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I've been reading more Sterek kid fic, I maybe have 5-8 more tabbed to read.

Then it happened.

Last night I had a Teen Wolf/H50 dream!

Derek got Danny to join his pack and that made Steve mad/jealous. There was also an undercurrent of Derek trying to get back at Steve for Steve doing something. Steve was also convinced that Derek had some sort of hold over Danny, which is why Danny went to willingly to pack with Derek. I'm like 99% certain there isn't that aspect like with a Sire and a sired vampire, so I have no idea where/why that came up

And I'm still pretty damn sure I won't be watching the show.

shut up anyone who laughs and says I will!
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I'm not even into the show - I tried the first episode of season 1 like 4 times before giving up!

But last night/early this morning, there was a fic rec on twitter for this

How Derek Met His Smallest Fan (37276 words) by purpleduvet
Chapters: 2/2
Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Characters: Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, Erica Reyes, Vernon Boyd, Allison Argent, Sheriff Stilinski, Melissa McCall
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Future Fic, Kid Fic, Complete
Summary: Derek is standing in the fruits and vegetables aisle, trying to decide between two very nice looking watermelons, when someone small crashes into his legs.
or Derek comes back to Beacon Hills after years of being gone and meets Stiles and his kid at the supermarket.

and I stayed up until like 2 or 3 am reading it (when I had to be up at 7 to get ready to leave at 7:45 to catch the bus to church)!

Now I want all the Derek/Stiles future fic/kid fic. I'm searching the tags and I come across the domestic series by thepsychicclam which I'm thinking about reading.

Then, the friend who recc'd the first fic I read, told me to check out

DILF (30871 words) by twentysomething
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Teen Wolf (TV)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Characters: Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Sheriff Stilinski, Scott McCall, Jackson Whittemore, Danny Mahealani
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Human, Alternate Universe - Kindergarten & Pre-school, Kid Fic
Summary: "Today is Scott's first day of kindergarten and Derek is terrified."

which I am currently reading and really enjoying.

Now I'm just like...I don't even know! "Lizet, what the hell are you doing?!" but I'm finding stuff that looks good and taking recommendations from my friend. We'll see how this goes.

But I won't be watching the show!


Jul. 18th, 2014 06:35 pm
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After procrastinating for a little over a month, then writing in fits and starts, I FINALLY FINISHED MY [ profile] h50_reversebang  FIC!

I was hoping that it would be around 10,000 words, but when the minimum word count was lowered to 5000 words, that was much more reasonable for me, and my fic is around 6581 words!

The fic is due on Sunday and has already been beta read. I'm going to give it another read through before submitting/posting it.

Also, have to see what the posting procedure for the community is as well. I've never participated in a reverse big bang before.

So as soon as I'm able to post, I'll share here too.
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I've taken the first tests in my 4 classes.

87%, 81%, 80% and 76%.

I got the 76% because the instructor gave everyone in the class 4 extra points, otherwise, I'd have 68%. I'm not pleased with this at all. I know there's 3 or 4 other tests in the class, but I just don't like/can't follow how the instructor does the lecture (he basically re-reads the book in between telling real life stories and insulting people in the class). I'm going to have to do extra credit because I want to pass the class with a B, though for transferring, a C is acceptable.

The other 3 classes are much better because we have a workbook that we fill out as the lecture goes - we're basically writing our own textbook for the class.

Also, today in my second class 2 people were supposed to bring cookies and what do you know...they weren't in class! The teacher said on Tuesday we need to "narc on them" and he'd take care of the rest. Also next Tuesday another girl is supposed to bring cookies and next Thursday another guy is supposed to bring cookies. We'll see if they remember. LOL

Right now I'm in the campus computer lab charging my phone and using the computer. Once my phone is charged, I'll be heading home with a stop at storage. I sold a couple of textbooks from when I was taking classes with ICDC. One book I had in my room and the other I hope is in storage or I'll have to refund the girl her money (and she started classes on October 7).

In more enjoyable news...I've been writing nearly every day this month. Not thousands of words or anything, but like 250-400 words on a good day. On a really good day I can do 500-700 words. Last week I did nearly 1000 words. I wish all these words were going towards a fic I can post soon, but it's for a big bang that won't start posting until FEBRUARY! Isn't that ridiculous?! I'm probably like 2000 words from finishing it, and I'll have to sit on the fic for 5 months! I need to remember to message the mod and ask if there was a way to move the posting date up if a majority of the writers are finished so that artist can claim a fic to do art and we can get this big bang moving along.
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I knocked my writing out of the park today! 2,214 words!

and this is maybe 2/3 done?

I've seriously got the best cheerleader in the world! Over the last 17 days I've written 6981 words!

That more than doubles my goal!

most productive I've been...EVER!


Jul. 7th, 2013 12:20 pm
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Working on a story I adopted from someone on

I'm completely re-doing it...or making it more my own while keeping the limited plot that the original author had.

Details go a long way to filling out a story and making it better!

I'm not going to post this story until it's complete because I don't want to fall into the current trap I'm in of posting a fic as I work on it..then losing interest as I get to the end.

But according to my cheerleaders, it's already 1000% better than the original. I hope that continues as I get to the "meat" of the story.
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The fic I've been talking about for MONTH is ready to be read...all 12,602 words! I'm pretty proud of myself, too!

Author/Artist: Liz/simplyn2deep
Title: A'ohe hana i nele i ka uku
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Spoilers: (if any)
Summary: When Charles Edwards is kidnapped, it changes Danny & Steve's world forever.
Author's note: #1: Title translates to Every deed -- good and bad -- receives its just reward.
#2: Written for the 2013 Spring Fling at stevedannoslashstevedannoslash
#3: Many thanks to huntress69huntress69, smudgegirlsmudgegirl and thisjerseydevilthisjerseydevil for cheering, giving ideas, beta reading and poking me when I hadn't written in a few days. I don't know that I would have gotten this done without their support.
Prompt: The prompt can be found here.

Part 1 & Part 2 on LJ | Chaptered Story on AO3
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as of 10:33 pm, my McDanno Spring Fling fic for stevedannoslashstevedannoslash is finished!

The total is about 12,630 words! That's about 2,000 more words than last year's fic!

Right now, I'm doing a read through and waiting to see what my betas have to say. I'll be posting late Sunday/early Monday morning.
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I wish I could see how the apartment looks now. I want to have some idea of how plain my room is going to be until I can properly decorate.

I still don't know what the general "theme" of my room is going to be. I mean when I was packing up everything for the move, I toyed with the idea of having a tropical/Hawaii Five-0 theme (thanks in part to the "Hawaii Five-0 Survival Bag" that bluedelftbluedelft gave me in July), but I don't have nearly enough "tropical' decorations. I guess that means I'll have to raid some party stores and possibly order some prints from (a search of Hawaii alone gives me over 1,000 options!)

M & J have been at some church related conference since the day after Christmas and come back today. Yesterday was the family dinner night so I went with my sister (free food so I wouldn't have to cook or order fast food). Holy crap was it an unorganized dinner! They had it semi-catered in that they ordered the dinner from Panda Express and everything else was provided by some of the parents of the youth. Well, my sister was told she was supposed to get the food but she couldn't get a hold of the person who ordered it. She tried calling him 3 times! Then she found out from someone else that the man who ordered it went to get it because it was "too far away" and he didn't want her to "get lost or be late to the dinner". Dinner was supposed to start at 5 but it didn't start until nearly 6 because they were waiting for the guy to come with the food! Then at 7 there was a church service kind of thing. That went until 10. It was supposed to be over at 9 because there was going to be a talent show at 10, but the talent show didn't start until 10:30. J asked my sister (and by extension me) to stay because she was in a drama skit. We had to sit through 3 or 4 acts before my niece's group was up...then we stayed for one more group before leaving at midnight! There went my plan of watching a movie before going to sleep! But I did get Taco Bell and watched the last 10 minutes of Benny Hill before trying to get warm enough to go to sleep.

Today...I don't know what I'm going to do. It's freezing (it's 55 degrees but that's still too cold for me!) and there's a bit I want to do (after holiday shopping) but I don't want to spend hours on the bus dealing with cold and possibly having to stand because there's so many people out using the bus. Also, I don't know if I want Taco Bell or Panda Express for lunch...or if I'll even be able to stop and get lunch (if I get dropped off, there will be no stopping for lunch, sadly).

Small group in church today! 7 counting myself! Last Sunday there was over 50 but that was because the Spanish speaking members came out early. The Pastor had surgery on the 22nd to remove his colon! The surgery went fine but I don't know if he's home or has been moved to an aftercare facility. But with him out, that means his wife is out and so is Lora.

Also, internet is being a bitch. I'm going to write. I got back chapter 19 of But Why Daddy? from my beta, so now I can fret about chapter 20.
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it feels like I'm missing out on a lot of stuff since I don't have the internet 24/7 (update on that in a bit), but when I get to my office, which is where I'm at for a 3rd time today because of internet withdrawals lol, nothing has really been updated.

I don't spend lots of time on sites like AOL Rocks or Book 'em Danno, but I do follow the updates on twitter and/or facebook.

There haven't been any new fic posted that I haven't already read...but I'm not in the right area to write - I have the words, but not my usual writing place (my bedroom).

Last night, Jasmine asks my sister to turn on her T-Mobile HotSpot so she could get on the internet. I wasn't asked if I wanted to get on the internet as well, so I decided to call T-Mobile and see what I would need to do to get it myself. After over an hour and 2 different tech calls, it turns out, my service plan includes the HotSpot feature! I just needed to turn it on, and connect my laptop to it! Well that's great! I get walked through it and by all accounts, it should connect me to the internet, however, that's not the case. The signal is being sent to my laptop, but something is preventing my laptop from receiving the wireless signal! I don't think T-Mobile tech support can help with that. My next option is to ask John (the church's computer go-to guy and my boss' husband) or wait until January when my parents return and have my dad to look at it. But I'd go to the Geek Squad before asking my dad because he doesn't exactly have the best track record with setting up wireless internet at home.

Like I said, I just feel like I'm missing out on stuff even though my LJ feed hasn't been updated in the last 30 minutes, but before that it was something like 5 hours between updates! I could work on graphics. I haven't done any for h50icontesth50icontest since challenge 66 and challenge 68 is going on.
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• The Pastor & his wife want to go to Mexico to visit the church we helped build back in the 70s and since travel requirements have changed since the last time they went (back in 2006 I believe), they have to get a passport. Every month for the last 2 years I swear they’ve been asking me to help them with the paperwork and now that a trip is actually planned (November 12), I’ll be going to their house tomorrow to help them with it, then sometime this week driving them to the passport agency in Downtown LA so that it can be expedited. Current wait time (from the time it’s dropped off to be processed to the time you get it) is 4-6 weeks and they need it in 4 weeks. Pastor’s wife asked me if I wanted to go to Mexico with them. I said I’d like to, but I simple didn’t have $105 for the passport card and fee to have it expedited. She then asked me that if she and the pastor had the additional money for me to get my passport, if I would go. I said yes because they’re going on a day when the courthouse will be closed and it’s just a turnaround trip – leave California early in the morning and come back late at night. The Spanish church that uses our facility will be going as well.

• Apparently we’re out of packing boxes. This isn’t good as I actually want to pack the clothes in my closet (I won’t be taking them with me to my sister’s) and my blankets and sheets…and other stuff. My dad said I had to have my room packed up (with the exception of what I was taking to my sister’s) by next week. HA! Fat chance of that happening without boxes.

• I think after this week, I’m going to e-mail J & N at Legal Aid and let them know that I won’t be available to volunteer until November 14th – at the latest. I need to devote as much time to packing, not only my room, but helping my parents with the kitchen and living room, then we have to move the stuff to storage and it’ll go by slower if I’m not there to help them.

• Called a vet about boarding Ms Marple. They only offer it to clients/patients, and if I wanted my cat to be boarded there, I’d have to have them conduct a physical on her and make sure her shots are up to date. Walk in appointments are Mondays 2-4 pm and its $25. Okay, I can do that and that’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow afternoon. I hope my cat doesn’t hate me. The last time she went to the vet, she was given a shot to help with her scratching as she had an allergic reaction to fleas a couple of years ago.

Now on the writing front:
• It’s safe to say that all this packing as made it damn near impossible for me to write. I dropped out of journeystoryjourneystory last week.

• On the 14th assignments are sent out for h50_holidayswaph50_holidayswap with posting being sometime between December 12-23

• For mpregbigbangmpregbigbang, I have 1 month, 3 weeks and 5 days until an 8,000 word rough draft is due on December 3rd. Thankfully, I'll be able to write (hopefully undisturbed) at my sister's place. I have a grand totally of zero words written, but an idea of what I want to write.

• My spook_mespook_me fic is due October 26. Thankfully I can do a drabble for that if push comes to shove.

• My fic for h50_harlequinh50_harlequin is due to be posted October 26-31. I haven't started on that either. A few weeks ago, I thought I'd be able to get 1,000 word minimum, but I got maybe a paragraph in and my muse decided to go on vacation!

I think that’s all my writing projects! I really hope I haven’t missed anything.

And this bullet point entry is done!
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Title: A Long Time Coming
Characters/Pairings: implied Steve/Danny, Mary
Rating: PG
Author: [personal profile] simplyn2deep/simplyn2deepsimplyn2deep
Word count: ~510
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: All Hawaii Five-0 characters herein are the property of CBS. No copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Note 1: Not beta'd so any and all errors/flubs/mistakes are mine. Sorry. I'll do better next time! :)
Author's Note 2: Written for the prompt telepathy given to me by willow_fae_20willow_fae_20 HERE
Author's Note 3: While this is a one shot, there is more to this story and eventually get back to it.
Summary: Since his father's death, Steve avoided returning home, but when he received a distressed message from his sister, he had no choice but to return.

LJ | AO3
simplyn2deep: (Hawaii Five-0::Steve::uniform)
Title: Cuddle the Bad Away
Characters/Pairings: Danny/Steve
Rating: PG-13
Author: [personal profile] simplyn2deep/simplyn2deepsimplyn2deep
Word count: 1,199
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: Hawaii Five-0 characters herein are the property of CBS. No copyright infringement is intended. All characters engaging in sexual activity are 16 years or older.
Author's Note 1: Many thanks go to whogatewhogate for being my beta
Author's Note 2: Written for h50_exchangeh50_exchange
Summary: Hugs are the best way to make the bad go away.

LJ | AO3
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Schedule of writing:
August 5, 2012 through December 31, 2012

I don't have a bingo line in mind that I want to do, so I'll be writing them as the inspiration strikes and hope it's one of the allowed ways for me to win.

mmm the sugary goodness )
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FOR CHALLENGE 21 AT [community profile] h50land

Episode: 1x03 Malama Ka Aina
Review: N/A
Summary: Nothing like a little late night bonding between partners
Review of Episode // Episode Fic: fic under cut

He Talks About You A Lot Too )
simplyn2deep: (Hawaii Five 0::Danny::walking surf board)
Title: Nah, man…that was a love tap
Characters/Pairings: Danny/Kono, Grace
Rating: G
Author: [personal profile] simplyn2deep
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: Don’t own ‘em, just borrowed them to play with.
Author's Note 1: Not beta'd so any and all errors/flubs/mistakes are mine. Sorry. I'll do better next time! :)
Author's Note 2: Written for 100 Things: a Blogging Challenge and for the Big Bang Challenge at [community profile] h50land. willow_fae_20willow_fae_20 originally prompted this: an AU where Danny still moves to Hawaii but 5-0 doesn't form. Danny keeps hearing about 'Miss Kono' who is Grace's surf instructor (to Danny's amusement, not chagrin -- he's more laidback in this 'verse). When he finally meets her sparks fly. Apparently it sort of ended with the potential for sparks flying.
Author's Note 3: Taking the scene from episode 1x01 where Danny and Kono meet on the beach
Summary: If his daughter thought Kono was “super cool, Danno!” who was he to argue with that assessment. Plus it didn’t hurt that she could handle herself against the big boys on the surf.

LJ | AO3
simplyn2deep: (Team SEALs)
Title: Rule 02
Series: Danno's Rules
Rating: G
Author: [personal profile] simplyn2deep
Warnings: mentions various episodes from seasons 1 and 2
Disclaimer: Don’t own ‘em, just borrowed them to play with.
Author's Note 1: Not beta'd so any and all errors/flubs/mistakes are mine. Sorry. I'll do better next time! :)
Author's Note 2: Also written for the Big Bang Challenge at [community profile] h50land
Summary: He knew there was no turning back from Five-0, from his Ohana, the minute he realized he gave up his chance at having his family with Rachel, Grace and the new baby, back.

AO3 | LJ
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FOR CHALLENGE 20 AT [community profile] h50land

Episode: post 2x23 Ua Hala (Death in the Family)
Review: N/A
Summary: What’s a man to do when he’s torn in 2 different directions
Review of Episode // Episode Fic: fic under cut

What’s a man to do when he’s torn in 2 different directions )
simplyn2deep: (Team SEALs)
Title: The Take Over
Rating: PG-13/
Word count: 450
A/N 1: written for challenge 18 at [community profile] h50land
A/N 2: pick any mob movie and that's what this swapped with.
A/N 3: spoilers for season 1 and events totally out of order to suit my needs for this.
A/N 4: yet another little snippet that I might continue at a later date.

“Are you out of your fucking mind?!” Danny bellowed as he entered Steve’s kitchen. He had a folder of papers in his hand that he waved in front of Steve’s face.

Steve looked up from the pineapple he was cutting and smirked at Danny. “What have I done for you to be pissed now?”

“Kono told me your plans,” Danny said. “You are clearly certifiable.” He tossed the papers on the side table and sat on the bar stool. “You’ve got some balls to try and take over the Family. Jameson will kill you herself before she gives the order to Wo-Fat.”

“Oh ye of little faith Danno; I’ve got it all figured out and when the time is right, I’ll clue you and the others in.”

Danny raised an eyebrow. “Why not just tell me now?”

“You’ve got the meeting with the other Families and it’s best for you to go to that meeting with a clear conscience,” Steve said. “If it’ll make you feel any better, there won’t be any hard feelings should you feel the need to tell Jameson or Wo-Fat that you think I have something planned.”

Danny gapped at Steve. “I can’t believe you’d suggest that! You realize that if you go down for this…whatever you have planned, Kono, Chin and I are as good as dead too.”

Steve sighed. He knew Danny was right. There was no way that Jameson or Wo-Fat would believe that Danny, Kono, Chin weren’t in bed, so to speak, with the takeover Steve had planned. Plus, as Underboss, he wouldn’t get his hands dirty with something this dangerous. He’d dole the job out to his Caporegimes so they could find the right people for the job.

“Okay, call the others. I’ll let you in on the plan before tonight’s meeting,” Steve said. “There’s no turning back once I tell you.”

Danny nodded his head. He and the others knew this. There wasn’t much they wouldn’t help Steve with. After the Salvo operation went belly up, they knew it was time for some new leadership within the Family and thought that Steve might be the one to finally turn things around.


Steve had spent the last hour explaining his plan to Chin, Kono and Danny. They eyed him warily but Steve could see the wheels turning in their heads.

“You’re lolo,” Chin finally said, “but this just might work and will secure you as Boss in the end.”

“But will others accept him as Boss?” Kono asked.

“One crisis at a time,” Danny said.

Steve nodded his head then slowly made eye contact with the others in the room. Each nodded their head in silent acceptance of the takeover.
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and read this fic!

Bait and Switch by TB's LMC on
Summary: She's not his mother. Steve swears she is, but Danny's sixth sense…his cop sense…his Steve sense…tells him that something isn't right. Problem is, Danny may not be sticking around long enough to prove it. And their friendship may not survive this even if he does.

Author's Note: This story takes place after the Season 2 finale, so there could be spoilers for anything and everything in both seasons up to and including that. I have no idea where the show's creators are going, so I'm quite sure this is completely AU. Enjoy!

It's currently 22 chapters and updated almost daily. The last chapter I read blew me the fuck away! So many twists and turns. And ideas that put certain events from season 2 into perspective, at least for me.

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