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I think that's pretty self-explanatory.

I got my car back February 24, the day after I finished the temp assignment with the California Bar Exam (that was 4 days of interesting stuff that I'll talk about in a bit) and I'll be returning said car tomorrow, March 25 because I'm almost 28 days behind in payments, can't make car insurance payment because of no job (which I'll also talk about in a bit as well).

car stuff )

4 day temp assignment )

j o b )

school )

BIG SIGH! I think that's everything! Until next update! I hope that will have more good news than anything else! Please send positive job and school thoughts my way! I really need them!
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Yesterday I had an (unplanned) adventure.

I'd tell you about it now, but I have to take the bus to church (thanks to the unplanned adventure). When I get home, I'll be sure to fill you all in...unless you follow me on twitter, then you know about it.

Hope everyone's having a great Sunday.
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since I drive to work (and probably will for the rest of the year) I don't need to be up as early but I don't want to change my routine from when I take the bus.

My morning routine for when I take the bus is 630 wake up, do internet stuff and have breakfast so that by 745 I can get dressed and catch the 8am bus. I end up getting to the courthouse around 845 for my 9am start.

For driving, as long as I leave by 820 I'm okay to get to the courthouse on time. Which means I need to be getting dressed by 815. Now I have an hour and 45 mins to kill and no internet. I don't want to change my morning routine because it will take me too long to get back to the bus morning routine.

PS tonight is Hawaii Five-0 Monday! Hell yeah!
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Even though I have my driver's license, the bus/train is my major mode of transportation. I don't get metro's updates schedules sent in the mail anymore and hoping to find some on the bus is a crapshoot.

For all that I have my usual bus line schedule practically memorized (it leaves the depot pretty much on the hour, every hour), I'm surrounded by at least 3 other bus lines and I don't know their schedule too well, or it changes too much to bother memorizing.

Well, I was on Los Angeles' Metro site and they have an app for Android and iPhones. My new phone? It's an Android! Of course I search for the app and download it. I can go exploring now LOL

If I miss my usual bus, I can look up when other buses on alternate routes will be leaving and if I'll make my connecting bus.

This app was one of my better choices in downloads lol

also, I have access to my e-mail again. I don't know what's going on with yahoo, but I've never had this many problems in such a small time frame.
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Even though I have my driver's license, I still take the bus. Some of the buses have TV/computer screens and show Transit TV and one of the programs is "Exercise Your Mind" where they have trivia and you can email in the correct answer for prizes.

Wednesday of last week, I entered the Wheel of Fortune like challenge. The correct answer was "on the same page". I got it correct, but didn't win the prize. Last Friday, I entered this challenge where 2 phrases were spoken in 2 different languages and you had to translate 1 (or both) to English. The phrase I translated was "cerrar la puerta". SO FRIGGIN' EASY! Where I live, it's IMPOSSIBLE NOT to pick up on SOME Spanish. Plus, I did take Spanish in high school. The correct answer is "close the door".

Here's the tweet telling everyone I won!

Lizet E, on line127, is the winner of the EYE challenge! Spanish-"Close the Door", Tagalog-"Would you like some Water"! Nice Work!

Prizes. You win prizes if your name is chosen. I don't remember exactly what my prize was, but the possible prizes were: a 7 day TAP pass (bus pass), 2 tickets to the Hollywood Bowl (I think this is what I won), 2 movie tickets or 2 tickets to San Diego Zoo (or Wild Animal Park or the Safari thingy they have). I don't know how long it takes for them to mail out prizes, but when it comes I'll be sure to take a picture.

Also, lesson learned. Play the Tranist TV trivia. You never know when you're going to win! Plus, you might surprise yourself with how much you actually know or learn something new.


Jan. 12th, 2012 09:03 pm
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I think I went cross-eyed trying to figure out the NJ train transit map.

Looking at it is scary, I can only imagine how it would  be to have to deal with it in person.

Los Angeles' train transit is much easier to navigate in my opinion.

Los Angeles' buses on the other hand confuse even me and I've been riding them since I was 17.

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