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Apparently the last time I did an entry (of substance) was July/August 2016!?

Well, not to go into great detail, after that was my birthday. I turned another year older.

Then I spent Thanksgiving with some friends. I used to be super close to them, but then after being ex-communicated or whatever from them, it still feels weird around them.

Then I spent Christmas with some other friends. That was whatever.

2017!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Church on New Year's Day.

Then I was in a car accident on January 5th. I was okay, but my car was heavily damaged. (behind the cut for a picture and what happened).


My car is the top picture and the car that hit me is the bottom picture.

Now that I've calmed a bit, I was in a car accident. I'M OKAY! No pain anywhere and no soreness. this happened about 4 hours ago.

No one was injured but my rear passenger door can't open.

Police reports were made and I exchanged insurance info with the other party and contacted my insurance company.

I'm STILL in the process of getting my car repaired! It took from Jan 5 to Jan 27 to get the okay to take it in for repairs! A few days after that I was told it was going to take 3 week for the repairs but I would get weekly updates about the progress.

But...I might still end up loosing the car. See, the way I got the car was through uber/exchange leasing. Weekly car payments taken from uber earnings...however, I was only with uber for like 18 days, but if I continue to make weekly payments I could keep the car. Why might I lose the car? Because I couldn't keep up with the full weekly payments. They were about $100/week and I was doing about $60/ everything was getting behind. If the lease goes 21 or 28 days without full weekly payments, they can start the repossession process. Of course, during all this time I was calling the lease company near daily and would be on hold something like 20 minutes before giving up with the call. I would also email them and it would take 2-3 days for them to reply back to me...but it was always a stupid automated response and even longer to get a response to that was from a real person.

I borrowed money from my mom, but I'm back in the same position of needing to pay for this week so it doesn't get 21-28 days behind. I'm trying to sell off furniture in storage but people keep flaking on me.

So frustrating.

Today I went back to my first temp agency. They didn't have anything right then in the area I wanted, but they had a 3 day gig. Next week I'll be proctoring an exam. Future lawyers taking the Bar Exam. I wish I was something more, but at $13.50/hour and 10-12 hours a day, this is very much welcome.

That's about everything with me. I know I left stuff out, but I'm on a time crunch – my niece is waiting for me to take her to pick up food. Hopefully next time I update it won't be another 6 months. lol
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finally found someone who gave me cash to junk the car. I got about $300 less than I was hoping for**, but hey, money is money.

Now I have to deal with yet another potential buyer of the brown bookcases I have. Someone was supposed to come a couple weeks ago to buy them. He rented a truck and came here to measure them and decided that they were too short. Umm I put the measurements with the listing! In the end he didn't want them. at least he admitted it was his own fault for not reading the ad clearly. I hope this other person paid better attention to the measurements. But if they don't sell, my sister told my mom she wanted a couple? of course I get no money for that. *rolls eyes hard*

** All along my mom has said whatever I sell, I get to keep the money for. She also told me the same for junking the car. I spent a week calling different car junkers that advertised "cash for cars" looking for the best offer. I was hoping for $500, but $200 was the best offer. Today they came to get the car. 15 mins ago my mom came into my room, hand held out expectantly, wanting half! Umm what?! She never said anything about taking half! Not even when the last 2 months my dad's mechanic friend said he would try to find someone to buy it (he never did and my mom kept harping on me to call the guy to get the pink slip back and "take care of it yourself.")

Now I'm pissed off and want to tell her off but I can't because she's going to be giving me money every month while I'm rooming with a friend so I can take care of myself until I get a job (and yes, pay her back the nearly grand I already owe from being unemployed since December 2013). I also want to cry. I'm not sad about it, but more disappointed that she did that when she knew what I was going to use the money for. Like it shot the plans I had in place for the first couple of months and I have to re-work everything so it makes sense again

on top of having to deal with everything else she pawns off for me to do.

Speaking of jobs...a friend emailed me about a receptionist position a friend of his has. It's part time, but a job is a job. I'm sprucing up my resume to email to them...then I'm going to try to forget about it. I'm learning not to tell people I've got interviews, no matter how excited I get about them, because I can't stand the near constant asking "have you heard back?" I get from people I see daily/weekly. It's bad enough I get "do you have a job yet?" from some people at church. I know they mean well because they've been praying for me to get something, but having to say no and grin and bear it when they say "well I'm going to keep praying" makes me feel like crap and want to scream.
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Nooo! my niece challenged me to do the ALS ice bucket challenge (there's video of it, but my sister in law's FB is set to friends only so anyone who is a friend of hers can see it). part of me wants to be daring and do it, but the other part of me is embarrassed and doesn’t want to, but I don’t have the money to donate.

My niece also challenged her cousins (my other niece and nephew) and her aunt (my sister). My sister basically chickened out, but said Niece #1 would probably do it.

My mom, however, instantly jumped on the chance to throw water on me! LOL if she does that, there will be no one to take video of it.

I thought I could have it all videoed on my phone and upload to instagram, but apparently my phone camera lacks *something* so it doesn't meet whatever minimum requirements IG has. Next going to test out the video function on the camera to see if that works and picks up sound.

eta 1: you know...I think I'm just going to be a kill joy and donate the money.

eta 2: I need to find some of the challenge videos I really liked and post/share them here.

eta 3: I decided I'm going to participate in the Walk to Defeat ALS Los Angeles County Walk on Sunday, October 19, 2014. I haven't decided if I will be walking or volunteering my time.

eta 4: My sister, Niece and Nephew did the challenge and now my sister's trying to guilt me into doing it as well. Ha! I'm sticking to my volunteer donation because I think that will be of more help.
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Went to Target, under the guise of buying my sister's birthday gift, and bought myself a Nook and protective case!

Meet Danno! (Nook and case)

My laptop is McDanno and my myTOUCH is Monkey.

Do you sense a theme? LOL

This is an early Christmas gift and "yay for passing all your classes!" gift to myself (I will pass my current 4 classes with either an A or B. I'm very proud of myself.

I bought some other things from Target, too. Mostly stuff for baking. Friday or Saturday I'm going to make Nutella Swirled Banana Bread. I got something for my sister too - a card. I wanted to get her some perfume, but they didn't have the kind she liked and the only place I know that sells it is in the mall, and I'm not crazy enough to go to the mall any time this week. I'll go next week.

I'm gonna go back to playing with my new shiny.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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Yesterday I decided to check my credit report and was pleased to find that the only things I had on there were my student loans and credit card!

All the delinquent crap from when I used to mail order stuff was gone! Thank god!

There have been a few inquiries to my credit, but none of them mess with my credit score.

The next thing I have to do it so check what my actual score is and work on improving it. Last year it was pretty low and if I were to have gone to my bank for a loan, the interest rate would have been ridiculously high. Now it's sort of a moot point since I'll be out of a job at the end of the year and what money I will have will only be used to paying my bills. I'll have about a 9 month cushion (3 month severance pay from job, 6 months worth of financial aid money), after that I will need to have a job.

Movie night at the church in a couple of hours. Oh, yeah and I have homework to do. Yesterday I just stared at the open document for 15 mins before saying to hell with it, closing it and watching Alasaka Troopers on netflix. I can't procrastinate anymore. The assignment is due Monday at 12:30 pm.
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Yesterday morning/afternoon I started to have a toothache. As the night went on, it got to the point where I could chew on the other side of my mouth because that was putting pressure on the side that hurts.

Then, holy crap, overnight, I was up every 3 hours it seemed because of the pain. I was restless to say the least.

I'm pretty certain that the toothache is really an infection of a broken tooth I need to have removed.

I thought I'd be able to go to the dentist today because on their website they have that they're open on the weekends. However when I called, the recording said they weren't open. I don't know if that was for today only or the weekend in general. But I guess it doesn't matter in the long run. This dentist charges like $275 for a damn extraction! No telling if it would be more than that since it's broken/just the root or whatever. I was going to ask my mom if she could cover it until I got my check in November, but she has her own medical bills to deal with now that she's going to the dr weekly for shots and there's an out-of-pocket expense for it.

In somewhat other related news, I heard on the news a few days ago about the open enrollment period for Cover California or something like that. Getting uninsured people health insurance at low to no cost. I put in my information to see what I would qualify for and they say according to my income, I might qualify for medi-cal. Hmm okay. I go to the medi-cal site and they want all this information about my parents (since I live with them) that I don't have...but as it looks, I might qualify for that. I need to speak with an actual person to see if I really need to give my parents income information since they already have health insurance. I also don't know if medi-cal has dental because that's what I really need at this point.

Time to find something to eat and fold up my clothes.
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so...I got 4 of 5 classes. that elusive math class wouldn't add. I'll need to make an appt & talk with my counselor about it. It's stupid because my transcripts say I can take Intermediate Algebra, but the scheduling system won't let me add it. I won't be add it for Fall 2013, but if I get it sorted NOW I can hopefully take it Spring 2014.

My Official Schedule
8-915am Concepts of Criminal Law
1230pm-145pm Criminal Evidence

8-915am Introduction to Administration of Justice
930-1045am Criminal Procedures

Looks like I'll be leaving an hour earlier in the mornings than I do now. No big deal. I just won't be able to press snooze on my alarm for that extra hour of sleep I'm able to get now. Like I said, no big deal. Wake up @ 6am, put the coffee on (if it wasn't done the night before), eat, dress and leave at 7am.

On Monday/Wednesday, I have that lovely 3 hr and 15 minute gap. Excellent time for reading, writing, lunch, catching up on homework. Public transportation around campus isn't all that great - I think 2 buses run once an hour and 2 other buses run every 30 minutes. I'll be able to better gauge once I look up the schedules.

On Tuesday/Thursday, I'm done by 11 am, but I think I will stick to campus at least until 2 pm as to not deal with any drama from my dad about needing to find a job or whatever (yes, I think this will still happen even with me going to school)

Classes came to like $588, but my total out of pocket fees are $29. That's $19 for the Health Fee and $10 for the Cerritos College Student Association fee. I have 7 days to pay or they drop my classes. UGH going to have to pay it Monday as bills wiped me out for this week. I should have anticipated that, but I thought the fee waiver covering my classes was also going to cover those 2 fees. I get my Pell Grant money ON August 19 (Monday), so after class on August 20 I can buy my books if I'm not able to buy them the day before.

I'm excited for it to be August 19 already!
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So, today I went to the 2nd opinion dentist. Let me tell you, I was hoping against everything that I wouldn’t like this place and/or they’d tell me all this additional work that needed to be done and give me an outrageous price.

Well, it didn’t exactly happen like that. At first glance, I was skeptical about the place (the elevator was trashy looking, but that’s a knock against the building, not the actual dentist who uses office space there).

The receptionist was nice, if maybe a bit too perky for my liking at 9 am.

The dental assistant didn’t seem to know what she was doing or how to operate the computer she was using that would show my x-rays (and later, the receptionist, who also deals with the patient financials, said that she was expecting more x-rays than the 6 that were done).

The actual dentist who saw me? She was really nice. I was the first patient for the day, so they were still sort of setting us, but she apologized for keeping me waiting. Anyways, she rattled off the work that needed to be done and then she explained everything to me. She has a Middle Eastern accent, so I had a bit of a hard time understanding her, but then she pulled up a video that explained all of the work she said I needed to have done.

This was something that my dentist didn’t do, maybe it was because I didn’t ask, but I still think it should have been done. See, my dentist mentioned the extractions, but didn’t tell me about replacement teeth. It was just “you need these extractions” and that was it. This dentist, however, told me “you need these extractions, and also a partial denture and 2 bridges to keep your remaining teeth from shifting and causing more problems”. Okay, right. That makes sense. My dentist never told me that, but I knew that shifting teeth was a possibility without something to take the place of the extracted root tips (which are what need to be taken out). Also, my dentist said I needed to have a cleaning done. Yeah, I would say so after 4 years. This dentist said I needed a deep cleaning because she noticed there were spaces between my gums and the teeth and simple cleaning alone wouldn’t get all the junk that brushing and flossing missed. The one thing she didn’t mention was the cavity between my 2 front teeth. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t mentioned because of the lack of a full set of x-rays…or maybe there just wasn’t a cavity there?

After the examination, I spoke with the receptionist/financial advisor, and she broke down how much everything was going to cost, and further explained the treatments. When I say she broke down the cost, I mean, she broke it down.

pic )

She asked why it’d been so long since my last visit (remember, we were going with “I haven’t been to the dentist in 4+years) and I said it was because I didn’t have insurance and my dentist wasn’t working much with me in regards to how I could pay for my work. She told me that she didn’t want me to worry about that because she and the dentist wanted me to have a beautiful smile (and blah blah blah lol) I think I ended up with something like a 51% discount on the work that needs to be done.

Here’s the really really good part. I literally only pay for the work I have done during the visit. Today’s exam was free (they have a special for un-insured new patients and that’s why I went), but should I go back and decide to get an extraction, I’d only pay for that extraction. Should I decide to go with only the deep cleaning, then I’d only pay for that.

While my dentist set up a “payment” plan, the way it was explained to me was working on the assumption that I’d be having all the work done, so they were going to split it into 2 payments of $375 and 1 payment of $374. That means I’d be paying for work I didn’t have done during that visit.

Also, for as long as I had to wait, I was in and out pretty fast, in my opinion. My appointment was for 9:30 am and I was finished by 10:50 am and catching the bus home at 11 am.

When I got home and explained to my dad what happened, he was still of the opinion that I shouldn’t have 6 teeth removed. He wasn’t getting it that they were root tips and if they weren’t taken care of, it would cost me more in the end. He also said that my dentist was the best choice as the price was cheaper.

That may be so, but if I went with my dentist, I’d have to assume they wouldn’t give me the option have having bridge work or a partial denture to replace the missing teeth and that would make me have to have more work a few years from now or something.

So, in the end, I think I’m going to go with this new dentist. I’ll start with the deep cleaning, and then in November or December, I’ll start on the extractions. Hopefully by then I’ll have a job, if not dental insurance, and won’t have to worry (much) about how long it’s going to take me to pay off the credit card and all the dental work I’d be paying for with it.

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