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I mentioned Kim offering my a place to stay. That's still a go and this week I'm going to start moving stuff over. Mostly on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays since I don't have a car and have to work with the schedule of other people.

My mom's packed up the DVDs in the living room and she's going to ship like 3 or 4 boxes back to her sister's so that they're already there for when she gets there.

I need to pack up the shelves in the kitchen so that I can wipe them down and they can be ready for the yard sale my sister convinced my mom she should have. Whatever. I still get the money from it.

I haven't heard back from any of the last 3 or 4 places I sent my resume to or interviewed with. Everyone keeps saying "something's around the corner!" or "God's going to send something your way soon!" I smile and nod, but in my head I'm just like shove it. Platitudes like that don't do anyone any good.

I wrote a teen wolf ficlet. It got more hits/kudos on AO3 than I thought it would. I'm sure if it was longer I would have gotten some other comments. The last 3 or 4 days I've been thinking about doing a Sterek big bang? I don't even know what my life has become! I didn't even start writing McDanno stuff until I'd been in the H50 fandom for a couple of years. I'm not even "in" the Teen Wolf fandom and I'm already contemplating (it's outlined in my head, but shh) a Sterek BB.

Also, I'm in the last 9 days or so of a 30 day fic writing challenge on tumblr. It's been an interesting ride, that's for sure. This one is McDanno/McWilliams (Mary McGarrett/Matt Williams). I'm already thinking there's going to be a sequel.

and now to read some fic before bed.
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I've been reading more Sterek kid fic, I maybe have 5-8 more tabbed to read.

Then it happened.

Last night I had a Teen Wolf/H50 dream!

Derek got Danny to join his pack and that made Steve mad/jealous. There was also an undercurrent of Derek trying to get back at Steve for Steve doing something. Steve was also convinced that Derek had some sort of hold over Danny, which is why Danny went to willingly to pack with Derek. I'm like 99% certain there isn't that aspect like with a Sire and a sired vampire, so I have no idea where/why that came up

And I'm still pretty damn sure I won't be watching the show.

shut up anyone who laughs and says I will!


Jul. 18th, 2014 06:35 pm
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After procrastinating for a little over a month, then writing in fits and starts, I FINALLY FINISHED MY [ profile] h50_reversebang  FIC!

I was hoping that it would be around 10,000 words, but when the minimum word count was lowered to 5000 words, that was much more reasonable for me, and my fic is around 6581 words!

The fic is due on Sunday and has already been beta read. I'm going to give it another read through before submitting/posting it.

Also, have to see what the posting procedure for the community is as well. I've never participated in a reverse big bang before.

So as soon as I'm able to post, I'll share here too.
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We have a SOTB (Sunset on the Beach) for season 5 of H50

and it's early. 2 weeks before the season is set to premiere.

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so productive with my h50-reversebangh50-reversebang fic!

chapter 1: 1100 words written
chapter 2: outlined
chapter 3: outlined
chapter 4: outlined
chapter 5: needs to be outlined

I want to say I have another 900 words to write for chapter 1, but thinking about what I have outlined that's left to write, it'll probably be another 1,000-1,100 words.

I've got roughly 8 weeks to write 10,000 5,000 words! I can do this!
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Went to Target, under the guise of buying my sister's birthday gift, and bought myself a Nook and protective case!

Meet Danno! (Nook and case)

My laptop is McDanno and my myTOUCH is Monkey.

Do you sense a theme? LOL

This is an early Christmas gift and "yay for passing all your classes!" gift to myself (I will pass my current 4 classes with either an A or B. I'm very proud of myself.

I bought some other things from Target, too. Mostly stuff for baking. Friday or Saturday I'm going to make Nutella Swirled Banana Bread. I got something for my sister too - a card. I wanted to get her some perfume, but they didn't have the kind she liked and the only place I know that sells it is in the mall, and I'm not crazy enough to go to the mall any time this week. I'll go next week.

I'm gonna go back to playing with my new shiny.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

2 things:

Nov. 22nd, 2013 06:58 pm
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1. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE SPOIL ME FOR TONIGHT'S H50?! Like, just tell me everything. I'm probably going to be asleep before the episode comes on in 2 hrs. (spoilers in comments)

2. On a whim, I checked the school's website where our grades are posted to see if my grade for my research/case brief had been posted. To my surprise it was. What had me cursing up a storm was that I had a perfect score on it! Like...I'm shocked because the previous times I did case briefs, they were never "right" according to the teacher who gave the assignment, but this one says that my paper was good enough for 50/50! I'm so fricking happy! Now to wonder about the score from the test I took on Tuesday. That instructor doesn't use the website until he posts the final grades (I think he doesn't like technology much).

so hard

Nov. 11th, 2013 08:51 am
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2 hours ago I said I was going to stay away from twitter bc I woke up in a foul mood.

in that time, I replied to 3 tweets directed at me and RT'd 3 tweets.

such a struggle not to shoot off a quick tweet for the random things going through my head


reading RP blogs on tumblr makes me want to get back into RP and I already decided that if I did, it would probably be Savannah Walker from the 1 episode of H50 and she's STILL following Five-0 around...or maybe Mary. She's got more things going on in life and really wants to re-re-re(?) connect with Steve now that their mother has vanished...again (almost let the cat out of the bag about last week's episode. don't know how many people have seen it)

and apparently that's the only thing I wanted to randomly tweet. there were one or two snarky fandom related comments, but it's good I didn't tweet them...good that I've forgotten what they were.

I don't know what I'm going to do with myself. school is closed. the library is closed. the bank is closed. the post office is closed. about the only thing open are stores, but the last thing I need to do is spend money...but I do need some new jeans (I only have 2 pair) and maybe more every day wear shirts/t-shirts.

I also have to study for a test on Thursday and finish my case brief that's due Wednesday of next week. I also have another test next week but I won't deal with that until Thursday (once we finish with the lesson)
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it's a big picture )

Like this makes my day so much! I don't personally run those communities, but I guess my username is all over the place when it comes to fandom (is that good or bad?).

I said Thank you on tumblr (where this was submitted), but Thank you here as well.
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I've taken the first tests in my 4 classes.

87%, 81%, 80% and 76%.

I got the 76% because the instructor gave everyone in the class 4 extra points, otherwise, I'd have 68%. I'm not pleased with this at all. I know there's 3 or 4 other tests in the class, but I just don't like/can't follow how the instructor does the lecture (he basically re-reads the book in between telling real life stories and insulting people in the class). I'm going to have to do extra credit because I want to pass the class with a B, though for transferring, a C is acceptable.

The other 3 classes are much better because we have a workbook that we fill out as the lecture goes - we're basically writing our own textbook for the class.

Also, today in my second class 2 people were supposed to bring cookies and what do you know...they weren't in class! The teacher said on Tuesday we need to "narc on them" and he'd take care of the rest. Also next Tuesday another girl is supposed to bring cookies and next Thursday another guy is supposed to bring cookies. We'll see if they remember. LOL

Right now I'm in the campus computer lab charging my phone and using the computer. Once my phone is charged, I'll be heading home with a stop at storage. I sold a couple of textbooks from when I was taking classes with ICDC. One book I had in my room and the other I hope is in storage or I'll have to refund the girl her money (and she started classes on October 7).

In more enjoyable news...I've been writing nearly every day this month. Not thousands of words or anything, but like 250-400 words on a good day. On a really good day I can do 500-700 words. Last week I did nearly 1000 words. I wish all these words were going towards a fic I can post soon, but it's for a big bang that won't start posting until FEBRUARY! Isn't that ridiculous?! I'm probably like 2000 words from finishing it, and I'll have to sit on the fic for 5 months! I need to remember to message the mod and ask if there was a way to move the posting date up if a majority of the writers are finished so that artist can claim a fic to do art and we can get this big bang moving along.
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I knocked my writing out of the park today! 2,214 words!

and this is maybe 2/3 done?

I've seriously got the best cheerleader in the world! Over the last 17 days I've written 6981 words!

That more than doubles my goal!

most productive I've been...EVER!


Jul. 7th, 2013 12:20 pm
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Working on a story I adopted from someone on

I'm completely re-doing it...or making it more my own while keeping the limited plot that the original author had.

Details go a long way to filling out a story and making it better!

I'm not going to post this story until it's complete because I don't want to fall into the current trap I'm in of posting a fic as I work on it..then losing interest as I get to the end.

But according to my cheerleaders, it's already 1000% better than the original. I hope that continues as I get to the "meat" of the story.
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The fic I've been talking about for MONTH is ready to be read...all 12,602 words! I'm pretty proud of myself, too!

Author/Artist: Liz/simplyn2deep
Title: A'ohe hana i nele i ka uku
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Spoilers: (if any)
Summary: When Charles Edwards is kidnapped, it changes Danny & Steve's world forever.
Author's note: #1: Title translates to Every deed -- good and bad -- receives its just reward.
#2: Written for the 2013 Spring Fling at stevedannoslashstevedannoslash
#3: Many thanks to huntress69huntress69, smudgegirlsmudgegirl and thisjerseydevilthisjerseydevil for cheering, giving ideas, beta reading and poking me when I hadn't written in a few days. I don't know that I would have gotten this done without their support.
Prompt: The prompt can be found here.

Part 1 & Part 2 on LJ | Chaptered Story on AO3
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as of 10:33 pm, my McDanno Spring Fling fic for stevedannoslashstevedannoslash is finished!

The total is about 12,630 words! That's about 2,000 more words than last year's fic!

Right now, I'm doing a read through and waiting to see what my betas have to say. I'll be posting late Sunday/early Monday morning.


Jan. 20th, 2013 12:05 pm
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I feel like I'm so behind in everything.

I'm trying to keep my schedule I had while staying with my sister, but being at the mercy of whenever my parents decide to get the uhaul truck to move furniture back really sucks!

Also, it really sucks that 2 days last week I was stuck home until after 12 pm waiting for the heater repair guy. Thursday he came right at 11 am, worked for an hour and said he'd try to return Friday (if he got the parts he needed) or he'd be back Monday. I tell this to my dad and he tells me, "okay stick around Friday and see if he comes." OMFG! I stayed until after 12 waiting, then I was like screw this! I have work to do! so I left.

I go back to volunteering at the courthouse on Wednesday so I don't know when my parents plan on moving the bulk furniture. If anything, they should get one of those vans and get our damn beds so we don't have to sleep on the floor anymore! It's been 11 days since they've returned and we're still sleeping on the floor! I was expecting to be pretty much moved back in by now!

On the plus, my cat got to come on Friday night. That's been nice. I like that she sleeps in my room now. wonder if that will continue once the furniture is moved back in...

There's a bunch of other stuff going on, but I'm getting worked up just thinking about it to type it up.

New H50 tonight and tomorrow night. I'm so excited!
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I wish I could see how the apartment looks now. I want to have some idea of how plain my room is going to be until I can properly decorate.

I still don't know what the general "theme" of my room is going to be. I mean when I was packing up everything for the move, I toyed with the idea of having a tropical/Hawaii Five-0 theme (thanks in part to the "Hawaii Five-0 Survival Bag" that bluedelftbluedelft gave me in July), but I don't have nearly enough "tropical' decorations. I guess that means I'll have to raid some party stores and possibly order some prints from (a search of Hawaii alone gives me over 1,000 options!)

M & J have been at some church related conference since the day after Christmas and come back today. Yesterday was the family dinner night so I went with my sister (free food so I wouldn't have to cook or order fast food). Holy crap was it an unorganized dinner! They had it semi-catered in that they ordered the dinner from Panda Express and everything else was provided by some of the parents of the youth. Well, my sister was told she was supposed to get the food but she couldn't get a hold of the person who ordered it. She tried calling him 3 times! Then she found out from someone else that the man who ordered it went to get it because it was "too far away" and he didn't want her to "get lost or be late to the dinner". Dinner was supposed to start at 5 but it didn't start until nearly 6 because they were waiting for the guy to come with the food! Then at 7 there was a church service kind of thing. That went until 10. It was supposed to be over at 9 because there was going to be a talent show at 10, but the talent show didn't start until 10:30. J asked my sister (and by extension me) to stay because she was in a drama skit. We had to sit through 3 or 4 acts before my niece's group was up...then we stayed for one more group before leaving at midnight! There went my plan of watching a movie before going to sleep! But I did get Taco Bell and watched the last 10 minutes of Benny Hill before trying to get warm enough to go to sleep.

Today...I don't know what I'm going to do. It's freezing (it's 55 degrees but that's still too cold for me!) and there's a bit I want to do (after holiday shopping) but I don't want to spend hours on the bus dealing with cold and possibly having to stand because there's so many people out using the bus. Also, I don't know if I want Taco Bell or Panda Express for lunch...or if I'll even be able to stop and get lunch (if I get dropped off, there will be no stopping for lunch, sadly).

Small group in church today! 7 counting myself! Last Sunday there was over 50 but that was because the Spanish speaking members came out early. The Pastor had surgery on the 22nd to remove his colon! The surgery went fine but I don't know if he's home or has been moved to an aftercare facility. But with him out, that means his wife is out and so is Lora.

Also, internet is being a bitch. I'm going to write. I got back chapter 19 of But Why Daddy? from my beta, so now I can fret about chapter 20.
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Been at the (church) office for nearly 3 hours. My work is almost done. This is both good and bad. Good in that I won't have a lot to do Sunday and I won't have to come in tomorrow. Bad in that I try not to leave before 2 p.m. (and that's like 3 hours away) and I'm running out of stuff to do. Plus, the office is really cold. The little heater I have going is taking far too long to heat up this room.

I'm supposed to be getting ready for a training seminar with a tutoring company for a tutoring job, but I did more research on the company and I've come across more negative reviews than positive amongst the tutors...and not to mention that it took them over 8 hours to return my call and give me the information I needed. Well, I had already called out for the day at the courthouse, so I feel bad about that...but I just don't have a good feeling about this tutoring company. I even got in touch with masheek2masheek2 to see if she's heard of them, and while she hasn't worked with them, her sister has and she said they aren't that great. For $17/hour I could put aside the fact that it took them so long to return my calls, but the reviews from some of the past and current tutors doesn't sit right with me. AND there's a class action lawsuit going on because the company hasn't paid some of the tutors. So...long story short, I called the company and left a message saying that I changed my mind about being a tutor with them. I wonder if/when they'll call me back to ask why.

I should get to work on these 14 icons for 2 challenges at h50icontesth50icontest. I missed the last 2 challenges and I'd like to get back into the icon making habit.

and OMG yay! tkeylasunsettkeylasunset updated The Amaranthines! I'm so happy!

Also, everyone should be reading McGarretts Say It Better (Or Awkward Mother-Son-Danny Conversations) by Moonbeam (luvsbitca). It's so great and a sequel to A Touch Of Exhaustion To Send You To Sleep which is also great!

Thus ends my update and fic recommendations.
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I have 8 days to finish my h50_holidayswaph50_holidayswap fic! It's due on December 24th!

Since I scrapped (sort of) the last 2 fics I had in mind for this, I have a grand total of zero words for this new idea.

Also, I know I was supposed to have contributed twice to [community profile] fannish_advent/fannish_adventfannish_advent, but I just haven't had the motivation. sucks hardcore! But I did download some Polar Express screencaps so I can make some icons and hopefully post them before the comm closes for the season. *crosses fingers*

Anyways...I'm gonna do some writing now.

PS it seems my work internet speed is back to where it should be. I think it slowed down so much because I'd done a lot of downloading. My laptop can't/won't connect to my sister's wireless and she makes a lot of noise when one of her kids asks to use her laptop to type up some school papers, so I'd rather not have that annoyance directed towards me.
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While I have a stable internet connection, it's not stable enough for me to download any of the tv shows I watched and have missed.

I also have to battle and refresh the browser a couple of times before pages load.

I've been dealing with this for the last 4 days, so today when the bill for Time Warner Cable Business Class came, I called them. Was on hold for like 10 minutes and the guy told me everything was running fine on their end and that he was seeing modem activity.

Be that as it may, why, for the last 4 days, as it been hit or miss getting pages to load and virtually impossible for me to download anything? Being told it would take 2 hours to download something, when last week, the same thing took 10 minutes tops, is ridiculous! also, being told that something is going to take 22 hours to download is even more ridiculous!

I'm like 4 or 5 episodes behind on Arrow (though I did watch last week and was sort of lost), I'm maybe 3 episodes behind on Criminal Minds, I think I missed 2 episodes of CSI. I think those are all the shows I watch. You won't catch me missing an episode of Hawaii Five-0 unless I absolutely can't get to a tv to watch it, so I'm okay with that.

Speaking of Hawaii Five-0, I've been so busy battling episode downloads that I forgot that I need to post my review for last night's episode. will be doing that soon.
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since I drive to work (and probably will for the rest of the year) I don't need to be up as early but I don't want to change my routine from when I take the bus.

My morning routine for when I take the bus is 630 wake up, do internet stuff and have breakfast so that by 745 I can get dressed and catch the 8am bus. I end up getting to the courthouse around 845 for my 9am start.

For driving, as long as I leave by 820 I'm okay to get to the courthouse on time. Which means I need to be getting dressed by 815. Now I have an hour and 45 mins to kill and no internet. I don't want to change my morning routine because it will take me too long to get back to the bus morning routine.

PS tonight is Hawaii Five-0 Monday! Hell yeah!

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