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I got a call from the mortuary. They got a date from Riverside National Cemetery. The next available date for services is December 1 at 1:45 pm.

HOLY COW! That's in 12 days away and 20 days after his death!

I get it's first come, first serve kind of thing, but it just seems like too much time. Make me want to find out how many services a day they do that's given us a date that's so far away.

But I'm also assuming that since things have gone forward, that the mortuary got their money from the life insurance my mom had through her job and that by the end of this month we should be getting the remaining money. I also need to go to the Social Security office with my mom to sort out the survivors benefits stuff my mom should be getting from my dad's social security, but we can't do that until we get the death certificate.
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well not exactly.

finally bit the bullet and called the doctor (I so painstakingly looked for and compared to other doctors) and made my first appointment. I've had insurance all of 41 days and you'd think after NOT having it for over 10 years, I'd JUMP at the chance to see the doctor and have a complete physical...only nope. It's not high on my list of priorities, but you know, since I actually have insurance now, I should use it.

So yes, appointment made for May 16 at 9:15am. They want me to fast the night before because the first thing I'll be doing (well after I fill out paperwork) is go to the lab to have blood drawn (hence the subject of going to see the vampire).

I should start my list of everything that's wrong with me so that I don't forget due to nerves, no seriously, I was getting anxious just making the appointment. So far, the list consists of 2 things: very irregular menstrual cycle (I don't mind, but in the next 5-6 years I'd like to have kids and back of my head there's the idea that something's wrong and I won't be able to physically have any) and for the last 1-2 months I've had these rash like bumps on my arms, but only at night; now since it's summer and I wear shorts and tank tops, they're showing up more places, but still only showing at night and they're gone by morning and it's not every night.

In a bit of other news.

Jobs rejections across the board. They all tell me I'm an excellent candidate but they're going with someone else. I wonder if it's because I'm still in school? We'll see if I get more calls.

Speaking of still being in school...I've got 2 more weeks to go for this semester. I'm looking at either 2 As and a B or 2 Bs and an A. Either way, it's passing and I won't have to take anymore Criminal Justice classes for the undergraduate course work.

While I need to take or try to take a class this summer, I'm not financially able to do so. I mean, I'll get financial aid from the school, but I really need to find a job and if I have a class and I'm offered something, I'll have to drop the class or decline the job, neither of which I want to do. But in the grand scheme of things, I really need 2 more freakin' math classes (one is a prerequisite to get the other) to transfer. There are all the classes I need to take at the university to have my Bachelor's Degree. I think it's something like 8-10 classes? I need to contact the university and ICDC College to see if any courses are transferable. If so, the number of classes I take will be less as I took them when I was working on my paralegal degree/certificate.
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First week of Spring 2014 semester finished. Instructor for in person class more toned down than he was last semester. Could be because it's only the 2nd day, but I hope it continues. Did the reading and assignment for my online class. The assignment was due by Saturday at 10 pm. I turned it in today.

Yesterday I put in my application to get medi-cal (insurance like Covered CA but could be free for me since I no longer have income) and food stamps (this is a long shot as my parents get income from SSI and that could mess with it). The lady called me today for a mini interview and said that tomorrow or Saturday I should be getting some follow up paper work that needed to be completed and returned within 10 days. She told me that I could make an appointment to turn in the requested info in person, and I think I will so that I can ask some other questions if I have them.

Hmm I can't think of anything else because of these stupid cramps I have, so I'm ending this and going to watch a movie.

Happy Thursday/Friday everyone!
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Yesterday morning/afternoon I started to have a toothache. As the night went on, it got to the point where I could chew on the other side of my mouth because that was putting pressure on the side that hurts.

Then, holy crap, overnight, I was up every 3 hours it seemed because of the pain. I was restless to say the least.

I'm pretty certain that the toothache is really an infection of a broken tooth I need to have removed.

I thought I'd be able to go to the dentist today because on their website they have that they're open on the weekends. However when I called, the recording said they weren't open. I don't know if that was for today only or the weekend in general. But I guess it doesn't matter in the long run. This dentist charges like $275 for a damn extraction! No telling if it would be more than that since it's broken/just the root or whatever. I was going to ask my mom if she could cover it until I got my check in November, but she has her own medical bills to deal with now that she's going to the dr weekly for shots and there's an out-of-pocket expense for it.

In somewhat other related news, I heard on the news a few days ago about the open enrollment period for Cover California or something like that. Getting uninsured people health insurance at low to no cost. I put in my information to see what I would qualify for and they say according to my income, I might qualify for medi-cal. Hmm okay. I go to the medi-cal site and they want all this information about my parents (since I live with them) that I don't have...but as it looks, I might qualify for that. I need to speak with an actual person to see if I really need to give my parents income information since they already have health insurance. I also don't know if medi-cal has dental because that's what I really need at this point.

Time to find something to eat and fold up my clothes.
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There's sort of a financial upheaval at my job. I think I mentioned it last week some time, if not the week before that. But my bosses know this is the only job I have so they're going to do their best to keep paying me. Once I find a job that I can support myself on, I'm going to tell the bosses that they no longer have to pay me, but I'll continue to do that I do because they need someone to do it.

On the way to lunch today, my dad was all "how are you going to get from your sister's to downey (to get the mail)?" In my head I was like "umm driving?" and he was all "because you aren't on our insurance and if you get pulled over, that's a big ticket. but we can work out days that you can drive the car" Then I was like there's buses around, I can take them. and he was like, "okay, that's what I wanted to know." That just put me in a right foul mood. I've been using the bus for 12 years, I know how to figure out bus systems to get me where I need to go. but also, I've been telling my dad since like August or September to tell me how much it would be to add me to their car insurance and I'd pay it so that I can be insured. Then today, when I went to the bathroom, I guess my mom talked to him because when I came back, he asked me if I'd have the $380-$400 to pay to add me to their insurance (my part over all would be $40-$50 when they go to pay ever 6 months or whatever it is) and I said yes. So he said Monday he'd call AAA to get more information. Seriously, way to wait until the last minute! They leave on Friday!

and OMG the people at my church were acting like it was the end of the world because my parents were going on (a month long) vacation. They were saying goodbye to me like they weren't going to see me for a month. (If I had my way, there would be quite a few of them I'd never want to see again). I guess they assumed that since I was staying with my sister, I'd be going to church with her. Umm pass on that. I mean, if they have some sort of special service, I'll go to that because I'd still have enough time to get to my own church, but other than that, I won't be going to her church. They're too vocal and touch/feely for my taste.

Monday I'm pretty sure we're going to be packing and moving from 7am-7pm *sighs* we get the moving truck for the furniture on Wednesday and Thursday we turn in the keys.

Tuesday is Election day (in the US) so I hope that everyone goes out and votes (if they haven't done so already). I'll be working at my local polling place from 6 am-930pm

eta: forgot that I spoke with my sister about what she wanted me to contribute while I was with her. She said that I basically needed to keep "my area" clean (which is a given), wash the dishes (I would assume that would be dishes that I dirty because I really don't like cleaning up after other people who are capable of cleaning up after themselves), wash my clothes (again, that's a given) and help with buying the food (which was my initial thought until my mom told me that my sister gets public assistance for stuff like that but I'll still help out so she won't have to spend more).

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