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We have been told to discontinue giving him all food/liquids since he is unable to swallow and if we try to give him anything, he could choke. He is also being switched to a pain patch to make him comfortable. With the discontinuation of food/liquids, the doctor says that we shouldn't expect him to live past 7 days. We will be sent a nurse to be with us/him 24/7 until he passes away.

I've called my brother, sister and aunt and sent an email to our Pastor. My aunt is going to call her siblings (she's my dad's sister) to let them know. I haven't actually been able to get a hold of my sister, but I left her a message asking to call me back when she gets the chance.

My mom is calling the rest of the family (her side) to let them know.
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okay then...results from blood work. I'm allergic to mold. pretty much the way to fix that would be to thoroughly clean the apartment. The thing is, when I looked up the symptoms, I don't have any of them. Next is to talk to dr to see if there's a specific mold or something else.
Oh, but then I looked at another site and it says rash/hives can be a symptom.
I think it's the bathroom and hall near hot water heater. sometime last year the hot water heater broke and while they did a good job of putting in a new one, the space below the heater wasn't properly dried out. Also, in the bathroom over the shower, there was a moldy patch in the ceiling (tub area for the upstairs unit) and I don't know what was done to fix that before it was painted.

I think there's some way of testing where the mold is, but that's probably super expensive and we're poor. I'll have to see what my doctor says. Maybe (hopefully) there's a pill...and I hate taking pills.
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Today we finally sat down with the pre-arrangement counselor with a local mortuary to decide on and put a down payment on my dad's "final" arrangements.

The Doctor and nurse with hospice don't believe my dad's condition is going to improve. The neurologist told my dad's doctor that the blood clot in his brain is larger than he initially thought but it's still too deep, thus making it inoperable. So my dad is basically going to be on blood thinner medication the rest of his life. If he has another stroke, it could be one that he doesn't recover from. My dad has DRN (do not resuscitate) papers on record.

So, we contacted a local mortuary last week, got some information, then we were going to shop around, but the news from the doctor and my dad's increased lack of strength and frequent bouts of confusion, we opted to go with the only one we talked to.

But it's all settled. One less thing to worry about, but at the same time, one more thing to worry about as it's another bill we have to pay (for the next 5 years or until my dad dies).

I told my mom that as soon as I got a job, we could start on her arrangements. The counselor suggested it so that we can get a lower price now as opposed to years later when prices are higher.
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 1. just now, well more like an hr ago now, my neighbor told my parents that she would come by more often to help with his physical therapy. Apparently she's months away from finishing her physical therapist degree or whatever. I'm like GREAT! If she can help my mom during the day, I won't feel so out of sorts should I find a job and work during the day.

2-a. my sister called to ask if I wanted to go whale watching with her. She has an extra ticket because Marlin didn't want to go. AWESOME! I've never been whale watching before! I mean, I saw some whales when I went on a cruise to Mexico several years ago, but that was purely by chance. I hope to see some on this trip. We're going to leave in about 2 hours to go to Newport Beach (which will forever remind me of the TV show The OC) for it. Pictures will definitely be shared later. I hope I don't get a nasty tan from this. sun block does nothing to help me from burning or tanning when I'm in the sun for a long time

2-b. We had a scheduled appointment with a prearrangement counselor from the mortuary we decided on but since my sister and I will both be unavailable for it today, the lady said she would call and give us another time on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon.

3. I have an interview with the LA County DA's office out of the Norwalk Courthouse on Monday! OMG!! A few weeks ago, I got a call from them, but the 2 locations were too far for me to get to (nearly 2 hours by bus, if that!) and the lady I spoke with said she would keep my name on the list for anything closer to me. Since my degree goal is within the law/legal field, I would love for anything with the Sheriff's Department or the District Attorney's office. I get the chills just thinking about it.
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 Today my dad had an appointment for Access Transportation and while we were waiting for them, my dad became unresponsive!

Since we're on hospice care, we don't call the traditional 911, we call the hospice's version of 911 and tell them what happened. So we did that and they walked me through what had to be done (get him back into the apartment, back into bed and give him oxygen. While we were struggling to get him back in the apartment, I heard my dad start to snore. Okay, he's asleep...but why isn't he responding when we call his name?

We have the oxygen going, but it's a struggle for me and my mom to get him into bed, so we're waiting for the emergency nurse to come. They're "local" and they said in emergencies, they can have someone to us within the hour. It's been about 30 minutes now and I'm going from my room to the front door looking for someone to come.

Meanwhile, my mom is still trying to wake my dad and we still have the oxygen going for him.

eta 1: It's 1:20pm and the nurse has been here about 20 minutes. She got my dad to respond and helped us get him back into bed. His blood pressure is really low, but oxygen levels are high. the nurse said he basically passed out bc this was the first time in about a week that we got him out of bed and into the chair for an extended period of time.

eta 2: He's doing better now. It's been nearly 2 hours since this all started. He's sleeping but was asking for something to eat so I need to put on proper clothes and pick up some beef stew and chicken/turkey pot pies.
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I don't think any other words are needed!
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I'd been saying over and over how much I wanted Jury Duty and how I hated that I had to postpone my service twice.

Well, I got what I wished for...and it's ruined my plans.

All this week I've been on call, where I had to call the jury service number or check online to see if the following day I have to report. I just had this feeling that tomorrow, Friday, I'd have to report to downtown Los Angeles and sure enough, I have to be in the jury room at 7:30 am!

1. What kind of holy hell madness is that?!

2. since I'm on public transportation, I have to leave at 5am to ensure I get there on time. I'm like the Dame of navigating public transportation and I figured out that if I drove the car to the train station, I can get the 5:30 train, then 6am bus and by 650am, I would be getting off the stop in front of the courthouse. That would leave me 30 minutes or so, to get to the jury room.


This also means my plans are all screwed up in regards to how my dad was getting home tomorrow from the Healthcare facility. He'll still be checking out at 3pm, but the plan was for me to stay home and my mom to be at the facility and to be brought home by my sister with my dad's belongings. Now that has to change. My mom is going to stay home (when she finishes with her appointment) and my sister, if she's finished with her sub work, is going to go to the facility, get all my dad's things while he's transported, by ambulance, home and my mom, with the nurses/doctor/social worker, will being the intake process.

There's still a possibility, though, that when I get to the courthouse, I could not get called for a case and be able to leave by noon and be back home by 2pm so my mom could deal with my dad and his belongings.

Yes, let's cross our fingers that it happens this way - that I'll be home by 2pm so that we can stick to our original plan.

a picture

Jun. 12th, 2014 02:00 pm
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The equipment we'd need for when my dad gets home arrived today and was set up (by a cute delivery guy!), then he showed me how to use everything.

Here's a picture of the bedroom just waiting for my dad to come!

the picture )

Now I have to look for sheets for it and the pillows from their other bed.

Also, I have to go grocery shopping. I want to wait until it's cooler, but I don't want to wait too long or the store will close and/or I'll lose my parking spot.
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I'll have a rather upsetting update later today.

It's not earth-shattering devastating, but I'm still in this what about me?! phase (plight of being the youngest child and still living at home?)

So yeah, look forward to that and tell me how bad a person I am for thinking/feeling this way.
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 1. my ex brother-in-law is finally good for something! He's building a wheelchair ramp for when my dad eventually comes home! They measured on Thursday and bought the supplies yesterday. I think today or tomorrow it's going to be put in? I'm not sure. They might wait until we know for sure when my dad will be discharged to come home.

2. There's a program called
Access Paratransit and it's for people with disabilities to get around. Basically, there's an interview process and if you're approved, they will pick you up and take you to/from doctor appointments or different places you need to go. My dad is pretty much a shoe-in for being accepted since he's had the (TIA) strokes and he will be in a wheelchair and using a walker and we have such unreliable transportation. Access is also good on regular buses so when he gets better and wants to go out, he can use the regular bus and they will accept his Access pass card. June 12 they go for the interview or whatever. They will be picked up and it's a freakin' 3 hour process!

3. I spoke with my dad about 15 minutes ago. He said he just finished his physical therapy and he's feeling fine. He probably does feel fine, but it's going to take me a long time for my brain to stop saying "no you're not! you don't sound it" because that's not conducive to his feeling better and pushing (not overdoing it) to do well in physical therapy so that he can get better. Baby steps for me and him, that's for sure.

4. I don't have to worry about my dad wanting to do the election. Yesterday my mom called to tell me to call the county and tell them my dad can't do it. That he had a stroke and is in the hospital. Within an hour of me calling, someone was over to pick up all his supplies. I probably had to tell like 4 different people about why. One lady I spoke with was like "You know, the election is in a few days. He shouldn't have agreed..." I cut in and was like "He had a stroke HOURS ago. This wasn't something he PLANNED!" She was like, "...oh...I'm sorry to hear that. I hope he gets better." I was like, "Thank you. What's your name?" Once she gave it to me, I called back, asked to speak to the supervisor and explained what happened. What happens to this person, if anything, I don't know. But that was totally rude on her part.

I think that's everything up to date for my dad. I need to get busy with this stuff I have to do here before it gets too late/hot out.
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 I was getting ready to go see my dad at rehab and the nurse I was on hold with said therewere a lot of nurses around my dad and theymight be calling the paramedics. I called my sister since she was closer, got in the car and drove to the facility. As I got there I saw an ambulance and fire truck. My sister's suv was also there. The ambulance drove off and I thought my sister was with them but she was clearing his room.

Long story short, he was complaining that his leg was painful to the touch and his left dide was weaker.

We're at the hospital now. My sister is back with him. He was getting a chest x-ray. That was 15 mins ago and so far no update.
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I don't think my dad is being reasonable. he seems to think he'll still be able to work the election in 11 days.

Maybe he will. But the reality of it is that he's currently in the hospital, and as an inspector (his position with working the election), he has responsibilities he's supposed to take care of, but can't. My mom and I can't take care of them because we have our own responsibilities as election worker and inspector to take care of.

Sunday, inspectors are supposed to pick up their election equipment and make sure everything is there. He can designate someone else to pick up his supplies, but he won't be able to go through them to make sure he has everything he's supposed to have or make the necessary arrangements to get what he's missing. And like I said, I won't be able to do that since I'll have my own equipment to go through as an inspector for my own location, and my mom won't be able to go through it bc her training, as poll worker, doesn't cover it. Yes, there's a checklist with the supplies and it's pretty straight forward, but she shouldn't have to deal with it. She needs to be concentrating on what's going on with him.

Also, HE'S STILL IN THE HOSPITAL and even if he was released back to rehab, he'd likely be there another 7 days, won't be able to set up his polling area on June 2, let alone work the election 6am-9pm on June 3.

I don't want to go behind his back and call the County Clerk to let them know so other arrangements can be made, but I'm being realistic. I don't believe he'll be well enough to do what he's supposed to do in his position with this election. I told my mom to tell him that I was going to call, but I'm holding off on making the actual call until she gets there to tell him.

OH! And he's asking for my mom to bring all sorts of stuff for him to use - his laptop, some of his paperwork, and I'm like WTF! You're in the fucking hospital! You've had 3 TIA mini-strokes and are taking blood thinners! Don't you think you should rest and not put more stress on your body?! Taking the bills and his checkbook to him was one thing, but this is too much! And my mom still defers to him on things instead of putting her foot down and saying no!

eta: my mom pawned the job of telling my dad he shouldn't work the election to me. because I voiced my doubts about it, but she agreed. whatever
in the end it didn't matter. he's convinced he can do it. I'm just pissed enough to say to hell with it and let her deal with it


May. 22nd, 2014 05:15 pm
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The results of my dad's MRI came in.

He had a blockage and they're giving him blood thinners in hopes that they will allow the blood to flow.

He'll be in the hospital for another 24-48 hours while they monitor him with this new medication.
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For days I've been saying my dad didn't sound 'right' or that he was always on pain meds whenever I talked to him. but no one heard the difference.

My mom just called and said that she's been listening to him speak and he speech does sound slurred. I knew it, but since no one else heard or could tell the difference, I thought it was maybe that he always sounded tired.

So they're monitoring him until it's time to go to the hospital for the MRI and my mom will call back later.

eta (11:58am): mom called to say they've taken dad to the ER ahead of his schedule appt because he was unresponsive and his body temp was about 46 degrees. they brought the temp up and he was awake, but she was concerned.

I haven't made a post on FB to let people know because I can't get a hold of my brother and I don't want a repeat of what happened last week


May. 18th, 2014 01:32 pm
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I spoke with my dad this morning. He's being moved to a rehab facility today! I don't know how long he will be there. Thankfully the facility is nearby (20 min bus ride) and my mom will call to let me know his room information when she finds out.

Now I'm trying to contact all the church people who haven't gone to see him and were planning on doing so later today to give them the update. This is why I use FB for this stuff. Easier than trying to remember individual people and texting/calling/emailing.
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I spoke with my mom and she said my dad is having trouble standing and walking but not from the stroke. He's still in a bit of pain from the surgery. He's starting physical therapy today and they're looking for a convalescent home for him to continue the physical therapy until he can stand/walk on his own. He's in the hospital for another night.
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I spoke to my mom about my dad. He did have a stroke, but there was no lasting damage. he has low blood pressure so they're monitoring that. his doctor thought he has an aneurysm, but that was also negative. he's going to be day by day to determine when he can be released to come home.

now to go back to studying for my finals
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about an hour ago my mom called to tell me my dad had a stroke on his left side shortly after being moved from his bed to a chair. He was put back in the bed and the doctors came to check on him.

the nurse I spoke with said he likely had what is called a TIA stroke. It's a mini-stroke with symptoms that mirror the real thing but they don't last as long. About 5 minutes or so after the doctors began to check him over, he was "back to normal" and was regaining muscle strength on his left side. A CT scan was done and there was no "stroke activity" visible, but they're waiting for confirmation from the doctor.

Right now he's in icu for further observation.

This is where I say I'm glad I'm not at the hospital right now. I know I wouldn't have been able to handle seeing my dad the way my mom described him. But Lora's going to pick me up when she gets off of work, take me to get some food for my mom and take me to the hospital.
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Home from visiting with my dad.

We had to wait about 3 hours after his surgery for him to get a room. I spent about 15 minutes with him and he was his usual self...just a bit more loopy as he was coming around from the anesthesia.

Visiting with my dad wasn't nearly as bad as my previous hospital visits. He reminded me so much of Bill Cosby and my Grandpa. It was funny. I had to kept looking at him because his voice didn't sound like it usually does, then I realized that I tune my dad out so much that I don't know what his voice normally sounds like. I mean, I can pick him out when I hear him speaking, but in regular conversations, of which we don't have many of, I was drawing a blank in bringing up a sample, so to speak, to compare with.

He'll be in the hospital tonight and I think coming home tomorrow. My mom will be at the hospital with him for another 4 hours and that's when visiting hours will be over.
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Mom asked me if I'd go with her to the hospital when my dad goes for his surgery and at first I said no. I have the presentation on my family and the rest of the review for the final going on.

Then I thought about it. She's not going to have anyone there with her. I can be there with her. They leave at 5:30am for the admittance or whatever, so theoretically I could go to the hospital and from there go to campus if I won't get to class late.

So I emailed my professor and let her know what was going on and asked if I could do my presentation on Monday if I wasn't able to make it to class.

Now I'm nervous waiting for a response. She says she checks her email at night and in the morning, but I'd prefer to have a response tonight so I'm not worrying about that as well.

I think, though, I'll play tomorrow by ear. I'm not going to rush out and leave my mom alone at the hospital. I'd be worried and distracted while in class.

eta: Heard back from teacher. I can do my presentation on Monday. One less thing to worry about.

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