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So I gave Teen Wolf a shot by watching the first episode of season 1 and it couldn't hold my interest. Overall I thought it was good, but I just wasn't interested in it.

Up next is Grimm. I watched the first episode of Season 1 when it aired and liked it, but it was on opposite a show I already watched so I didn't continue with it. I've got all of season 1 in my netflix queue so next week will be Grimm marathon week.
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getting netflix back this week!

I had it like 2 years ago, but since they no longer hold accounts, my queue has been (forever?) lost and to my surprise my queue was still there! But I deleted it since it's in horrible order, now I'm starting over fresh. Please recommend shows for me to add to my queue to watch!

already on the list )
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While I have a stable internet connection, it's not stable enough for me to download any of the tv shows I watched and have missed.

I also have to battle and refresh the browser a couple of times before pages load.

I've been dealing with this for the last 4 days, so today when the bill for Time Warner Cable Business Class came, I called them. Was on hold for like 10 minutes and the guy told me everything was running fine on their end and that he was seeing modem activity.

Be that as it may, why, for the last 4 days, as it been hit or miss getting pages to load and virtually impossible for me to download anything? Being told it would take 2 hours to download something, when last week, the same thing took 10 minutes tops, is ridiculous! also, being told that something is going to take 22 hours to download is even more ridiculous!

I'm like 4 or 5 episodes behind on Arrow (though I did watch last week and was sort of lost), I'm maybe 3 episodes behind on Criminal Minds, I think I missed 2 episodes of CSI. I think those are all the shows I watch. You won't catch me missing an episode of Hawaii Five-0 unless I absolutely can't get to a tv to watch it, so I'm okay with that.

Speaking of Hawaii Five-0, I've been so busy battling episode downloads that I forgot that I need to post my review for last night's episode. will be doing that soon.
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iTunes is offering free premiere episodes of certain shows.

so far I've picked
Downton Abbey (Original UK version)
Gossip Girl
The vampire Diaries

then I went way back in the day (okay, not really, but I've already seen these episodes and oh the nostalgia)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
CSI: Miami

Hoping I don't get hooked on the first 4 shows (though I was already interested in Justified) because I don't have the patience to watch past episodes to "catch up"

so while the downloads happen (OMG 65 minutes to download Downton Abbey!), I'm going to read

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