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finals done! semester complete! Grades are in!

Intro To Admin Of Justice A
Concepts Of Criminal Law B
Criminal Procedures A
Criminal Evidence A
3.75 GPA

I honestly don't know how I passed the Intro to Admin of Justice class. I didn't do well on the other tests and I absolutely HATED the instructor and how he taught the class. (sadly I have him again in the Spring, but I know how he runs the class so I can be better prepared)

I'm just so glad this semester is over!
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I'm 2 days into finales for this semester.

Monday I had my first final and by 3 hrs after I finished it, I had my grade. 74% or a C on the final and overall course grade of 84% or B. Excellent!

Today I had a second final and by 2 hrs after I finished it, I had my grade. 100% or an A on the final and overall course grade of 90% or A. Double Excellent!

Tomorrow I have my 3rd final. I'm expecting the same grade as I got on today's final. Both classes are taught by the same instructor and I've always done well on the tests in his classes.

Thursday is the final I'm really worried about. It's in the class that I've complained about the instructor for the last 16 weeks. The one I've already left letters with the dean about. Yeah. That one. I've barely eeked by because he “felt sorry” for us and tossed out questions we, as a class, did poorly on. If that has to be done for EVERY TEST that should tell you something about your teaching style and that you need to improve.


I registered for classes...or attempted to register for classes at the other college. All the classes I wanted were only taking for the wait list. The higher on the list (1-10 or so), the better your chances of getting in the class are.

Creative Writing had to be tossed because it conflicted with the 1 class I was able to get wait listed for. The other class, the one I really need, math, I have to speak to a counselor about. SIGHS It's been 5 years since I took math so when I tried to add the class, it said I didn't have the prerequisite or assessment test score. I really don't want to spend the time working my way up and I don't want to have to take the assessment test either. Though, the lesser of the two “evils” would be the take the assessment because it can be done before the semester starts and if I pass, I can (hopefully) be allowed to add the math class while it's still in the top 10 of the wait list. Or even better would be if Cerritos accepts the assessment score and allows me to take the next math that I need to move forward with my degree...

So that's where I'm at.

How is everyone else?
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Tuesday I took a test in a class that I've been having problems with. (DW/LJ/IJ) I was hoping for the results to be in the 70s so that I can remain with a 70% average in the class.

Well color me surprised when the teacher called my name and I got my scantron and he was like "You did good. you probably cheated" and then laughed. This is his usual "joking" with the class.

Anyway, my original score was 84% but he "felt sorry" that so many others missed 3 additional questions so he went back and looked and didn't like the wording of them, so we were given 3 points. This pushed me to 90%! Holy crap!

Not my highest of all my classes, but to go from a 76% on the first test (with points added) to a 90%...I'm pretty proud of myself!

I complained a lot on Twitter on Monday night that the information wasn't sticking and I gave up on studying. Apparently SOMETHING stuck for me to get that grade!

This time around I'm going to try something different. I'll still read the book, but I'll also take notes and compare to what's in the book and see if there's a difference. The instructor basically re-reads the book as the lecture, then come the test...well see the linked entry about what he does for the test.

I'm pretty sure I'm still going to do the extra credit for the class. I have to check over what it is and see if I can finish it before it's due (just before Thanksgiving if I remember correctly).
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Thursday I took a test and got 91%. That's up 10% from test 1.

Today I took a test and got 82%. That's up 2% from test 1.

So you know, I'm feeling really good about these grades. I honestly thought I was going to do poorly because I had reduced study time due to the funeral with the church and then just plain forgetting about the test I had this morning. I told my parents my grades and my dad's response was "you're slipping. that's not going to get you an A." Gee thanks! That's exactly why I don't tell my parents anything and why I HATE that they tell other family members what's going on with me. They want to know, they can ask me. Anyway, that's not what this entry is about.

Tomorrow I have a test. I'm worried about it. Test 1 I got 76%. I already plan on doing extra credit for the class, but I really would like to pass the class with 80-89%. The thing is, the way the instructor does the class. He's basically reading the textbook to us, then when it comes to the test, he tells us what we need to study, but very little of that is actually ON the test.

Compare that to my other instructors. When they tell us "this, this, this, and this is going to be on the test", those things are on the test. I'm so glad I only have this instructor for 1 class!

For my 4th class, we don't have another test until November 6. We already have a study guide, so I can take my time filling that in and should I have any questions, there's plenty of time to ask other students and/or the instructor.

On Wednesday I only have to go to my morning class. The instructor for the afternoon class has an appointment and will be canceling class. Awesome! I'll be back home before noon!
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I've taken the first tests in my 4 classes.

87%, 81%, 80% and 76%.

I got the 76% because the instructor gave everyone in the class 4 extra points, otherwise, I'd have 68%. I'm not pleased with this at all. I know there's 3 or 4 other tests in the class, but I just don't like/can't follow how the instructor does the lecture (he basically re-reads the book in between telling real life stories and insulting people in the class). I'm going to have to do extra credit because I want to pass the class with a B, though for transferring, a C is acceptable.

The other 3 classes are much better because we have a workbook that we fill out as the lecture goes - we're basically writing our own textbook for the class.

Also, today in my second class 2 people were supposed to bring cookies and what do you know...they weren't in class! The teacher said on Tuesday we need to "narc on them" and he'd take care of the rest. Also next Tuesday another girl is supposed to bring cookies and next Thursday another guy is supposed to bring cookies. We'll see if they remember. LOL

Right now I'm in the campus computer lab charging my phone and using the computer. Once my phone is charged, I'll be heading home with a stop at storage. I sold a couple of textbooks from when I was taking classes with ICDC. One book I had in my room and the other I hope is in storage or I'll have to refund the girl her money (and she started classes on October 7).

In more enjoyable news...I've been writing nearly every day this month. Not thousands of words or anything, but like 250-400 words on a good day. On a really good day I can do 500-700 words. Last week I did nearly 1000 words. I wish all these words were going towards a fic I can post soon, but it's for a big bang that won't start posting until FEBRUARY! Isn't that ridiculous?! I'm probably like 2000 words from finishing it, and I'll have to sit on the fic for 5 months! I need to remember to message the mod and ask if there was a way to move the posting date up if a majority of the writers are finished so that artist can claim a fic to do art and we can get this big bang moving along.

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