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I think that's pretty self-explanatory.

I got my car back February 24, the day after I finished the temp assignment with the California Bar Exam (that was 4 days of interesting stuff that I'll talk about in a bit) and I'll be returning said car tomorrow, March 25 because I'm almost 28 days behind in payments, can't make car insurance payment because of no job (which I'll also talk about in a bit as well).

car stuff )

4 day temp assignment )

j o b )

school )

BIG SIGH! I think that's everything! Until next update! I hope that will have more good news than anything else! Please send positive job and school thoughts my way! I really need them!
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I mentioned Kim offering my a place to stay. That's still a go and this week I'm going to start moving stuff over. Mostly on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays since I don't have a car and have to work with the schedule of other people.

My mom's packed up the DVDs in the living room and she's going to ship like 3 or 4 boxes back to her sister's so that they're already there for when she gets there.

I need to pack up the shelves in the kitchen so that I can wipe them down and they can be ready for the yard sale my sister convinced my mom she should have. Whatever. I still get the money from it.

I haven't heard back from any of the last 3 or 4 places I sent my resume to or interviewed with. Everyone keeps saying "something's around the corner!" or "God's going to send something your way soon!" I smile and nod, but in my head I'm just like shove it. Platitudes like that don't do anyone any good.

I wrote a teen wolf ficlet. It got more hits/kudos on AO3 than I thought it would. I'm sure if it was longer I would have gotten some other comments. The last 3 or 4 days I've been thinking about doing a Sterek big bang? I don't even know what my life has become! I didn't even start writing McDanno stuff until I'd been in the H50 fandom for a couple of years. I'm not even "in" the Teen Wolf fandom and I'm already contemplating (it's outlined in my head, but shh) a Sterek BB.

Also, I'm in the last 9 days or so of a 30 day fic writing challenge on tumblr. It's been an interesting ride, that's for sure. This one is McDanno/McWilliams (Mary McGarrett/Matt Williams). I'm already thinking there's going to be a sequel.

and now to read some fic before bed.


Jan. 15th, 2015 04:42 pm
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Some time last week, my mom gave me a slip of paper. It was job information for a driver position for Access...only access hires out it's drivers from other transportation companies. I went to the website of the closest transportation company and saw they were hiring drivers.

It took me DAYS to get the money for my bus fare and to pick up my 3 year and 10 year driving record from the DMV.

I was supposed to go on Tuesday, but I overslept. So I went yesterday. I was there, at the DMV, for 3 hours! They were telling people with appointments(!!!) that it was going to be a 3 hour wait! So, I got my 2 driving records and got back on the bus to head to the company to turn them in and fill out an application.

That was another 2 hours, getting there and filling out the application, and was informed that once the application was reviewed, I would be notified.

Now the waiting game.

I honestly wasn't a call back today, but around 20 to noon, I get a call back! I thought they were calling to say "thanks, but no thanks," or that they had questions about something I put in my application.

Turns out, they want me to come in for an interview!


I was so freakin' shocked!

Tomorrow at 10:45am is my interview. With how frequently the buses run (one is every hour, one is every 20 minutes and the other is every 40 minutes) I'll either get there 40 minutes early, or would just be getting off the bus at 10:40am, leaving me 5 minutes to walk 2 blocks to the location where the interview is. I'd rather be there 40 minutes early to have that "cushion" in case I have to end up walking about 2 miles from where I get off bus #2 to wait for bus #3. I hope that doesn't happen, it's a possibility.

Now...about this job.

I mentioned Access Transportation before. It's the company my mom uses sometimes to get to/from her doctor appointments, church, and when she goes to do her day care. And like I mentioned in this entry, they get their drivers from other transportation companies. The one i'm going to interview with, Global Paratransit, is a 24/7 transportation company. Because of that, their drivers need to be available to work holidays, weekend, and sometimes overnight. They also have no problem paying overtime. I found that out because my mom said one of her drivers said they have a high turnover rate when it comes to drivers. People talking/texting while driving. Not only is it against the law, but if you're responsible for driving someone else around, possibly 3 or 4 people if you're in a van, you need to not be distracted. So you don't get a first or second chance. If they find out you were texting/talking while driving, you're fired.

The benefits: if hired there's two weeks of paid training at $9/hour and after that you get paid $11/hour. They have no problem paying overtime, in fact apparently they encourage it, there's paid time off as well as medical/dental insurance.

All that said, interview tomorrow and I need to find something warm and professional to wear.
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 1. just now, well more like an hr ago now, my neighbor told my parents that she would come by more often to help with his physical therapy. Apparently she's months away from finishing her physical therapist degree or whatever. I'm like GREAT! If she can help my mom during the day, I won't feel so out of sorts should I find a job and work during the day.

2-a. my sister called to ask if I wanted to go whale watching with her. She has an extra ticket because Marlin didn't want to go. AWESOME! I've never been whale watching before! I mean, I saw some whales when I went on a cruise to Mexico several years ago, but that was purely by chance. I hope to see some on this trip. We're going to leave in about 2 hours to go to Newport Beach (which will forever remind me of the TV show The OC) for it. Pictures will definitely be shared later. I hope I don't get a nasty tan from this. sun block does nothing to help me from burning or tanning when I'm in the sun for a long time

2-b. We had a scheduled appointment with a prearrangement counselor from the mortuary we decided on but since my sister and I will both be unavailable for it today, the lady said she would call and give us another time on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon.

3. I have an interview with the LA County DA's office out of the Norwalk Courthouse on Monday! OMG!! A few weeks ago, I got a call from them, but the 2 locations were too far for me to get to (nearly 2 hours by bus, if that!) and the lady I spoke with said she would keep my name on the list for anything closer to me. Since my degree goal is within the law/legal field, I would love for anything with the Sheriff's Department or the District Attorney's office. I get the chills just thinking about it.
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Have a job interview with a department within Los Angeles County today at 3:30 pm.

Before that I have an appointment to get my nails fixed because 2 of them are broken and one doesn't go to interviews with broken or chipped nails.

Also, I should be in class, but obviously I'm not. The storm this weekend really messed with my plans of getting my nails done, and then yesterday I was all sorts of pissed about missed buses on the way to/from school and my cell phone battery died that I wanted to get home and be done with the day.

So yes. Not in class, have a job interview and I'm hungry.
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Things have been rather uneventful. I'm now officially unemployed, but I have a "severance" check coming to me on Sunday.

I waiver between freaking out about how I'm going to pay my bills and not worrying because it'll work out, however, in the end. I also waiver when it comes to getting the cheapest cellphone I can to save money and keeping my current plan. I've already cancelled Netflix, but signed up for a monthly makeup subscription plan. The stupid IRS is effectively taking a months worth of bill money from me because they over refunded me last year.

Theoretically, with all the money I have that's due to me, I should be able to survive (aka pay my bills only) for 7 months if my parent help me with the incidental things that come up. Realistically, I know that won't happen because I know my mom defers to my dad and my dad isn't going to help me without giving some long winded lecture and making me feel like a failure.

A few weeks ago, one of my instrutors emailed a link to some Department of Correction job listings. There were 944 of them, I'm qualified for maybe 6 of them. Of those 6, a few of them were temporary positions of 2 years. ALL of them would require me to move to either Sacramento, San Quentin/San Rafael area, or anywhere there is a prison within the state of California. Oh and the positions are only hiring if there's funds to pay the hired person - I guess that would explain why there are so many available positions. I'm really tempted to apply. I don't have any money saved in a moving budget and I feel badly leaving my volunteer position at the church when the year's just started and the position is for 2 years. Oh, and the matter of school. I know that if I don't finish it now, I won't finish (there's a sticking point of my top university choice limiting the number of students they're accepting in the criminal justice program).

Speaking of school, I'm on the waiting list for 2 classes at one community college and registered for 2 classes at another community college. I need to keep thinking positively that I'll get the math class that I'm on the waiting list for because I need it in order to move forward with getting my degree. If I can't get the class for the spring, I know I'm cleared to take it in the summer.
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Yesterday I decided to check my credit report and was pleased to find that the only things I had on there were my student loans and credit card!

All the delinquent crap from when I used to mail order stuff was gone! Thank god!

There have been a few inquiries to my credit, but none of them mess with my credit score.

The next thing I have to do it so check what my actual score is and work on improving it. Last year it was pretty low and if I were to have gone to my bank for a loan, the interest rate would have been ridiculously high. Now it's sort of a moot point since I'll be out of a job at the end of the year and what money I will have will only be used to paying my bills. I'll have about a 9 month cushion (3 month severance pay from job, 6 months worth of financial aid money), after that I will need to have a job.

Movie night at the church in a couple of hours. Oh, yeah and I have homework to do. Yesterday I just stared at the open document for 15 mins before saying to hell with it, closing it and watching Alasaka Troopers on netflix. I can't procrastinate anymore. The assignment is due Monday at 12:30 pm.
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I've been saving towards going to Hawaii for my 35th birthday since my 30th last year and so far what I have saved is laughable.

$50/month for the last 12 months has gotten me $600. I will continue to put away $50/month until I don't have a job at the end of the year, but that will still only get me $750. Even if I let it collect interest, that's not going to get me much of anything and eventually I'm going to have to break into that because I do still have bills to pay.


Anyway, I figure...a week in Hawaii, maybe a bit of Island hopping...that's going to be pretty expensive. By my estimation, I'll need to have saved $220/month for the next 46 months...or I could do a cruise and it would be half the cost.

The point is...saving for this is going to be nearly impossible and that really sucks.

Where's a sugar daddy when I need one?!


18 hours and 31 minutes until my birthday.

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You don't get to make snide comments and question where I'm going to get money to go back to school.

You don't get to tell me what I should be doing! This is my life and if you have a problem with it, KICK ME THE FUCK OUT!

I know I need a job. I'm doing what I need to do to get a full time job and I'm sorry if it's not happening fast enough for you. You think I'm happy still being here?!
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First I heard back from FAFSA about my financial aid and my application was processed successfully!

Then I heard back from Cerritos, and that application was accepted!


I'm looking around the college's access website (where I'll register for classes and have access to my grades) and it looks like I won't have to take many classes over. This is good, but also bad. Good that I don't have to take the class over, but bad that I have to find more classes to be considered a full time student (3-5 classes).

I'll need to have 2 sets of transcripts sent to this college, but thankfully I have like 2 months to get that done. Fall classes probably start the 2nd or 3 week in August. I'm so looking forward to playing email/phone tag to get that accomplished from ICDC!

I also need to make an appointment with a counselor. That needs to be done soon as well. Preferably once transcripts have been delivered, but I'll call and ask to be sure.

I'm just so happy!

Funny thing...I haven't told my parents yet. When I got the 2 acceptance emails, I went to twitter and facebook first. My parents are on FB, but don't go to my page unless I tag them. I don't plan on tagging them with this news. It probably seems weird to others for me not to tell my parents since we live in the same apartment and everything, but I just don't want to until it's time for me to pick my classes. I don't want to hear the lectures or deal with the arguments.

I'm doing what it takes for me to get a full time job. Employers want someone with a Bachelor's Degree? Okay, I'll go back to school for that and who knows, I might find a job on campus when I eventually no longer have the job with the church (due to a potential merger and a bunch of other unexpected stuff).

For the last 6 months I'd been hoping that a position with Legal Aid would open up, but I don't think that's looking good. They're steady getting volunteers, but to my knowledge, no one is being hired.
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Been at the (church) office for nearly 3 hours. My work is almost done. This is both good and bad. Good in that I won't have a lot to do Sunday and I won't have to come in tomorrow. Bad in that I try not to leave before 2 p.m. (and that's like 3 hours away) and I'm running out of stuff to do. Plus, the office is really cold. The little heater I have going is taking far too long to heat up this room.

I'm supposed to be getting ready for a training seminar with a tutoring company for a tutoring job, but I did more research on the company and I've come across more negative reviews than positive amongst the tutors...and not to mention that it took them over 8 hours to return my call and give me the information I needed. Well, I had already called out for the day at the courthouse, so I feel bad about that...but I just don't have a good feeling about this tutoring company. I even got in touch with masheek2masheek2 to see if she's heard of them, and while she hasn't worked with them, her sister has and she said they aren't that great. For $17/hour I could put aside the fact that it took them so long to return my calls, but the reviews from some of the past and current tutors doesn't sit right with me. AND there's a class action lawsuit going on because the company hasn't paid some of the tutors. So...long story short, I called the company and left a message saying that I changed my mind about being a tutor with them. I wonder if/when they'll call me back to ask why.

I should get to work on these 14 icons for 2 challenges at h50icontesth50icontest. I missed the last 2 challenges and I'd like to get back into the icon making habit.

and OMG yay! tkeylasunsettkeylasunset updated The Amaranthines! I'm so happy!

Also, everyone should be reading McGarretts Say It Better (Or Awkward Mother-Son-Danny Conversations) by Moonbeam (luvsbitca). It's so great and a sequel to A Touch Of Exhaustion To Send You To Sleep which is also great!

Thus ends my update and fic recommendations.
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test results

For those asking about the results of the test I took back in September.

I passed with 73.2. They're putting my name on the appropriate Civil Service eligibility list and will contact me directly by hiring some point.

They also said that if I was interested in the typing position (Intermediate Typist Clerk or Intermediate Clerk/Light Typist), that I needed to report to one of the Human Resources offices in Downtown LA on November 2nd at 3 pm. A test on a Friday at 3 pm. Looks like I'll be going to work on Saturday so that I can go to this typing test.

Will let everyone know how that test goes and what other information I hear back from the first test.
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I've got that 4.5 hour test for the county job I applied for back in May.

The test starts at 8 am, doors open at 745 am, so I need to be leaving home between 7 and 715. I live about 30 minutes away from the testing facility.

I was given a map when I got the testing letter and it's kind of vague, so I looked up the address on mapquest and well the address is like the middle of the street. Umm okay? But I was able to drag the mapquest map around until it sort of matched the map I was sent, so I have an idea of where I'm going.

Also, I was right in thinking there was a bus stop near by. It's on the corner, about 2-3 blocks from the testing facility. I hope the blocks aren't long. I'll have to walk back from the testing facility to catch the bus to the bank, then home.

Wish me luck for this test. I'm sort of scared as it's so long, but I need to do well because I could use the full time job. I think this position is something like $1500/month. I do realize that there will more than likely be interviews for the people who pass the test. So, good thoughts for me passing the test.


Aug. 22nd, 2012 04:01 pm
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3 months ago, like the beginning of May, I applied for a clerical position with Los Angeles county...then promptly forgot about it.

Today I got a letter in the mail telling me that I've been selected for a written examination (that's to take 4 1/2 hours!!) on Monday, September 24 at 8 am.


It took me a bit to figure out what position I was testing for because I had applied so long ago, and just last Friday I mailed in my application and resume for a clerk position at a local community college and that's what I thought the letter was in regards to...but the date on this letter was 5 days before I even mailed in my application.

So this clerical position for the county pays something like $1200/month! I wish I would have kept the e-mail or job listing print out.

Anxious about such a long test and curious as to of I'll hear back about the position I applied to at the local community college

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