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So that package that was supposedly delivered on November 24 to my old address was actually picked up by the post office. THEY LIED TO ME! They told me they didn't have any packages for me!

I found this out when I finally called Amazon and told them I never got the package. I asked if it could be redelivered and the lady I spoke with said she'd check and get back to me.

By 5 pm yesterday I had an e-mail telling me that the package was going to be re-delivered to my sister's address and I'd get it by 8 pm. on December 20th. Thankfully that's a Thursday, so I'm going to plan to stay at my sister's until it arrives or 8 p.m. I hope it arrives early enough in the day because I've got plans.

Now then, my plans for the week:
I need to get to storage to get a couple of red blouses/tops from my unit and the slow cooker from one of the other units.
I need to wash my clothes (I'm out of socks)
I need to go to the grocery store for food stuffs for the church dinner on Sunday.
I also need to go to the mall (or the bank) to at least get gift cards for my sister, M & J. I'd rather get them all visa gift cards and let them get what they want. I figured $25 each for M & J and $50 for my sister and that will be the extent of my Christmas shopping.

There's also work on Wednesday, Friday of this week. Then next week, there's a half day (which I do anyways) on Monday before having Christmas off (which is a Tuesday and I have that day off anyways). Usual day on Wednesday and Friday of next week. I think the 31st is also a half day with Jan 1st off and back at it on Jan 2nd.

I need to e-mail J & N and ask if I can go "full time" volunteering for 2013. My dad has already told me, and continues to remind me whenever we talk (which is why I try not to call them so much) that come next year, he doesn't want me in the house - meaning he wants me pounding the pavement 5 days a week looking for work. Okay, fine. Monday-Thursday in the morning I'll volunteer with Legal Aid, then in the afternoons I'll go to the library and do my job search there since I won't be able to do it at home. Fridays I'll come to the church and do my usual work. This will ensure that I'm out of the house 5 days a week like he asks.

Last Friday, at the volunteer holiday party (remind me to take a picture and post the thank you gifts they gave out!), I got to thinking about going back to school for my Bachelor's degree and possibly going to law school. Listening to the other volunteers who are either in law school or preparing for the bar exam had me re-thinking what I want to do. I mean, I did get my paralegal degree, but every place I look they want someone with experience, even for a legal secretary position (which I would think my 11 years experience as a secretary would give me some sort of foot in the door). However, maybe if going back to school isn't a viable option just yet, I can get whatever certification I need to help me get my foot in the door as a legal secretary.

yeah, I think that's my goal for 2013. research Bachelor degree programs I might be interested in (I'm already fairly certain it will be something criminal justice related) and research the National Association of Legal Secretaries

And now I'm going to head back to my sister's. Maybe get a jump start on washing my clothes.
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has it really been 3-4 days since I last posted? According to the calender here, it has been. sorry?

Still having internet problems, however the bill was just paid so I'm hoping sometime this week or the beginning of next week the speed picks back up. If it doesn't, then maybe there's some other problem and I just don't know how to search it out.

After being able to drive myself around for the last 27 days or so, the car is officially dead. After the unsuccessful jump-starting on Thursday, my sister and the mechanic both said its more the likely the alternator that's gone bad or whatever and is preventing the car battery from staying charged. I told my dad all of this and that I was in contact with the mechanic, and he said for me to leave the car where it is (which is in the parking lot at the church) and he'd deal with it when they got back in January. Lovely.

Looks like I'm back to riding the bus. *sighs*

I have been toying with the idea of renting a car for December 21-24, but I know that's a waste of money. I'll just have to rely on the bus to get the grocery shopping for the church Christmas dinner done and then ask my sister to take me to storage so that I can get the crock pots and dutch ovens for what I'm going to cook. And on the 23rd, I'll be at the church pretty much the whole day like usual. Church service, lunch, decorate for dinner, cook my parts of the dinner, and put all the food out. By then people will be arriving.

As of Saturday, we still haven't gotten any of our forwarded mail! I put in the request on November 19 and there's been no mail from November 23rd-December 8th! There will be major major hell to pay if any of the mail was returned to sender. Because according to the postal clerks I spoke with, it would take 14 (business) days to process the temporary change of address and the mail would be delivered after that. Well, 14 (business) days I guess would be today, but honestly, I don't know. Two clerks previously told me 7-10 (business) days and I'd have mail, then suddenly it was 14 (business) days. I don't even know if my sister is at the house or knows if the mail has come yet before I head to the post office to complain to someone about not having mail (I'd also like to tell my dad something other than "No, the mail hasn't been delivered yet.") eta Just texted with my sister. She said that the post office sent a post card confirming that our address has been temporarily changed to her address. But no other mail. So does this mean tomorrow we'll start getting mail? I fucking hope so! This is just ridiculous!

HAWAII FIVE-0 NIGHT!!!!!! yay!!!!!!
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That's how I'm feeling right now!

I think the weather's making the (cable) internet mess up so my web pages aren't loading. It started yesterday and at first I thought it was just yahoo mail, then it moved on to LJ, now it's any site I go to!


Also, all I seem to have to post about are complaints and really, no one wants to continually read about that.

But I will say the US Postal System is on my shit list right now. Their website and 2 other postal workers told me it would take 7-10 days to process and send my forwarded mail. I went to the new post office yesterday (which would have been like 7 business days because the holiday always screws stuff up) and the worker there who I spoke with told me it takes 14 days to process and send forwarded mail! At least my dad didn't give me grief about that. When it's out of my hands, its out of my hands. So we didn't get mail delivered all last week and probably won't get mail until sometime next week - if we're lucky! The lady I spoke with did get my cell phone number and said someone would call me if they happen to find any of my mail that hadn't been delivered. No one still had an answer about the package that was supposedly delivered/dropped off on November 24th. I'll give it until the end of next week to be delivered to me, then I'm going to ask Amazon for my money back or to have the 2 books re-sent - I've already updated my shipping address on the site so there shouldn't be any other delivery problems.

Tonight's the CIF final football game that my Alma Mater is in. Downey High School vs La Serna High. They're expecting so many people that the location for the game changed 3 times! It's now going to be at Cal State Fullerton. That football stadium can hold about 34,000 people! I'm so excited! I hope the weather cooperates! I will have my umbrella, but would really NOT like to get wet.
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I went to the post office that serves my sister's city and spoke with the clerk there.

Once the change of address notice is placed in the system, it takes 7-10 days for it to be processed and mail to be re-routed. During that time, the mail is being held at a sorting facility and then it will be delivered to the correct post office and later delivered to the proper address.

So by the end of the week the processing should be done and this weekend or the beginning of next week, I'll get my mail? I hope so!

And she couldn't tell me where my package was. Either someone at my apartment has it, or it's sitting at the sorting facility (and hasn't really been delivered) or it got returned back to Amazon. If I don't get it by December 1, I'm going to let Amazon know that I never got it. I've changed future amazon orders to go directly to my sister's place so if anyone gets anything off my wishlist there, it won't get lost in the mail.

also, my Hawaii Five-0 download is taking forever! cable internet may be faster, but it's pissing me off with how slow it is right now.
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What's the point of doing a temporary mail forward if mail is still being held and/or delivered to the address I'm no longer at?!

I specifically asked USPS if mail forwarding would included packages and the lady I spoke with said yes.

So tell me how is it that I was supposedly delivered a package at my old address on the 21st, but so far it hasn't been forwarded to my new temporary address? and the post office doesn't have any of my mail?

eta the package that was delivered were 2 of the 3 666 Park Avenue books by Gabriella Pierce. Apparently book 3 won't be delivered until the end of January. Hopefully by then we'll be back at my apartment and won't have to deal with mail forwarding.

Does this mean the post office that services the area that I'm now in is holding my mail? I don't even know which post office that would be since the city I'm staying in has 2 different branches! I guess Monday I'll be going to each of those branches to see if they have any mail forwarded from my old address.

Considering how much mail we used to get, I'm finding it hard to believe that there hasn't been any forwarded mail in the last 4 days (excluding the holiday)!

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