tabbed to read.

Then it happened.

Last night I had a Teen Wolf/H50 dream!

Derek got Danny to join his pack and that made Steve mad/jealous. There was also an undercurrent of Derek trying to get back at Steve for Steve doing something. Steve was also convinced that Derek had some sort of hold over Danny, which is why Danny went to willingly to pack with Derek. I'm like 99% certain there isn't that aspect like with a Sire and a sired vampire, so I have no idea where/why that came up

And I'm still pretty damn sure I won't be watching the show.

shut up anyone who laughs and says I will!
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I'm not even into the show - I tried the first episode of season 1 like 4 times before giving up!

But last night/early this morning, there was a fic rec on twitter for this

How Derek Met His Smallest Fan (37276 words) by purpleduvet
Chapters: 2/2
Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Characters: Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, Erica Reyes, Vernon Boyd, Allison Argent, Sheriff Stilinski, Melissa McCall
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Future Fic, Kid Fic, Complete
Summary: Derek is standing in the fruits and vegetables aisle, trying to decide between two very nice looking watermelons, when someone small crashes into his legs.
or Derek comes back to Beacon Hills after years of being gone and meets Stiles and his kid at the supermarket.

and I stayed up until like 2 or 3 am reading it (when I had to be up at 7 to get ready to leave at 7:45 to catch the bus to church)!

Now I want all the Derek/Stiles future fic/kid fic. I'm searching the tags and I come across the domestic series by thepsychicclam which I'm thinking about reading.

Then, the friend who recc'd the first fic I read, told me to check out

DILF (30871 words) by twentysomething
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Characters: Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Sheriff Stilinski, Scott McCall, Jackson Whittemore, Danny Mahealani
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Human, Alternate Universe - Kindergarten & Pre-school, Kid Fic
Summary: "Today is Scott's first day of kindergarten and Derek is terrified."

which I am currently reading and really enjoying.

Now I'm just like...I don't even know! "Lizet, what the hell are you doing?!" but I'm finding stuff that looks good and taking recommendations from my friend. We'll see how this goes.

But I won't be watching the show!

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