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School hasn't even started and I'm already annoyed lol

the Plus:
the classes for my major are available

the Minus:
the one GE class I need always fills up fast
I can't take a foreign language unless I pay for it myself

as of right now, all my classes are picked. I'll check in 3 hrs to see if they're still available. my registration is in 10 hrs 32 mins. I think I'll keep checking every 3 hours until I register to make sure they're still available and adjust accordingly.

Tentative Schedule:
8-915am Concepts of Criminal Law
10am-1150am Intermediate Algebra
1230pm-145pm Criminal Evidence
2pm-350pm Intermediate Algebra

I have math listed twice because the 10am class has 14 available seats and by the time I register it could be closed, so I have the 2 pm class also picked and it has 22 available seats.

8-915am Introduction to Administration of Justice
930-1045am Criminal Procedures

Really debating if I should search out a Tuesday/Thursday Spanish class and pay out of pocket...for the sake taking 3 classes a day, but I don't want to overload myself. What I have picked now is 16 units...basically full time

Another reason I made my schedule like this is because I want to leave myself available to work in the afternoon if I should find a job nearby or on campus *fingers crossed* but also, I'm debating on if I should change my volunteer schedule at the courthouse to Tuesday/Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Down side to volunteering in the afternoon at the courthouse is the dress code. CLS says the employees, volunteers and interns have to dress professional. I don't want to go to school wearing what I wear to the courthouse - it's too dressy and I don't have enough time to go home, change and get to the courthouse all by bus. If I had stable access to the car, that would be different. There would be enough time for me to go home, change and get to the courthouse by 130pm when they open up after lunch. Oh! but my mom is a caregiver Tuesday/Thursday so she has the car. Maybe I should just stick with Friday mornings. I don't mind dressing up.

I still have time to think on this. I told J & N I would let them know my schedule so I'm thinking I'll tell them on August 9. I'd tell sooner, but J is out of town until August 5 (I think).
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First I heard back from FAFSA about my financial aid and my application was processed successfully!

Then I heard back from Cerritos, and that application was accepted!


I'm looking around the college's access website (where I'll register for classes and have access to my grades) and it looks like I won't have to take many classes over. This is good, but also bad. Good that I don't have to take the class over, but bad that I have to find more classes to be considered a full time student (3-5 classes).

I'll need to have 2 sets of transcripts sent to this college, but thankfully I have like 2 months to get that done. Fall classes probably start the 2nd or 3 week in August. I'm so looking forward to playing email/phone tag to get that accomplished from ICDC!

I also need to make an appointment with a counselor. That needs to be done soon as well. Preferably once transcripts have been delivered, but I'll call and ask to be sure.

I'm just so happy!

Funny thing...I haven't told my parents yet. When I got the 2 acceptance emails, I went to twitter and facebook first. My parents are on FB, but don't go to my page unless I tag them. I don't plan on tagging them with this news. It probably seems weird to others for me not to tell my parents since we live in the same apartment and everything, but I just don't want to until it's time for me to pick my classes. I don't want to hear the lectures or deal with the arguments.

I'm doing what it takes for me to get a full time job. Employers want someone with a Bachelor's Degree? Okay, I'll go back to school for that and who knows, I might find a job on campus when I eventually no longer have the job with the church (due to a potential merger and a bunch of other unexpected stuff).

For the last 6 months I'd been hoping that a position with Legal Aid would open up, but I don't think that's looking good. They're steady getting volunteers, but to my knowledge, no one is being hired.
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So that package that was supposedly delivered on November 24 to my old address was actually picked up by the post office. THEY LIED TO ME! They told me they didn't have any packages for me!

I found this out when I finally called Amazon and told them I never got the package. I asked if it could be redelivered and the lady I spoke with said she'd check and get back to me.

By 5 pm yesterday I had an e-mail telling me that the package was going to be re-delivered to my sister's address and I'd get it by 8 pm. on December 20th. Thankfully that's a Thursday, so I'm going to plan to stay at my sister's until it arrives or 8 p.m. I hope it arrives early enough in the day because I've got plans.

Now then, my plans for the week:
I need to get to storage to get a couple of red blouses/tops from my unit and the slow cooker from one of the other units.
I need to wash my clothes (I'm out of socks)
I need to go to the grocery store for food stuffs for the church dinner on Sunday.
I also need to go to the mall (or the bank) to at least get gift cards for my sister, M & J. I'd rather get them all visa gift cards and let them get what they want. I figured $25 each for M & J and $50 for my sister and that will be the extent of my Christmas shopping.

There's also work on Wednesday, Friday of this week. Then next week, there's a half day (which I do anyways) on Monday before having Christmas off (which is a Tuesday and I have that day off anyways). Usual day on Wednesday and Friday of next week. I think the 31st is also a half day with Jan 1st off and back at it on Jan 2nd.

I need to e-mail J & N and ask if I can go "full time" volunteering for 2013. My dad has already told me, and continues to remind me whenever we talk (which is why I try not to call them so much) that come next year, he doesn't want me in the house - meaning he wants me pounding the pavement 5 days a week looking for work. Okay, fine. Monday-Thursday in the morning I'll volunteer with Legal Aid, then in the afternoons I'll go to the library and do my job search there since I won't be able to do it at home. Fridays I'll come to the church and do my usual work. This will ensure that I'm out of the house 5 days a week like he asks.

Last Friday, at the volunteer holiday party (remind me to take a picture and post the thank you gifts they gave out!), I got to thinking about going back to school for my Bachelor's degree and possibly going to law school. Listening to the other volunteers who are either in law school or preparing for the bar exam had me re-thinking what I want to do. I mean, I did get my paralegal degree, but every place I look they want someone with experience, even for a legal secretary position (which I would think my 11 years experience as a secretary would give me some sort of foot in the door). However, maybe if going back to school isn't a viable option just yet, I can get whatever certification I need to help me get my foot in the door as a legal secretary.

yeah, I think that's my goal for 2013. research Bachelor degree programs I might be interested in (I'm already fairly certain it will be something criminal justice related) and research the National Association of Legal Secretaries

And now I'm going to head back to my sister's. Maybe get a jump start on washing my clothes.

right so...

Dec. 5th, 2012 02:50 pm
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it's like I don't even have the internet...or I have dial-up because I can't download anything and I have to refresh pages a few times before it will load.


but at least I'm able to get on at all. I just don't get why I have a slow down all of a sudden!

Maybe I can asked my sister to use her laptop when I get back so that I can do my downloads and clear out my LJ inbox of the messages I'm keeping that have download links.

In a few weeks I'll have something exciting (to me) to post that's sort of fandom related? I don't know, but I'm excited about it.

I went by the apartment. We have a doorbell again! After years of not having one (my dad took it out for some reason), I saw the white button on the outside of the door. I wanted to push it and hope I could hear what it sounds like, but I feel weird going back there. I haven't seen the owner in a few days so I can't tell him that my dad wants him to call him (my dad) bc I don't know if the owner got the note I left last week. So from what I can see from the outside, we have vertical blinds in the kitchen and living room and a new doorbell lol I know know if the carpeting or flooring in the kitchen and bathroom has been replaced. I don't know if the cabinets have been replaced either. I don't even know if there are vertical blinds in the back bedrooms (I hope there are!).

Saturday at 3pm there's an alumni event for my high school. I don't know where or if it's even supposed to happen. The FB page just says it's going to happen on Saturday at 3 pm.

Also on Saturday is masheek2masheek2's birthday party. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do about transportation. I can drive to the park & ride and take the train or drive all the way there, or do public transportation the whole way and call my sister for a pick up. I'd rather not do option 3 because I'm sure she will be tired from spending a good portion of the day at a craft fair. Going to the park & ride would probably be best. It would save me gas and I wouldn't have to worry about feeding a meter in front of the bar or worrying about validating my parking by parking in the structure next to the bar. I have a few days left to decide.

Next Friday is the holiday luncheon for the Legal Aid staff and volunteers. I can't believe I've been volunteering there for 10 months! January 31/February 1, 2013 will be 1 year! I went for the interview on January 31, then started on February 1. I wonder if they will remember...
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Again from the beginning!

Sunday afternoon I had quite a bit of help packing up. Then my sister had to go and ruin it all by throwing away my dad’s stuff. He told me to go through it and if it was still good to either keep it or give it to the Salvation Army or Goodwill. He told the same thing to my sister, but to her, everything was crap and hadn’t been used in at least 15 years so could be thrown away. ALL OF MY DAD’S PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT WAS THROWN AWAY! I had a mini breakdown at that. She didn’t get why I was so upset. THE STUFF WAS STILL GOOD and could have been donated or sold! Cynthia thought it was funny how I was acting and was making a joke about it. Same for Jasmine. I didn’t get the chance to go through the stuff to see what was still good or not. Just because my sister may have known our father longer, I live with him now and I think I have a pretty good idea that he would have kept his photography stuff, cleaned it up and either donated it or sold it. Sorry, he doesn’t have that chance now. There was totally space in storage for it too!

Monday I went back to the apartment for the last of my things and as I was loading it to the car, the owner came. I’d never introduced myself to him, but since I’m doing stuff on my parents behalf while they are on vacation, I thought it was the right thing to do. So I did that and told him about the big pieces left in the apartment because the dumpster was full and he said he’d take care of it. I didn’t mention that we left quite a bit of broken trash in the garage from when that was crashed into. Then I went to storage, dropped off my stuff and then dropped off the apartment keys with the property management.

Then I came to my office so that Jasmine could type up a paper. OMG she has the attention span of a gnat or something! It took her 2 flippin’ hours to type a 1 page paper! But she finally finished, we went to lunch then back to my sister’s place. Then Marlin can’t harping on wanting to watch tv, so I said I’d set up the tv I brought over. I went to do that but a cable was missing. I thought I had an idea where it was, but when I went back to storage for a 2nd time and spent 2 hours there, I didn’t find it. Stuff is all moved around in storage that I don’t know where to look and it very well could take me 6 weeks to find it. I might just buy a new cable today.

Was able to watch Hawaii Five-0 last night (OMG it was so good! I typed up my running commentary thoughts and posted them), but had to sit through 90210 and Gossip Girl. OMG! I wanted to bang my head against the damn wall!

I’m stupid. I don’t know how to connect my laptop to the wireless connections that are available around my sister’s place. Like my laptop recognizes there are wireless connections available, but it won’t connect to them and they’re unlocked too. So now it looks like I will be coming to my office every day. There are shows to download, movies to download and other online things I need/want/have to do.

Speaking of things I have to do…I need to e-mail my supervisors and let them know I’m available to come back to the clinics for volunteering. I meant to do so last Thursday, but clearly my mind was elsewhere. I don’t even know if I’ve been scheduled for this week because no one emails me the schedule anymore!

I’ve got the rest of the day ahead of me. I’d like to be watching tv, but I also want to be on the internet. I can’t do both though. *sighs*


Oct. 18th, 2012 08:34 pm
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I've e-mailed J & N that I wouldn't be available to volunteer October 22-November 9 so that I can devote more time to packing, then eventually vacuuming once everything is moved out.

I'm wondering what all is going to be done to the place. I know new carpet will be put in and the walls painted. I hope ceiling fans are installed and vertical blinds. I hope new flooring is put in the kitchen and bathroom. I also hope they fix the faucets because they drip a lot. I doubt they can do anything about the water quality because our water is shit. After every shower there's like a nasty grime or something on my body and it's like I never took a shower. I'm pretty sure the pipes have to be worked on too.

All in all, the place isn't that bad for not having major improvements since we moved here in June 1986.

I'm also giving myself another 12-24 months of living here. Of course this totally hinges on if I get a full time job and I can afford to move out. but realistically, I haven't found any apartments in the state of California that weren't a ridiculous amount per month.
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going through my clothes and packing up what I want to keep but don't foresee wearing in the next 4 months.

It's come to my attention that while I have a lot of clothes, none of them are no longer considered "business" appropriate. I can "dress up" a lot of what I have, but it still comes across as business casual and I feel woefully under-dressed when I go to the self help or domestic violence centers.

I think the next couple of month I'll be getting more business suits - skirts, slacks and jackets and packing away some of my "business casual" stuff.

I have like 6 pair of jeans. I almost always live in jeans. when I go to work (at the church) I dress however I want, but since I've been volunteering at the self help center, I've been having to dress up more, even for those 3 hours I'm there. When I used to work at the other church (back in 2007) I dressed neatly, almost business casual, because right after I went to night school and I didn't want to be lugging around a gym bag, my backpack and purse 5 days a week. But the point about the jeans...sometime in May, N, my supervisor, approached me after my shift and was like "we sort of aren't allowed to wear jeans." They actually weren't jeans, but dark flowly dress pants. Wasn't going to debate about what my pants were or weren't so I said okay and left. haven't worn those pants since - at least to the Self Help center. I've worn them to the Domestic Violence Center though.

point of this was that I need to get more business like clothes...or wear my Sunday dresses (that I no longer wear to church because I wear jeans hah!)


Mar. 12th, 2012 07:15 am
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it's petty, I know, but I'm angry (at who, I don't know).

It's taken me MONTHS of having acrylic nails, then letting my natural nails "breathe" to get them to a nice length so that when I go to the nail salon later today, I could get a nice looking manicure.

well last night, the nail of my middle finger on my left hand broke. It's very much shorter than the rest of my nails. THEN! same hand, but pinky finger, the same thing happened!


I have a good 6 hours where I will debate clipping the 8 remaining nails shorter and getting acrylic back on (expensive to maintain) or clipping them and dealing with short nails (I've gotten rather fond of having long natural nails and was looking forward to how they'd look after a manicure).

eta: I went on and cut them down. now they're relatively the same size. debating on if I want to get the manicure today or tomorrow. Ideally, I'd like to go before I start "work" but that would mean changing my volunteer time to the afternoon, and I simply don't want to do that. Guess I'll go tomorrow.

now I'm in no mood to go to the courthouse to volunteer. But I signed up for a minimum 3 months of volunteer time, and I need to go to the end of May. Hoping by then I have a full time paying job...or hell, even another part time paying job.

I've got 50 mins to finish some online reading, get dressed and have breakfast before I need to leave.
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every time I use Yahoo! Weather to check what the weather is going to be like, Sunnyvale comes up and makes me think of Sunnydale which makes me wonder if I'm Buffy lol

the temp tomorrow has me scrambling to change what I'm going to wear. the high is going to be 63° and yeah, that's warmer than a lot of the country, but not warm enough for me to wear leggings and a dress. Thursday & Friday it's supposed to be in the 70s and that's more conducive to me wearing something like that. Sometimes I wish I could go in wearing jeans and a nice top, but that's not very professional.
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Fell asleep on the bus and almost missed my stop.

At the Self Help Center, they seem to only have me working on 1 or 2 litigants. Nothing really wrong with that, but compared to the other volunteers who see 4 or 5 litigants in the 3 hours of the morning shift. My supervisor said it's good they have me to give extended one on one time, but sometimes I don't feel like I'm contributing much. Like today, I worked with a couple who were responding to an eviction notice (they don't live in a rent controlled city, and their rent was raised nearly 40%!) and the other person I worked with was a hearing impaired woman who was filing for divorce. That one wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. There was a lot of writing of questions between the 2 of us, but no other challenges. By the time I finished with those 2 litigants, it was noon and the office was closing for lunch.

Wonder what will be in store for me on Friday...

Time to take my nap...and maybe do some writing. yeah. I'd like that.

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So, I've been kind of productive since my last post an hr ago.

Fed the cat
made a couple of H50 episode title icons for LJ
started my review post for tonight's H50 episode
renewed my extra icon space on LJ
paid the rent on my storage

and I guess that's it lol It feels like I've done more, and if I have, I can't remember

now it's 735 am and I need to get ready to leave. I catch the 8 am bus to get me to the courthouse at 850 and spend another 10 minutes waiting on a not so empty elevator, so by the time I get to the self help center, it's like 905. But that's okay. N said that while they sign people in at 9 am, they don't actually start meeting with them until 910 or so.
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Despite waking up 2 hours earlier than I have to, I feel fine.

whatever throat ailment I had Saturday and Sunday is gone. *crosses fingers it stays gone*

So yes. woke up early. 530 am early.

Had 3 H50 fics in my email and read them.

New H50 episode tonight!

my mom leaves for Portland, OR today and won't be back until Friday night. She's going to visit her sister (her b-day is later this week)

I volunteer at the legal center today, Wednesday and Friday. Hope my 3 hours goes by fast today like it did Friday.

I need to get some writing done too. maybe someone can give me some H50 prompts? I've done writing that way (Danno's Rules series) but never prompts just for the heck of it. so, yes. Give me prompts please!

DID I MENTION NEW H50 TONIGHT?! It's gonna be a good episode! wee!
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I should really be getting ready to go to the center.

The bus arrives in 20 mins and it's the only one I can take as the Center opens at 9 am.

I'll be at the Center for around 3 hours before leaving and going to work. I think volunteering the opening shift will be good practice and depending on how much I like it, I'll either switch to the afternoon, or even possibly try a full day (9-5 M-T and 9-4 F)

Anyways, today, definitely busy.

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the tour/interview I had went great. I got the impression only the attorneys or courthouse paralegals are paid. the rest are volunteers. Originally I was just going to be given a tour but the attorney I shadowed asked if I wanted to help some litigants fills out their forms and after looking them over, I saw they were forms I'd filled out in class for practice. I helped 3 people with that allowing the attorney to work with some other people.

at the end of the day I decided that I'd give it a try for the next 3 months or so. I go back Friday morning for a half day - opening to lunch. I'll also set up my schedule for next week. I'm thinking of Monday, Wednesday, Friday - their busiest days.

I was only there for 3 hours and the 2 attorneys and other volunteers remembered my name. I felt kind of bad because I couldn't remember everyone's name.
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 helped out at the community legal center.

Will be back Friday morning.

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