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I think that's pretty self-explanatory.

I got my car back February 24, the day after I finished the temp assignment with the California Bar Exam (that was 4 days of interesting stuff that I'll talk about in a bit) and I'll be returning said car tomorrow, March 25 because I'm almost 28 days behind in payments, can't make car insurance payment because of no job (which I'll also talk about in a bit as well).

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BIG SIGH! I think that's everything! Until next update! I hope that will have more good news than anything else! Please send positive job and school thoughts my way! I really need them!
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Apparently the last time I did an entry (of substance) was July/August 2016!?

Well, not to go into great detail, after that was my birthday. I turned another year older.

Then I spent Thanksgiving with some friends. I used to be super close to them, but then after being ex-communicated or whatever from them, it still feels weird around them.

Then I spent Christmas with some other friends. That was whatever.

2017!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Church on New Year's Day.

Then I was in a car accident on January 5th. I was okay, but my car was heavily damaged. (behind the cut for a picture and what happened).


My car is the top picture and the car that hit me is the bottom picture.

Now that I've calmed a bit, I was in a car accident. I'M OKAY! No pain anywhere and no soreness. this happened about 4 hours ago.

No one was injured but my rear passenger door can't open.

Police reports were made and I exchanged insurance info with the other party and contacted my insurance company.

I'm STILL in the process of getting my car repaired! It took from Jan 5 to Jan 27 to get the okay to take it in for repairs! A few days after that I was told it was going to take 3 week for the repairs but I would get weekly updates about the progress.

But...I might still end up loosing the car. See, the way I got the car was through uber/exchange leasing. Weekly car payments taken from uber earnings...however, I was only with uber for like 18 days, but if I continue to make weekly payments I could keep the car. Why might I lose the car? Because I couldn't keep up with the full weekly payments. They were about $100/week and I was doing about $60/ everything was getting behind. If the lease goes 21 or 28 days without full weekly payments, they can start the repossession process. Of course, during all this time I was calling the lease company near daily and would be on hold something like 20 minutes before giving up with the call. I would also email them and it would take 2-3 days for them to reply back to me...but it was always a stupid automated response and even longer to get a response to that was from a real person.

I borrowed money from my mom, but I'm back in the same position of needing to pay for this week so it doesn't get 21-28 days behind. I'm trying to sell off furniture in storage but people keep flaking on me.

So frustrating.

Today I went back to my first temp agency. They didn't have anything right then in the area I wanted, but they had a 3 day gig. Next week I'll be proctoring an exam. Future lawyers taking the Bar Exam. I wish I was something more, but at $13.50/hour and 10-12 hours a day, this is very much welcome.

That's about everything with me. I know I left stuff out, but I'm on a time crunch – my niece is waiting for me to take her to pick up food. Hopefully next time I update it won't be another 6 months. lol
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But I need to start at the beginning...

On November 7, I posted that I wouldn't be able to post again/be online until Friday, however that wasn't the case.

Wednesday my parents went to get the Uhaul truck and were gone for nearly 6 hours! Why? Not more than 15 minutes after they got the truck, they got into an accident! The brakes went out and when they moved to the left to avoid hitting a car, they still hit the car and big time crunched that car's trunk in! Since this happened after the Uhaul facility closed, they had to call the 1-800 number to get them to contact someone who could bring a replacement truck. Police report was taken, no one was injured, however, they got hone far too late to even begin to move stuff into the truck.

Thursday, we started bright and early at 7 am and loaded the truck. HOLY CRAP! It took us, and by us, I mean, me and my dad, 3 hours to move the bulk of the bookshelves and 2 beds. Then it took another 3 hours for us to unload everything into storage! By the way, it started to rain while we were unloading the truck! I wasn't a happy person at all! That night, when we got back home, had the intention of packing up more of the truck, but that didn't exactly happen. I ended up falling asleep (on my floor with hardly any blankets because they were packed away!) at midnight and my parents were still packing up!

Friday, when technically we should have been done Friday, we still had a corner china cabinet, dining room table (my mom wants to keep), 2 dressers and a bunch of other crap to move, oh and they were still packing! I loaded up the car and told my dad I was going to pick up my friend/cousin Cynthia because she offered to help us move the remaining stuff. I pick up Cynthia and in 3 hours we get more stuff loaded into the truck and car and make another storage run. We should have been able to make 2 runs and get the entire apartment packed and loaded to the truck and to storage before they had to be at the airport, but I think my parents were running on fumes. My dad was not doing anything he needed to do. Finally I told him that we were going to load the last 2 heavy furniture units on the truck, he was going to call Irma (the manager) and see if there was a way I could turn the keys in on Monday) and they he had to wash up and put on fresh clothes so they could leave. My dad called the Uhaul people and worked it out with them for me to return the truck since it was nearing 12 pm and they needed to be at the airport before 130 pm. The Uhaul was left at storage, Cynthia went with us to the airport and my parents made it through everything with minutes to spare! When they got to the gate, they had begun boarding! Cynthia went back to storage with me, and in 30 minutes we had that sucker empty and were taking it back to the Uhaul facility. Here's were more drama happens! We used a quarter tank of gas and my dad was supposed to give me money to fill it back up. He forgot, and that's understandable, and I didn't know how much it was going to take to fill the tank back up. I put in $10 but aparently that did nothing because it was still at 3/4 tank. They charged me, well my mom's card $55 for that! On top of having the truck out 2 days instead of 1. The guy who my parents were dealing with came in and was like "you weren't supposed to charge them for gas because that was the deal I had with them after I took the replacement truck to them on the 7th." Well the card had already been charged and I don't have it since it's my mom's and they're on the other side of the country on vacation. So the manager (who initially charged for the gas!) is going to give us $50-$55 off our next rental.

If we didn't have Cynthia's help, I don't know what would have happened. Irma was nice enough to allow me to keep the keys until Monday ad Cynthia and Chad will be helping me pack the remaining stuff to put into storage. My dad said I could throw a lot of the damaged stuff from the garage away.

I have my fingers crossed that today and tomorrow we can get the stuff packed away and into storage. Irma said she needed the keys at 9 am on Monday, but my dad said I work on Monday so I have to get the keys to her as soon as possible. The apartment will be worked on first thing Monday morning.

My parents are safely on their cruise ship with my Aunt and Uncle. My parents will be out of contact until November 18 when they get to my brother's place.

I'm at work now trying to get some stuff I neglected earlier this week and last week, then I have to wash clothes, pack them in storage and go back to the apartment and finish packing up. I hope I get all this done by Monday!
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There's sort of a financial upheaval at my job. I think I mentioned it last week some time, if not the week before that. But my bosses know this is the only job I have so they're going to do their best to keep paying me. Once I find a job that I can support myself on, I'm going to tell the bosses that they no longer have to pay me, but I'll continue to do that I do because they need someone to do it.

On the way to lunch today, my dad was all "how are you going to get from your sister's to downey (to get the mail)?" In my head I was like "umm driving?" and he was all "because you aren't on our insurance and if you get pulled over, that's a big ticket. but we can work out days that you can drive the car" Then I was like there's buses around, I can take them. and he was like, "okay, that's what I wanted to know." That just put me in a right foul mood. I've been using the bus for 12 years, I know how to figure out bus systems to get me where I need to go. but also, I've been telling my dad since like August or September to tell me how much it would be to add me to their car insurance and I'd pay it so that I can be insured. Then today, when I went to the bathroom, I guess my mom talked to him because when I came back, he asked me if I'd have the $380-$400 to pay to add me to their insurance (my part over all would be $40-$50 when they go to pay ever 6 months or whatever it is) and I said yes. So he said Monday he'd call AAA to get more information. Seriously, way to wait until the last minute! They leave on Friday!

and OMG the people at my church were acting like it was the end of the world because my parents were going on (a month long) vacation. They were saying goodbye to me like they weren't going to see me for a month. (If I had my way, there would be quite a few of them I'd never want to see again). I guess they assumed that since I was staying with my sister, I'd be going to church with her. Umm pass on that. I mean, if they have some sort of special service, I'll go to that because I'd still have enough time to get to my own church, but other than that, I won't be going to her church. They're too vocal and touch/feely for my taste.

Monday I'm pretty sure we're going to be packing and moving from 7am-7pm *sighs* we get the moving truck for the furniture on Wednesday and Thursday we turn in the keys.

Tuesday is Election day (in the US) so I hope that everyone goes out and votes (if they haven't done so already). I'll be working at my local polling place from 6 am-930pm

eta: forgot that I spoke with my sister about what she wanted me to contribute while I was with her. She said that I basically needed to keep "my area" clean (which is a given), wash the dishes (I would assume that would be dishes that I dirty because I really don't like cleaning up after other people who are capable of cleaning up after themselves), wash my clothes (again, that's a given) and help with buying the food (which was my initial thought until my mom told me that my sister gets public assistance for stuff like that but I'll still help out so she won't have to spend more).

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