Jul. 1st, 2014 04:37 pm
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Last night, Netflix got rid of 20 movies at midnight (July 1). Today, they're adding 45 movies. Both lists can be seen here.

Two of the movies removed were James Bond (Sean Connery) ones. I'd seen them several times before.

Of the movies added, I'm looking forward to seeing The Hunt for Red October and Legends of the Fall. Maybe some of the others, but definitely those two.
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I have 8 days to finish my h50_holidayswaph50_holidayswap fic! It's due on December 24th!

Since I scrapped (sort of) the last 2 fics I had in mind for this, I have a grand total of zero words for this new idea.

Also, I know I was supposed to have contributed twice to [community profile] fannish_advent/fannish_adventfannish_advent, but I just haven't had the motivation. sucks hardcore! But I did download some Polar Express screencaps so I can make some icons and hopefully post them before the comm closes for the season. *crosses fingers*

Anyways...I'm gonna do some writing now.

PS it seems my work internet speed is back to where it should be. I think it slowed down so much because I'd done a lot of downloading. My laptop can't/won't connect to my sister's wireless and she makes a lot of noise when one of her kids asks to use her laptop to type up some school papers, so I'd rather not have that annoyance directed towards me.
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This morning I went to the dentist for a follow up check up from the deep cleaning I had last month. My gums are doing better, but I still have an infection that's making my gums bleed. You poke at my gums with something sharp, of course they're going to bleed! Since having the deep clean, I've brushed my teeth 3 times a day and flossed twice and you know what...NO BLEEDING! but the dentist says the infection is still there and my broken teeth really need to come out because they're causing or contributing to the infection. So December 14 is my next appointment. At that appointment an impression of my teeth will be taken and 2 teeth will be extracted. Then I figure that every couple of months I'll go back to have the remaining 4 broken teeth removed. Hoping that by next September I'll be done with the expensive dental work and can just deal with the regular cleaning every 3 or 4 months.

Got a couple of movies from Redbox. Battleship and Starship Troopers: Invasion. I don't usually watch a movie that's apart of a series without seeing the ones before it, but the Starship Troopers: Invasion trailer looked really interesting. I was also surprised there weren't other movies that I wanted to see. I usually get 4 or 5 movies out at a time. This time it was obviously only 2.

Umm got a call from a collection agency while I was at the dentist. I don't know why as I don't have any bills in collections. So I call them back and they said they don't have my name in their system? So I ask about my dad's name thinking it might be in regards to his student loan and his name wasn't in the system either. Okay, weird. I'm also very curious. I might call back and ask for the person who called (I didn't ask for the person when I first called) to see what's going on.

Went to Costco and got a membership. I really don't need it, but having it will come in handy in getting food while staying with my sister and also for church dinners. Plus, since I can drive, I don't have to rely on my parents to take me if I need to pick up cat liter (Costco seems to be the only place that sells the brand that doesn't cause my cat problems). However, there are several downsides to having a membership. The books and movie section. No joke, there were about 20 books I wanted to get! Sadly, the movies I wanted were in blu ray only and i don't have a blu ray player. Also, I can buy stamps and movie theater tickets at costco. I see myself going to the movies more in 2013. Costco doesn't take Visa credit card (American Express is their card of choice), so I have to make sure I have the cash or money in checking account to write a check or use my debit card. The last of American Express will keep me from spending more than I can afford that's for sure.

I know I owe fills for Trick or Treating and they'll be worked on tomorrow. I downloaded some fall kits and need to unzip them and see what strikes my fancy to make things. Also, I need to write another 500 words so that willow_fae_20willow_fae_20 can fill another of my bookmarked comment_ficcomment_fic prompts. Everyone should read Still Allowed to Worry that she wrote.

Thank you dante_s_helldante_s_hell, bluedelftbluedelft, tkeylasunsettkeylasunset, and willow_fae_20willow_fae_20 (and to anyone else I forgot to thank) for the virtual gifts
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Sunday I used redbox for the first time when I went to the grocery store. I rented 21 Jump Street (had some funny parts, but I think I was expecting more?), Wrath of the Titans (I keep forgetting that Clash of the Titans is first) and The Devil Inside (this one was meh and a bit predictable towards the end). Today I returned those and got Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and Suing the Devil.

THEN! when I get home, I have 4 packages from Amazon waiting for me! 5 movies that I ordered but wasn't expecting until later this week! I got the first 3 movies in the Fast & Furious franchise, Gone in 60 Seconds (fuckin' finally! I thought we owned it for the longest time but could never find it!) and Mercy. I'll save these for later this week and over the weekend

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