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I...bit the bullet

First thing's first: DHS BEAT OXNARD 31-21!!! Marlin didn't get to play, but he got to suit up

suited up )

just us girls )

Back to after the game. While waiting for Marlin to come out of the locker room, I finally asked my sister if I (and my cat) could stay with her while our parents are away and the apartment is being worked on. She said yes! however, Marlin is allergic to my cat, so I'm going to need to find someone to take her for 4.5-5 weeks. I'm already freaking out about this. The longest I've been away from her is the 10 days or so while I was traveling to/from Florida, but then my parents were there, and we were still in the apartment. And it's like hard to explain, I don't think anyone else should have to watch her because she's my cat. It's just going to be weird without her. I don't now. But my sister said we'd talk about details later. I would also assume this means what can be done about the cat. I'm sure I can always ask Lora, but my cat's never been around other animals and I don't want her freaking out and/or being too much trouble for Lora and her family. *sighs* eta I did a quick search and found that Downey Veterinary Hospital near my bank, has animal boarding. It wouldn't hurt to see how much it would cost, right? Probably a lot, but I need to know in case it becomes necessary.

For tomorrow, Anastacia asked if I could go over to her place and dye her hair. I said I'd have to ask if I could get dropped off. She said that if I can, she'd take me home. Well, dad's going to be gone from 7-2 or 3 pm, so I can't be dropped off. Option 2, take the bus and have her to pick me up at the stop. I sent her a text and she said she could do that. So tomorrow morning I'll be leaving at 9:50am and getting picked up at the bus stop roughly an hour later. She wanted me at her place at 11 am. This works out. I hope I'm back home by 5. I like going there for the free cable, but sometimes she annoys me.
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I'm just in the corner licking my wounds after the game.

I heard it was a good game...for the most part, I guess.

this sucks!

Feb. 5th, 2012 03:46 pm
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I wanted to watch the game online on my dad's computer but the video player at nbc sports won't load. UGH

I've tried 4 different times

guess I have to listen on the radio
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I have the radio in my room set to ESPN so when the game starts I can listen.

also thinking about writing something. I don't know what though. Maybe Steve & Danny back in Jersey watching the game with the Williams family

or maybe Grace sick and wants Steve to cuddle with her and Danny's hurt that his daughter doesn't want his cuddles anymore.

I don't know. something. I need to do something.

perhaps sleep.
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The prayer breakfast at church was good. We got off to a bit of a late start (it was raining and Lora got in a car accident, but she's okay and the other guy is too. her car is probably totaled (but still drivable) but won't know until Monday?). 17 of 25 people showed up. Not a bad turn out. Since we were late starting, my mom made a bunch of pancakes and after it was said and done, there were probably 20 left? something like that. I do know that not everyone had pancakes, so I think that's why there was so many left over. I also got a reimbursement check for what I had to buy and put it in the bank. Now I’m going to order hockey tickets (the $4 ones and not the $12 like I originally planned) and pay my cell phone bill.

Speaking of my cell phone – I got a text saying my service was suspended, but I’m still getting texts and can still get calls in? How is that suspending my service? More importantly, when I pay the overdue amount, is it going to be $20 more because my acct has been suspended? I don’t even know, but I’m paying it. And I get paid Sunday, so whatever is left for me to pay on the bill will be paid on Monday.

Oh and something else good! One of the church members gave me this form to order discount Kings hockey tickets. I'm a Ducks fan, but I can manage $22 for a ticket, and the form said that if we order 4 or more tickets, we get a hockey puck for every ticket we order - so 4 tickets = 4 hockey pucks! Upcoming games are Jan 23, Feb 1 and 16, March 22 and April 2. Jan 23 and Feb 1 are out of the question since they're too soon, so it'll probably be Feb 16, March 22 and April 2 to choose from. I'll see what Lora (and possibly Staci and maybe her boyfriend and his son) will want to do.

What I'm really waiting for is baseball season!

eta boo! hiss! I go to check tickets and the only ones available are the $12 which isn't bad, but the $15 freak event day pick up fee is the killer! 3 tickets comes out to $56! I called Lora and said she said didn't want me spending that kind of money so we're going to figure something else out.

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