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Wednesday night my cat got out. I'm not too upset by this. Just concerned about where she's at.

Kim, however, has been crying off and on since we found out on Thursday morning. See I think she got out while Kim was being OCD about how the curtains look from the outside (if people can see into the house) and she will literally spent 10 minutes going back and forth from inside to outside before they're just right. It was during this time that I think the cat got out. Thursday morning Kim told me around 2 am she thought she heard scratching on the door but was too tired to get up and investigate. Could it have been Ms Marple wanting to come back in? I don't know. Though I am a bit upset that she didn't at least look out the window to see what it was.

What I am getting annoyed by is her continuing to give me doe eyes or whatever when she thinks I'm not looking because she's upset about it. Twice she's cried on my shoulder about it, blaming herself and I did the good thing and tried to assure her that it was an accident and I'm not mad at her, but if this continues, I won't be held responsible for telling her that, yes, it is her fault and ask her what she's going to do about it.

Part of me thinks this is "God's" way of eliminating the obstacle keeping me from helping Abel's parents (I mentioned that I helped them the last weekend in March and I decided that doing elder care like that wasn't for me), but there is still the communication barrier and the fact that I can't deal with basically being locked in a house because that's what Abel's dad has to do to keep his wife, who has dementia, from getting out of the house. Also, since I'm working, I don't want to be relied on to care for her outside of the "at night" that Abel said I'd be helping with.

The other part of me thinks that my cat ate one of the pills that I've been finding on the floor and she got out to die or whatever. Kim's brother was losing his eyesight and apparently his pills were small and easily got lost in the dirty carpet. It wouldn't have taken Ms Marple much to find it and eat it and get sick. I shouldn't think morbidly like that, but that thought has always been in my head when I first starting finding the pills. I'm also reminded of Lora's cat Bubba, who was maybe 4 or 5 years older than Ms Marple and a couple of years ago, he got out of the house and hasn't been seen since. Lora thinks he went somewhere to die because he was old. So I was thinking that Ms Marple maybe did the same? I don't know.

I've posted on twitter, IG, tumblr and FB about Ms Marple going missing. People have been sharing. Her tracking info is up to date so if she's found, hopefully someone will take her to a vet or shelter to have her scanned and returned to me.
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