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Mom asked me if I'd go with her to the hospital when my dad goes for his surgery and at first I said no. I have the presentation on my family and the rest of the review for the final going on.

Then I thought about it. She's not going to have anyone there with her. I can be there with her. They leave at 5:30am for the admittance or whatever, so theoretically I could go to the hospital and from there go to campus if I won't get to class late.

So I emailed my professor and let her know what was going on and asked if I could do my presentation on Monday if I wasn't able to make it to class.

Now I'm nervous waiting for a response. She says she checks her email at night and in the morning, but I'd prefer to have a response tonight so I'm not worrying about that as well.

I think, though, I'll play tomorrow by ear. I'm not going to rush out and leave my mom alone at the hospital. I'd be worried and distracted while in class.

eta: Heard back from teacher. I can do my presentation on Monday. One less thing to worry about.
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well not exactly.

finally bit the bullet and called the doctor (I so painstakingly looked for and compared to other doctors) and made my first appointment. I've had insurance all of 41 days and you'd think after NOT having it for over 10 years, I'd JUMP at the chance to see the doctor and have a complete physical...only nope. It's not high on my list of priorities, but you know, since I actually have insurance now, I should use it.

So yes, appointment made for May 16 at 9:15am. They want me to fast the night before because the first thing I'll be doing (well after I fill out paperwork) is go to the lab to have blood drawn (hence the subject of going to see the vampire).

I should start my list of everything that's wrong with me so that I don't forget due to nerves, no seriously, I was getting anxious just making the appointment. So far, the list consists of 2 things: very irregular menstrual cycle (I don't mind, but in the next 5-6 years I'd like to have kids and back of my head there's the idea that something's wrong and I won't be able to physically have any) and for the last 1-2 months I've had these rash like bumps on my arms, but only at night; now since it's summer and I wear shorts and tank tops, they're showing up more places, but still only showing at night and they're gone by morning and it's not every night.

In a bit of other news.

Jobs rejections across the board. They all tell me I'm an excellent candidate but they're going with someone else. I wonder if it's because I'm still in school? We'll see if I get more calls.

Speaking of still being in school...I've got 2 more weeks to go for this semester. I'm looking at either 2 As and a B or 2 Bs and an A. Either way, it's passing and I won't have to take anymore Criminal Justice classes for the undergraduate course work.

While I need to take or try to take a class this summer, I'm not financially able to do so. I mean, I'll get financial aid from the school, but I really need to find a job and if I have a class and I'm offered something, I'll have to drop the class or decline the job, neither of which I want to do. But in the grand scheme of things, I really need 2 more freakin' math classes (one is a prerequisite to get the other) to transfer. There are all the classes I need to take at the university to have my Bachelor's Degree. I think it's something like 8-10 classes? I need to contact the university and ICDC College to see if any courses are transferable. If so, the number of classes I take will be less as I took them when I was working on my paralegal degree/certificate.
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First week of Spring 2014 semester finished. Instructor for in person class more toned down than he was last semester. Could be because it's only the 2nd day, but I hope it continues. Did the reading and assignment for my online class. The assignment was due by Saturday at 10 pm. I turned it in today.

Yesterday I put in my application to get medi-cal (insurance like Covered CA but could be free for me since I no longer have income) and food stamps (this is a long shot as my parents get income from SSI and that could mess with it). The lady called me today for a mini interview and said that tomorrow or Saturday I should be getting some follow up paper work that needed to be completed and returned within 10 days. She told me that I could make an appointment to turn in the requested info in person, and I think I will so that I can ask some other questions if I have them.

Hmm I can't think of anything else because of these stupid cramps I have, so I'm ending this and going to watch a movie.

Happy Thursday/Friday everyone!
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Things have been rather uneventful. I'm now officially unemployed, but I have a "severance" check coming to me on Sunday.

I waiver between freaking out about how I'm going to pay my bills and not worrying because it'll work out, however, in the end. I also waiver when it comes to getting the cheapest cellphone I can to save money and keeping my current plan. I've already cancelled Netflix, but signed up for a monthly makeup subscription plan. The stupid IRS is effectively taking a months worth of bill money from me because they over refunded me last year.

Theoretically, with all the money I have that's due to me, I should be able to survive (aka pay my bills only) for 7 months if my parent help me with the incidental things that come up. Realistically, I know that won't happen because I know my mom defers to my dad and my dad isn't going to help me without giving some long winded lecture and making me feel like a failure.

A few weeks ago, one of my instrutors emailed a link to some Department of Correction job listings. There were 944 of them, I'm qualified for maybe 6 of them. Of those 6, a few of them were temporary positions of 2 years. ALL of them would require me to move to either Sacramento, San Quentin/San Rafael area, or anywhere there is a prison within the state of California. Oh and the positions are only hiring if there's funds to pay the hired person - I guess that would explain why there are so many available positions. I'm really tempted to apply. I don't have any money saved in a moving budget and I feel badly leaving my volunteer position at the church when the year's just started and the position is for 2 years. Oh, and the matter of school. I know that if I don't finish it now, I won't finish (there's a sticking point of my top university choice limiting the number of students they're accepting in the criminal justice program).

Speaking of school, I'm on the waiting list for 2 classes at one community college and registered for 2 classes at another community college. I need to keep thinking positively that I'll get the math class that I'm on the waiting list for because I need it in order to move forward with getting my degree. If I can't get the class for the spring, I know I'm cleared to take it in the summer.
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finals done! semester complete! Grades are in!

Intro To Admin Of Justice A
Concepts Of Criminal Law B
Criminal Procedures A
Criminal Evidence A
3.75 GPA

I honestly don't know how I passed the Intro to Admin of Justice class. I didn't do well on the other tests and I absolutely HATED the instructor and how he taught the class. (sadly I have him again in the Spring, but I know how he runs the class so I can be better prepared)

I'm just so glad this semester is over!

2 things:

Nov. 22nd, 2013 06:58 pm
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1. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE SPOIL ME FOR TONIGHT'S H50?! Like, just tell me everything. I'm probably going to be asleep before the episode comes on in 2 hrs. (spoilers in comments)

2. On a whim, I checked the school's website where our grades are posted to see if my grade for my research/case brief had been posted. To my surprise it was. What had me cursing up a storm was that I had a perfect score on it! Like...I'm shocked because the previous times I did case briefs, they were never "right" according to the teacher who gave the assignment, but this one says that my paper was good enough for 50/50! I'm so fricking happy! Now to wonder about the score from the test I took on Tuesday. That instructor doesn't use the website until he posts the final grades (I think he doesn't like technology much).
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I took another absence today (it makes 3 for my Tuesday/Thursday classes). Yesterday I woke up not feeling well, but pushed through and went to school. I had a paper to turn in and the instructor wasn't accepting late papers.

By the end of the first class I was feeling worse and thinking about skipping my second class and going home. While waiting for the bus (for an hr!) I started to feel better. I went for lunch and went back to campus and made it through my 2nd class.

While waiting for my 2nd bus home, I saw my parents driving down the street, so I got a ride home. I made myself some apricot tea, had something else to eat and waited for my Wednesday night tv shows...but then I started to feel sick again. I didn't make it through Criminal Minds and was asleep before CSI came on. I'll be watching those later today.

Now for today. congested and throat hurts. I didn't go to class. haven't had breakfast yet either and it's almost lunch time. I would have gotten my test results from the exam I took on Tuesday, but now I have to wait until next week. By Saturday or Sunday I should have my grade on the research paper I turned in yesterday.


Oct. 29th, 2013 06:39 pm
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I got my appt date/time for Spring 2014 at Cerritos College. November 25 at 3:45 pm. That's a Monday. I hope I get home in time for that, or I'll have to stick around on campus to use the computer lab and make sure I don't miss my time. While I'll only have a fee waiver the covers courses listed on my financial aid education plan, there's only 1 class that I've met the requirements and can take now, so I'll be registering for that class. then, so that I'll have at least part time status, I was thinking about doing a foreign language (Spanish) or Writing (more than likely creative but I'd probably benefit career-wise with critical/argumentative writing).

On the writing subject, I looked at the current course schedule and Creative Writing meets 1 day a week from 12:30-3:20. It might be the same way in the Spring. bleh.

Now, I also remembered to apply to my previous college to take the 1 math class that I can't take at my current college (took it too many time unsuccessfully so have to take it someplace else before I can move on to the required math I need to transfer). On or around November 5 I should get an email with my registration appointment for that school. Classes there start January 27.

Since I'll be going to 2 different colleges (that are like a 3 hr bus ride from each other), I need to think about my schedule NOW and what will best work for me. Since classes meet either twice a week for an hr and a half or once a week for 2 and a half hrs, I'm going to need to make sure I remember which campus I attend on which days. I shouldn't have a problem, but there's a first time for everything.

eta: to make going to 2 colleges "worth it", I can take 2 classes at both campuses. At Cypress I can take Math and Creative Writing (or Spanish) and at Cerritos I can take AJ 105 (or 220) and Spanish (or Creative Writing).

However, If I find a job, I'll only be able to take the classes I absolutely need, which is math and AJ 105/220.

I know there was something else I wanted to mention, but I can't remember so I'll end this to finish cooking my dinner.
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Yesterday I decided to check my credit report and was pleased to find that the only things I had on there were my student loans and credit card!

All the delinquent crap from when I used to mail order stuff was gone! Thank god!

There have been a few inquiries to my credit, but none of them mess with my credit score.

The next thing I have to do it so check what my actual score is and work on improving it. Last year it was pretty low and if I were to have gone to my bank for a loan, the interest rate would have been ridiculously high. Now it's sort of a moot point since I'll be out of a job at the end of the year and what money I will have will only be used to paying my bills. I'll have about a 9 month cushion (3 month severance pay from job, 6 months worth of financial aid money), after that I will need to have a job.

Movie night at the church in a couple of hours. Oh, yeah and I have homework to do. Yesterday I just stared at the open document for 15 mins before saying to hell with it, closing it and watching Alasaka Troopers on netflix. I can't procrastinate anymore. The assignment is due Monday at 12:30 pm.
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Thursday I took a test and got 91%. That's up 10% from test 1.

Today I took a test and got 82%. That's up 2% from test 1.

So you know, I'm feeling really good about these grades. I honestly thought I was going to do poorly because I had reduced study time due to the funeral with the church and then just plain forgetting about the test I had this morning. I told my parents my grades and my dad's response was "you're slipping. that's not going to get you an A." Gee thanks! That's exactly why I don't tell my parents anything and why I HATE that they tell other family members what's going on with me. They want to know, they can ask me. Anyway, that's not what this entry is about.

Tomorrow I have a test. I'm worried about it. Test 1 I got 76%. I already plan on doing extra credit for the class, but I really would like to pass the class with 80-89%. The thing is, the way the instructor does the class. He's basically reading the textbook to us, then when it comes to the test, he tells us what we need to study, but very little of that is actually ON the test.

Compare that to my other instructors. When they tell us "this, this, this, and this is going to be on the test", those things are on the test. I'm so glad I only have this instructor for 1 class!

For my 4th class, we don't have another test until November 6. We already have a study guide, so I can take my time filling that in and should I have any questions, there's plenty of time to ask other students and/or the instructor.

On Wednesday I only have to go to my morning class. The instructor for the afternoon class has an appointment and will be canceling class. Awesome! I'll be back home before noon!

curve ball

Sep. 12th, 2013 01:31 pm
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I finally went to talk to my counselor about the math class I couldn't register for. Turns out, because in the past I took the math class 3 times and withdrew, that it wouldn't be possible for me to take it a 4th time. Even if I filled out the course repetition form and explain my situation, it's 95% likely my request would be rejected.

What my counselor suggested was to take the class at another community college, pass it, then use the transferred grade towards transferring from Cerritos to the university.

After this 1 algebra class, I have a statistics class and that's it for math. I'll have 2 other Administration of Justice classes and that should be all the classes I need to transfer.

For Spring 2014 I can take whatever AJ course that's being offered at Cerritos and the 1 math course at Cypress. Fall 2014 I can take the statistics class and the other AJ course and Spring 2015 transfer to the university.

The math situation threw me off by a semester. I hate it. I hate math. I don't know how lack of work is going to change my education plans, but as of right now, this is the modified plan.
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I was born on September 9, 1982 at 3:24 am via an emergency c-section. I don't know if I was late or if it was due to complications. I was either an oops baby or this is your last chance baby. I've been told in the past I was an oops. It made sense since my brother is 14 years older than me and my sister is 16 years older than me. However, today my mom told me I was a last chance baby. Her doctor told her that if she wanted any more children, she needed to do so now. She was 36 years old when I was born.


First: I got a cute card from dontelltheelfdontelltheelf

Second: tkeylasunsettkeylasunset dedicated a chapter of one of my favorite fics to me: Unalphabetized Spices of Bulletproof Baby Blankets

Third: I got a cute baby otter virtual gift from goneaheadgoneahead

eta: oh wow. I'm sorry that I forgot to thank dante_s_helldante_s_hell for the early birthday wishes too.

And all the many people on twitter who have been tweeting them too me as well.

My plans for tomorrow? Skipping class is sadly out. I have tests this week and I'm sure information will be given about them on Monday and Tuesday. I am, however, going to see if I can get to my nail salon during my nearly 3 hour break, but I have a feeling with the way public transportation is, I would be cutting it too close and get to my 2nd class late and this is the instructor who said that if we aren't in class by 12:35 to not bother coming in. And we get marked absent. I'll pass on that and go to the salon after class.

I didn't get to the party store to get my Kiss me! It's my Birthday! button, and that's okay. I have a feeling that someone on campus or on the bus might try kiss me.

This has been an update. I'm going to study for some tests.

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