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I wish I could see how the apartment looks now. I want to have some idea of how plain my room is going to be until I can properly decorate.

I still don't know what the general "theme" of my room is going to be. I mean when I was packing up everything for the move, I toyed with the idea of having a tropical/Hawaii Five-0 theme (thanks in part to the "Hawaii Five-0 Survival Bag" that bluedelftbluedelft gave me in July), but I don't have nearly enough "tropical' decorations. I guess that means I'll have to raid some party stores and possibly order some prints from (a search of Hawaii alone gives me over 1,000 options!)

M & J have been at some church related conference since the day after Christmas and come back today. Yesterday was the family dinner night so I went with my sister (free food so I wouldn't have to cook or order fast food). Holy crap was it an unorganized dinner! They had it semi-catered in that they ordered the dinner from Panda Express and everything else was provided by some of the parents of the youth. Well, my sister was told she was supposed to get the food but she couldn't get a hold of the person who ordered it. She tried calling him 3 times! Then she found out from someone else that the man who ordered it went to get it because it was "too far away" and he didn't want her to "get lost or be late to the dinner". Dinner was supposed to start at 5 but it didn't start until nearly 6 because they were waiting for the guy to come with the food! Then at 7 there was a church service kind of thing. That went until 10. It was supposed to be over at 9 because there was going to be a talent show at 10, but the talent show didn't start until 10:30. J asked my sister (and by extension me) to stay because she was in a drama skit. We had to sit through 3 or 4 acts before my niece's group was up...then we stayed for one more group before leaving at midnight! There went my plan of watching a movie before going to sleep! But I did get Taco Bell and watched the last 10 minutes of Benny Hill before trying to get warm enough to go to sleep.

Today...I don't know what I'm going to do. It's freezing (it's 55 degrees but that's still too cold for me!) and there's a bit I want to do (after holiday shopping) but I don't want to spend hours on the bus dealing with cold and possibly having to stand because there's so many people out using the bus. Also, I don't know if I want Taco Bell or Panda Express for lunch...or if I'll even be able to stop and get lunch (if I get dropped off, there will be no stopping for lunch, sadly).

Small group in church today! 7 counting myself! Last Sunday there was over 50 but that was because the Spanish speaking members came out early. The Pastor had surgery on the 22nd to remove his colon! The surgery went fine but I don't know if he's home or has been moved to an aftercare facility. But with him out, that means his wife is out and so is Lora.

Also, internet is being a bitch. I'm going to write. I got back chapter 19 of But Why Daddy? from my beta, so now I can fret about chapter 20.
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Saturday night? The football game was great! It rained off and on, but not enough to get soaking wet. DHS (my high school) won! 33-25! Then on the way home I had a driving adventure. I got lost on the way back to my sister's from a football game and had to pull over to pull up the directions on my phone. thank goodness I have a maps app and it gave me simple enough directions to get back to my sister's.

Sunday was church and pretty uneventful. Sunday night, however was different. I'm nearly at my wits end with my niece. She complains about the movies I watch, last night I watched 1.5 Sean Connery Bond movies but stopped the 2nd one because she was complaining so much. So I put on Percy Jackson and the Olympians and that set her off even more...she ended up turning on the other tv in the living room and watching all those animated Sunday night shows on Fox. I wouldn't have had a problem with that if 1) the tv wasn't right near where I was sitting, and 2) I wasn't already watching a movie. I decided I'm taking my movies back to storage. She's lost the privilege to watch them. I also won't be picking her up from school. Her dad pays for her monthly bus pass, she needs to use it. I'm basically not going to do anything else for her unless my sister asks me to.

Then today...oh boy today. I went to do my usual volunteering at the courthouse and I parked in the parking structure...however, before I could get my belongings out of the car, the door closed and it was locked! OMG no! my jacket, purse, keys and cell phone locked in the car! None of the windows were down so I couldn't force it lower to reach in and unlock it. So, what could I do? I went to the courthouse, checked my e-mail for my dad & mom's cell phone number, called them and got the insurance number, then called AAA where I found out that while I may be on their insurance, I'm not on their roadside assistance thingy and my dad would have to call in. GREAT! I call my dad back and he was like "looks like you have a problem..." and suggested I borrow money from someone and take the bus to my sisters, get the other set of keys, get the bus back and get the car. Only prolem with that is the parking structure closes at 5 pm and it's probably take me 2 hours and more than a couple of dollars to get from the courthouse to my sister's place and then I would have to wait for someone to get there (which would have been around 3 or 4 pm) another couple of hours to get back to the courthouse...and that's if the buses are running on time! So, I guess my mom talked him into calling AAA and getting someone to come out and open the door for me because he said to call him back when I finished and he'd call AAA. I managed to do my work, call my dad back, then wait 30 minutes for the guy from AAA to come. He gets the door open in 10 minutes and all is right with the world.

Now I'm in my office trying to get my e-mail sorted and guess what...STILL HAVING PROBLEMS WITH THE INTERNET! I'm going to have to call Time Warner tomorrow. Something's going on with the connection, despite everything showing I'm connected. pages shouldn't just not load. I still haven't been able to download like 4 shows!
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That's how I'm feeling right now!

I think the weather's making the (cable) internet mess up so my web pages aren't loading. It started yesterday and at first I thought it was just yahoo mail, then it moved on to LJ, now it's any site I go to!


Also, all I seem to have to post about are complaints and really, no one wants to continually read about that.

But I will say the US Postal System is on my shit list right now. Their website and 2 other postal workers told me it would take 7-10 days to process and send my forwarded mail. I went to the new post office yesterday (which would have been like 7 business days because the holiday always screws stuff up) and the worker there who I spoke with told me it takes 14 days to process and send forwarded mail! At least my dad didn't give me grief about that. When it's out of my hands, its out of my hands. So we didn't get mail delivered all last week and probably won't get mail until sometime next week - if we're lucky! The lady I spoke with did get my cell phone number and said someone would call me if they happen to find any of my mail that hadn't been delivered. No one still had an answer about the package that was supposedly delivered/dropped off on November 24th. I'll give it until the end of next week to be delivered to me, then I'm going to ask Amazon for my money back or to have the 2 books re-sent - I've already updated my shipping address on the site so there shouldn't be any other delivery problems.

Tonight's the CIF final football game that my Alma Mater is in. Downey High School vs La Serna High. They're expecting so many people that the location for the game changed 3 times! It's now going to be at Cal State Fullerton. That football stadium can hold about 34,000 people! I'm so excited! I hope the weather cooperates! I will have my umbrella, but would really NOT like to get wet.

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Apr. 1st, 2012 07:39 am
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The rain last night (and this morning?) kind of put a damper on what I was going to wear (silver skirt & top) but that's okay as I haven't shaved my legs.

what? don't look at me like that!

It's winter, therefore cold, so I've been wearing pants every time I go out. There have been a few times where I've gone out (to church) in longish skirts or dresses and wasn't arsed about my legs not being shaved and I still don't care, but the rain man. I don't like wearing skirts when its rainy.

Plus, I'm literally going to be at the church all day. 10 am-8:30/9 pm. Regular church, set up/cooking for Palm Sunday dinner, then the dinner, then clean-up. I need to be comfortable for that.

it's 7:40 and there's some things I need to cook for tonight. I wish the church wasn't small in membership so that others could bring food and it'd be back to the church providing the ham, rolls and drinks. I miss those days.
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every time I use Yahoo! Weather to check what the weather is going to be like, Sunnyvale comes up and makes me think of Sunnydale which makes me wonder if I'm Buffy lol

the temp tomorrow has me scrambling to change what I'm going to wear. the high is going to be 63° and yeah, that's warmer than a lot of the country, but not warm enough for me to wear leggings and a dress. Thursday & Friday it's supposed to be in the 70s and that's more conducive to me wearing something like that. Sometimes I wish I could go in wearing jeans and a nice top, but that's not very professional.

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