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Here we are...down to the wire.

The property manager called to let us know what we have to do as far as us moving out. March 18th is our absolute last day. The keys will be picked up at 3 pm.
* carpet professionally cleaned
* any holes in the walls (from hanging pictures or whatever) filled in
* nothing left in the garage
* walls/windows/blinds cleaned

basically everything cleaned. I'm looking around for deals on carpet cleaning services. I checked on Amazon local deals and found 3, the husband of a friend I went to school with does cleaning and my mom is waiting to hear from my sister about who she went with for her carpet cleaning. So far, the most expensive for 3 rooms and a hallway is around $100. My mom said she didn't want to pay that much, it's one of the offers.

My sister's ex-husband's nephew is a realtor and he said that the manager can't penalize us for normal wear and tear on the carpet, but if it's super dirty, then to have it professionally cleaned to ensure that we get as much of our deposit back. To be honest, I don't know that we will anyway? I was looking over the original rental agreement from 1986 and the legalese it was written in gave me a freakin' headache - I couldn't determine what my mom's deposit amount was.

Utilities are going to be cut on March 13 or 16 (probably the 13th). hopefully my cousin, who is a professional mover, will be able to help us pack the apartment and move stuff to storage, my sister's place and "my" place on the 13, 14 or 15.

I also need to find someone to haul away my bed (mattress/box spring), the fridge and microwave. I don't need to take them with me or keep them in storage for when i get my own place
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We've been back to the apartment for 4 months & 10 days and I'm slowly trying to get my room back to "normal". Mostly I'm doing it so I can get out of the expensive storage unit and to a lesser expensive unit (from $124/month to $80/month), but I need to bring the stuff I'm absolutely going to have in my room back to my room and everything else will be moved to a smaller unit.

Friday I brought home 4 boxes of book. I went through 2 of the boxes and shelved 50 books (I had 5 on my shelf that I got from Christmas)! Today I opened another box and shelved another 20 books. I still have 1 more box to go another 8 or so boxes in storage. Yeah. I have my own library and it might be growing again soon lol

I also need to go through my DVDs. I got a few for Christmas and I need to shelve them properly (in alphabetical order) so I can find them easily.

In other news...yesterday morning I went to a graduation. My adopted sister, the girl I used to babysit, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology. Being at her graduation made me want to re-visit the idea of going back to school for my Bachelor's Degree, but I can't narrow down what I want my major to be in. I go from Criminal Justice to Law (heading towards law school) don't know what else I'm interested in that would be worth spending more money I don't have to get a degree I won't be able to use. But I really miss being back in school. It's almost kind of sad.

eta: possible major: Public Administration w/concentrations in either Administrative Management, Criminal Justice Administration, Nonprofit Management, or Public Personnel Administration


Jan. 20th, 2013 12:05 pm
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I feel like I'm so behind in everything.

I'm trying to keep my schedule I had while staying with my sister, but being at the mercy of whenever my parents decide to get the uhaul truck to move furniture back really sucks!

Also, it really sucks that 2 days last week I was stuck home until after 12 pm waiting for the heater repair guy. Thursday he came right at 11 am, worked for an hour and said he'd try to return Friday (if he got the parts he needed) or he'd be back Monday. I tell this to my dad and he tells me, "okay stick around Friday and see if he comes." OMFG! I stayed until after 12 waiting, then I was like screw this! I have work to do! so I left.

I go back to volunteering at the courthouse on Wednesday so I don't know when my parents plan on moving the bulk furniture. If anything, they should get one of those vans and get our damn beds so we don't have to sleep on the floor anymore! It's been 11 days since they've returned and we're still sleeping on the floor! I was expecting to be pretty much moved back in by now!

On the plus, my cat got to come on Friday night. That's been nice. I like that she sleeps in my room now. wonder if that will continue once the furniture is moved back in...

There's a bunch of other stuff going on, but I'm getting worked up just thinking about it to type it up.

New H50 tonight and tomorrow night. I'm so excited!
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1. Borrowing my Pastor's car for today and tomorrow.
2. Parents are back.
3. We have keys to the apartment.
4. The apartment has that new apartment smell (aka fresh paint smell)
5. I have blinds in my room. No more sheets for curtains!
6. My room looks much smaller than it was before. that's odd
7. I GET TO SLEEP IN MY ROOM! even though I'll be on the floor.
8. My room will have a Hawaiian/tropical theme to it. Pictures to come much later.
9. We start moving furniture in tomorrow, Friday and Saturday!
10. I have to pick up my stuff from my sister's place as well as some blankets from storage

I think that about sums it up. I need to call the Pastor's wife to inform her of the change in plans and hope it's okay for us to keep the car over night. we'll be without one if not.
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I wish I could see how the apartment looks now. I want to have some idea of how plain my room is going to be until I can properly decorate.

I still don't know what the general "theme" of my room is going to be. I mean when I was packing up everything for the move, I toyed with the idea of having a tropical/Hawaii Five-0 theme (thanks in part to the "Hawaii Five-0 Survival Bag" that bluedelftbluedelft gave me in July), but I don't have nearly enough "tropical' decorations. I guess that means I'll have to raid some party stores and possibly order some prints from (a search of Hawaii alone gives me over 1,000 options!)

M & J have been at some church related conference since the day after Christmas and come back today. Yesterday was the family dinner night so I went with my sister (free food so I wouldn't have to cook or order fast food). Holy crap was it an unorganized dinner! They had it semi-catered in that they ordered the dinner from Panda Express and everything else was provided by some of the parents of the youth. Well, my sister was told she was supposed to get the food but she couldn't get a hold of the person who ordered it. She tried calling him 3 times! Then she found out from someone else that the man who ordered it went to get it because it was "too far away" and he didn't want her to "get lost or be late to the dinner". Dinner was supposed to start at 5 but it didn't start until nearly 6 because they were waiting for the guy to come with the food! Then at 7 there was a church service kind of thing. That went until 10. It was supposed to be over at 9 because there was going to be a talent show at 10, but the talent show didn't start until 10:30. J asked my sister (and by extension me) to stay because she was in a drama skit. We had to sit through 3 or 4 acts before my niece's group was up...then we stayed for one more group before leaving at midnight! There went my plan of watching a movie before going to sleep! But I did get Taco Bell and watched the last 10 minutes of Benny Hill before trying to get warm enough to go to sleep.

Today...I don't know what I'm going to do. It's freezing (it's 55 degrees but that's still too cold for me!) and there's a bit I want to do (after holiday shopping) but I don't want to spend hours on the bus dealing with cold and possibly having to stand because there's so many people out using the bus. Also, I don't know if I want Taco Bell or Panda Express for lunch...or if I'll even be able to stop and get lunch (if I get dropped off, there will be no stopping for lunch, sadly).

Small group in church today! 7 counting myself! Last Sunday there was over 50 but that was because the Spanish speaking members came out early. The Pastor had surgery on the 22nd to remove his colon! The surgery went fine but I don't know if he's home or has been moved to an aftercare facility. But with him out, that means his wife is out and so is Lora.

Also, internet is being a bitch. I'm going to write. I got back chapter 19 of But Why Daddy? from my beta, so now I can fret about chapter 20.
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it seems our letter carrier can see into the apartment and noticed it was vacant so held the mail. I went to 2 post offices before I could get my mail, then I was told I'd have to have the mail forwarded since no one was living at that address. Just great! It looks like with 1 card, the mail for an entire family can be forwarded. I think my sister might have to do her own since her last name is different. Also, while the move is temporary, we don't know when we'll be able to move back in! It could be December 15 or January 1, so what date do I put?!

oh and I dialed the home number, the one we've had for over 20 years, and there's a recording saying the number's been changed to my dad's cell number! So I call that to hear what greeting is given and there's a recording saying his number has been disconnected! what the ever-loving fuck! Who the hell goes on vacation and has their home number forwarded to their cell phone, then manages to get their cell phone number disconnected?! I don't know if we'll be able to get the same number back once we move back in either.

Now I feel like I'm floundering because I have no one I can contact until Monday when my parents get to my brother's place!

My parents could have handled this temporary move so much better. This is ridiculous.
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Again from the beginning!

Sunday afternoon I had quite a bit of help packing up. Then my sister had to go and ruin it all by throwing away my dad’s stuff. He told me to go through it and if it was still good to either keep it or give it to the Salvation Army or Goodwill. He told the same thing to my sister, but to her, everything was crap and hadn’t been used in at least 15 years so could be thrown away. ALL OF MY DAD’S PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT WAS THROWN AWAY! I had a mini breakdown at that. She didn’t get why I was so upset. THE STUFF WAS STILL GOOD and could have been donated or sold! Cynthia thought it was funny how I was acting and was making a joke about it. Same for Jasmine. I didn’t get the chance to go through the stuff to see what was still good or not. Just because my sister may have known our father longer, I live with him now and I think I have a pretty good idea that he would have kept his photography stuff, cleaned it up and either donated it or sold it. Sorry, he doesn’t have that chance now. There was totally space in storage for it too!

Monday I went back to the apartment for the last of my things and as I was loading it to the car, the owner came. I’d never introduced myself to him, but since I’m doing stuff on my parents behalf while they are on vacation, I thought it was the right thing to do. So I did that and told him about the big pieces left in the apartment because the dumpster was full and he said he’d take care of it. I didn’t mention that we left quite a bit of broken trash in the garage from when that was crashed into. Then I went to storage, dropped off my stuff and then dropped off the apartment keys with the property management.

Then I came to my office so that Jasmine could type up a paper. OMG she has the attention span of a gnat or something! It took her 2 flippin’ hours to type a 1 page paper! But she finally finished, we went to lunch then back to my sister’s place. Then Marlin can’t harping on wanting to watch tv, so I said I’d set up the tv I brought over. I went to do that but a cable was missing. I thought I had an idea where it was, but when I went back to storage for a 2nd time and spent 2 hours there, I didn’t find it. Stuff is all moved around in storage that I don’t know where to look and it very well could take me 6 weeks to find it. I might just buy a new cable today.

Was able to watch Hawaii Five-0 last night (OMG it was so good! I typed up my running commentary thoughts and posted them), but had to sit through 90210 and Gossip Girl. OMG! I wanted to bang my head against the damn wall!

I’m stupid. I don’t know how to connect my laptop to the wireless connections that are available around my sister’s place. Like my laptop recognizes there are wireless connections available, but it won’t connect to them and they’re unlocked too. So now it looks like I will be coming to my office every day. There are shows to download, movies to download and other online things I need/want/have to do.

Speaking of things I have to do…I need to e-mail my supervisors and let them know I’m available to come back to the clinics for volunteering. I meant to do so last Thursday, but clearly my mind was elsewhere. I don’t even know if I’ve been scheduled for this week because no one emails me the schedule anymore!

I’ve got the rest of the day ahead of me. I’d like to be watching tv, but I also want to be on the internet. I can’t do both though. *sighs*
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After I finished at work, I went to do laundry, then went to the apartment where my sister was loading up her car with stuff to take to storage. Went to storage, went to walmart for boxes then went back to apartment.

Jasmine and I boxed up 6 boxes worth of stuff, watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on my laptop, had dinner and went back to my sister's.

This morning, I went back to the apartment, loaded the car with the boxes I packed, went to storage, then back to the apartment for the 2 TVs, then to storage.

Would have gone back to the apartment, but needed to type up a paper for today's meeting at church and I needed gas.

Left the gas station with the intention of going to church when I remembered that my board meeting notebook was in storage. went back to storage for the notebook then came to church.

When I got to church, I locked my only set of (car) keys in the car! Luckily I left the window down enough that I could stick a long ruler through it and unlock the door.

Got my work done (for the most part), now the board meeting is going to start and after will be choir and maybe I'll have time to stop for lunch before going back to the apartment for the rest of the packing.

*sighs* Monday this will all be over!
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But I need to start at the beginning...

On November 7, I posted that I wouldn't be able to post again/be online until Friday, however that wasn't the case.

Wednesday my parents went to get the Uhaul truck and were gone for nearly 6 hours! Why? Not more than 15 minutes after they got the truck, they got into an accident! The brakes went out and when they moved to the left to avoid hitting a car, they still hit the car and big time crunched that car's trunk in! Since this happened after the Uhaul facility closed, they had to call the 1-800 number to get them to contact someone who could bring a replacement truck. Police report was taken, no one was injured, however, they got hone far too late to even begin to move stuff into the truck.

Thursday, we started bright and early at 7 am and loaded the truck. HOLY CRAP! It took us, and by us, I mean, me and my dad, 3 hours to move the bulk of the bookshelves and 2 beds. Then it took another 3 hours for us to unload everything into storage! By the way, it started to rain while we were unloading the truck! I wasn't a happy person at all! That night, when we got back home, had the intention of packing up more of the truck, but that didn't exactly happen. I ended up falling asleep (on my floor with hardly any blankets because they were packed away!) at midnight and my parents were still packing up!

Friday, when technically we should have been done Friday, we still had a corner china cabinet, dining room table (my mom wants to keep), 2 dressers and a bunch of other crap to move, oh and they were still packing! I loaded up the car and told my dad I was going to pick up my friend/cousin Cynthia because she offered to help us move the remaining stuff. I pick up Cynthia and in 3 hours we get more stuff loaded into the truck and car and make another storage run. We should have been able to make 2 runs and get the entire apartment packed and loaded to the truck and to storage before they had to be at the airport, but I think my parents were running on fumes. My dad was not doing anything he needed to do. Finally I told him that we were going to load the last 2 heavy furniture units on the truck, he was going to call Irma (the manager) and see if there was a way I could turn the keys in on Monday) and they he had to wash up and put on fresh clothes so they could leave. My dad called the Uhaul people and worked it out with them for me to return the truck since it was nearing 12 pm and they needed to be at the airport before 130 pm. The Uhaul was left at storage, Cynthia went with us to the airport and my parents made it through everything with minutes to spare! When they got to the gate, they had begun boarding! Cynthia went back to storage with me, and in 30 minutes we had that sucker empty and were taking it back to the Uhaul facility. Here's were more drama happens! We used a quarter tank of gas and my dad was supposed to give me money to fill it back up. He forgot, and that's understandable, and I didn't know how much it was going to take to fill the tank back up. I put in $10 but aparently that did nothing because it was still at 3/4 tank. They charged me, well my mom's card $55 for that! On top of having the truck out 2 days instead of 1. The guy who my parents were dealing with came in and was like "you weren't supposed to charge them for gas because that was the deal I had with them after I took the replacement truck to them on the 7th." Well the card had already been charged and I don't have it since it's my mom's and they're on the other side of the country on vacation. So the manager (who initially charged for the gas!) is going to give us $50-$55 off our next rental.

If we didn't have Cynthia's help, I don't know what would have happened. Irma was nice enough to allow me to keep the keys until Monday ad Cynthia and Chad will be helping me pack the remaining stuff to put into storage. My dad said I could throw a lot of the damaged stuff from the garage away.

I have my fingers crossed that today and tomorrow we can get the stuff packed away and into storage. Irma said she needed the keys at 9 am on Monday, but my dad said I work on Monday so I have to get the keys to her as soon as possible. The apartment will be worked on first thing Monday morning.

My parents are safely on their cruise ship with my Aunt and Uncle. My parents will be out of contact until November 18 when they get to my brother's place.

I'm at work now trying to get some stuff I neglected earlier this week and last week, then I have to wash clothes, pack them in storage and go back to the apartment and finish packing up. I hope I get all this done by Monday!
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I'm making this my last post before Friday.

Today, Wednesday, we were supposed to have moved the furniture out of the apartment and into storage, but my dad didn't get the damn truck until sometime after 3 pm and by the time he and my mom got home, it was something like 9 pm! Storage closed at 6:50 pm (well the gate locked at 7 pm)

On top of that, much of the apartment looks like it still needs to be packed!

Fucking hell!

Lucky me, I get to be up before the sunrises here in California to help with loading the truck and the car with stuff ready to go to storage, then help scrub the walls. Since they're going to be renovating the damn place (the whole reason we're moving our stuff out!) I don't see why we have to bother with scrubbing the walls and floors! vacuuming, I can sort of understand. But we're not getting our security deposit back. I'm not sure how this move out and move back in thing is going to work out. We won't be living here for something like 2 months, but we're guaranteed the place once the renovations are complete so we'll only have to pay January's rent on until we move out for good.

So anyways, everything has to be into storage by 6:50 pm (again, but the storage facility's gate locks at 7pm). I don't know when the truck is being returned, I don't know when the keys to the apartment are being given to the manager...I don't know much of anything. I do know that my sister has some of my clothes and my parents leave Friday at noon to get their 2 pm flight to Florida.

Until Friday (when I get to work), don't have too much fun without me and if I'm needed, I'll have some access to the internet via my smart phone.

PS I'll also have pictures of my room with it somewhat packed up and then of it completely empty. Before moving back in, I'll have pictures of the "new" room and apartment. it'll be nice for me to compare before and after (mental) images of the place I've lived in since 1986!
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It's 3:30 pm, the day before we're supposed to "turn the keys in" and the apartment is still furnished? My parents room looks like it still needs to be packed and the living room looks like a tornedo went through it.

My dad's been pounding it into me that the apartment needs to be empty TODAY because the keys get turned in on Wednesday, but he and my mom just went to get the moving truck.

Oh and storage gate locks at 7 pm, so anyone on the property has to be out by like 6:50!

We're going to be moving stuff until 6:50 Thursday night and cleaning walls and whatever the rest of the night and come Friday morning, the keys will be turned in.

Oh and my parents are going on vacation (and renovations will be done to the apartment while they're gone) for the rest of November and part of December but depending on when the apartment is finished, they probably won't be back until the New Year. So anyways, they leave for their vacation Friday at noon (flight is at 2 pm)!


but I get the computer and TV longer.
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There's sort of a financial upheaval at my job. I think I mentioned it last week some time, if not the week before that. But my bosses know this is the only job I have so they're going to do their best to keep paying me. Once I find a job that I can support myself on, I'm going to tell the bosses that they no longer have to pay me, but I'll continue to do that I do because they need someone to do it.

On the way to lunch today, my dad was all "how are you going to get from your sister's to downey (to get the mail)?" In my head I was like "umm driving?" and he was all "because you aren't on our insurance and if you get pulled over, that's a big ticket. but we can work out days that you can drive the car" Then I was like there's buses around, I can take them. and he was like, "okay, that's what I wanted to know." That just put me in a right foul mood. I've been using the bus for 12 years, I know how to figure out bus systems to get me where I need to go. but also, I've been telling my dad since like August or September to tell me how much it would be to add me to their car insurance and I'd pay it so that I can be insured. Then today, when I went to the bathroom, I guess my mom talked to him because when I came back, he asked me if I'd have the $380-$400 to pay to add me to their insurance (my part over all would be $40-$50 when they go to pay ever 6 months or whatever it is) and I said yes. So he said Monday he'd call AAA to get more information. Seriously, way to wait until the last minute! They leave on Friday!

and OMG the people at my church were acting like it was the end of the world because my parents were going on (a month long) vacation. They were saying goodbye to me like they weren't going to see me for a month. (If I had my way, there would be quite a few of them I'd never want to see again). I guess they assumed that since I was staying with my sister, I'd be going to church with her. Umm pass on that. I mean, if they have some sort of special service, I'll go to that because I'd still have enough time to get to my own church, but other than that, I won't be going to her church. They're too vocal and touch/feely for my taste.

Monday I'm pretty sure we're going to be packing and moving from 7am-7pm *sighs* we get the moving truck for the furniture on Wednesday and Thursday we turn in the keys.

Tuesday is Election day (in the US) so I hope that everyone goes out and votes (if they haven't done so already). I'll be working at my local polling place from 6 am-930pm

eta: forgot that I spoke with my sister about what she wanted me to contribute while I was with her. She said that I basically needed to keep "my area" clean (which is a given), wash the dishes (I would assume that would be dishes that I dirty because I really don't like cleaning up after other people who are capable of cleaning up after themselves), wash my clothes (again, that's a given) and help with buying the food (which was my initial thought until my mom told me that my sister gets public assistance for stuff like that but I'll still help out so she won't have to spend more).

pack it up

Oct. 26th, 2012 05:09 pm
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my room would be a lot more empty if I just put the remaining boxes in storage and if I need something from them, I could go to the unit and get it out. I just have this fear that I'm going to absolutely need something that got packed into storage at a time when I can't get to storage (like my medical documents)

As it is, my sister told me she has space for one of those 56 quart storage boxes and a suit case. I'm going to see if I can get away with 2 of those storage boxes and my suit case. In one storage container I probably have 2 weeks worth of clothes (that's 4 business casual sets and 4 lounge sets).

Since I have to have my room basically empty by Wednesday of next week, I'll just finish packing everything and deal with the what if's later.

Another weekend of packing. But tonight's the homecoming game at my old high school. I hope my nephew gets to play tonight!
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I have an election training today. It's going to take up about 7 hours of time. No, the training isn't 7 hours, it's 2.5 hours, but since I'll be on the bus, I need to give myself 2 hrs travel time before and it'll probably take 2 hours travel time after to get home.

Now I could save 2 hours if I can get my mom or dad to drop me off (then I can also get lunch beforehand), then I'll only have to worry about getting home. eta just asked if my dad can drop me off there. nope. it'll be cheaper to take the bus, which means I have less time to help them move stuff from the apartment to storage. Don't bitch at me when we're "not on schedule" anymore.

The point is, this 7 hours, or even 5 hours if I get dropped off, is taking away from time that I could be packing and moving boxes...but if I don't go to the training, then come election time, I won't get paid for working at the polling place, and that's $175 I could really use.

In other news...I think I'm going to start packing up the clothes in my closet. I'll start with the stuff in the back on both sides as those are my moms or sisters things. I don't know why I have their stuff in my closet and every time I ask, I never get a straight answer, or I get, "That's not mine" and when I suggest giving it to good will or the Salvation Army, I'm told no.
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I was checking my shopping email address and there was a notification from amazon about 666 Park Avenue. So I click on it and it's a sale on the book. That makes sense because of the TV show. It was like $9 or something so I thought what the hell and bought it. Then I saw there's a sequel, The Dark Glamour, so I bought that as well, and on January 2, a third book, The Lost Soul, is going to be released (I pre-ordered it). I have some reading for while I'm at my sister's (though I'm going to be working on my big bang fics mostly)

In other news, I have a deadline for when my room needs to be completely packed. Last night my dad said I needed to plan to have my room empty by November 7th. Okay, I can do that. So long as there's space in storage for me to put everything.
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I'm packing up my room and getting boxes out, but it still looks cluttered.

I have 1 five shelf bookshelf packed and boxes sitting on it, I have 2 DVD towers packed

I have half of a 12 shelf bookshelf packed and boxes sitting on it.

Let to pack: the other 6 shelves of the 12 shelf bookshelf and 2 three shelf bookshelves, 2 dresser drawers, clothes in my closet

If I could get the empty BIG FURNITURE out of my room (a desk, file cabinet and 1 bookshelf), my room would look like my parents room: empty bookshelves, dressers, TV and a bed.

Also, I think we have to turn in apartment keys on the 7th. At least that's what I heard my dad tell my mom. She asked where we'd stay on the 8th and he said he didn't know. Oh well that's just great. *rolls eyes* Their flight leaves on the 9th at 2 pm, so I'll be dropping them at the airport at noon.

After I drop them off, I'll be taking the car to be washed, cleaned out and fill up the gas tank. I'm so excited about having the car all to myself for a nearly 6 weeks!


Oct. 18th, 2012 08:34 pm
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I've e-mailed J & N that I wouldn't be available to volunteer October 22-November 9 so that I can devote more time to packing, then eventually vacuuming once everything is moved out.

I'm wondering what all is going to be done to the place. I know new carpet will be put in and the walls painted. I hope ceiling fans are installed and vertical blinds. I hope new flooring is put in the kitchen and bathroom. I also hope they fix the faucets because they drip a lot. I doubt they can do anything about the water quality because our water is shit. After every shower there's like a nasty grime or something on my body and it's like I never took a shower. I'm pretty sure the pipes have to be worked on too.

All in all, the place isn't that bad for not having major improvements since we moved here in June 1986.

I'm also giving myself another 12-24 months of living here. Of course this totally hinges on if I get a full time job and I can afford to move out. but realistically, I haven't found any apartments in the state of California that weren't a ridiculous amount per month.
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Seems to be a slow news…I mean fic day. Guess I’ll load the car with my packed boxes and taken them to storage.

I wish my dad would stop hassling me and when I’m going to take my stuff, and deal with the stuff in the garage! He still has a ton of shit to go through and throw away and what’s left will be going to the back to storage, then the stuff from the smaller unit, then the furniture. Well my clothes have to be in front as well so that I’m not lugging my entire closet with me to my sister’s place. And the smaller unit…it’s half full with more of my dad’s crap so there’s not really any place for my boxes.

Yeah, if my dad wants me to move the boxes from my room, he needs to free up space in the smaller storage unit so I have more space!

Oh, and I think the good car finally got washed? It’s been like 2 months and the rain from Thursday didn’t help much lol that’s a lot of dirt lol


Oct. 9th, 2012 12:43 pm
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so...packing (of course) and I have upwards of 4 large flat rate mail boxes (size 12" x 12" x 5 1/2") for cards, pictures and stationary, plus a couple of boxes (size 11" x 8 1/2" x 5 1/2") for pictures alone.

I have too many pictures (and stuffed animals but that's another story) and keep too many cards and letters. I mean, I kept notes from middle school and high school when passing notes was all the rage lol one day I'll go back and re-read them. I don't know if I'll throw them away just yet though.

also, I think I'm packing at just the right rate. sometimes it doesn't seem like it because my shelves are still full, but I don't have the space for all the packed boxes. so I'll pack about 10 boxes, take them to storage, re-organize the unit to make space for more of my boxes, then come home and repeat. Last that will be packed are my clothes. I don't even know what clothes I'll be taking to my sister's for the month.

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