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so apparently I haven't posted since November! Oops. If you want to know what's been going on, you can read about it here and here.

But for some good news!

It's a previous rental car, but it passed inspection so that's all that matters to me.

I signed the final documents today!

Now, I'm sure you're wondering how I'm able to afford such a new car?

Well I've entered the world of rideshare driving! For about 8 months or so (about as long as I'd been previously working), I was using uber and lyft to get to work in the early morning or from the grocery store when I had too many bags to carry on the bus.

So, uber has this program, I researched this for close to two months (well before I was let go from the temp agency job) and spoke with other drivers about not only driving for uber, but if they used this leasing program, where if you don't have a car, you can lease one (for about 3 years) and the weekly payments (between $100-$120) come out of your paycheck from driving for them. There was also a $250 down payment as well as this specific insurance add on that drivers needed to have. Basically between car insurance and car payments, I'm looking at about $553/month, not including gas. Car maintaince it taken care of/provided by the leasing company. I let them know I need the car serviced and they send me a voucher to at at someplace like Jiffy Lube or Auto Zone and it's take care out.

It wasn't until my hair dresser mentioned it, that I thought I'd apply. They most they'd do is say that I don't qualify and I'd be on my way. It took about a week to actually get the process started, then on June 24 I went to look at cars that I was approved for and decided on the Toyota Yaris. It was nearly another week before I heard back from the car sales guy I was working with. He called me yesterday while I was in class (I have good news about that in a bit), saying that the car was ready for me to pick up!

My niece and I went to the Hertz car rental, signed more paperwork and then I was given the car keys!

I haven't decided on a name for the car yet. Any suggestions?

It was funny, when I called to tell my mom, I was like, "I posted something on FB that I want you to look at while I'm on the phone." and of course she had problems getting FB to open and she was like, "I'll just look at it later." then she added, "did you get married?" I was like, "really mom?!" No, I want you to look at it while I'm on the phone. I'll text you the picture." then I had to explain to her how to view a text while she was still talking on the phone. When she got the text opened, she was like, "who's car is that?" I said it was mine and she was like, "really?! your car?" I told her yes and that I'd just signed the papers on it the hour before. I explained to her, some, how I was able to get the car, we chatted for a bit, then the call was over.

Now I have to tell my sister. haha
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has it really been 3-4 days since I last posted? According to the calender here, it has been. sorry?

Still having internet problems, however the bill was just paid so I'm hoping sometime this week or the beginning of next week the speed picks back up. If it doesn't, then maybe there's some other problem and I just don't know how to search it out.

After being able to drive myself around for the last 27 days or so, the car is officially dead. After the unsuccessful jump-starting on Thursday, my sister and the mechanic both said its more the likely the alternator that's gone bad or whatever and is preventing the car battery from staying charged. I told my dad all of this and that I was in contact with the mechanic, and he said for me to leave the car where it is (which is in the parking lot at the church) and he'd deal with it when they got back in January. Lovely.

Looks like I'm back to riding the bus. *sighs*

I have been toying with the idea of renting a car for December 21-24, but I know that's a waste of money. I'll just have to rely on the bus to get the grocery shopping for the church Christmas dinner done and then ask my sister to take me to storage so that I can get the crock pots and dutch ovens for what I'm going to cook. And on the 23rd, I'll be at the church pretty much the whole day like usual. Church service, lunch, decorate for dinner, cook my parts of the dinner, and put all the food out. By then people will be arriving.

As of Saturday, we still haven't gotten any of our forwarded mail! I put in the request on November 19 and there's been no mail from November 23rd-December 8th! There will be major major hell to pay if any of the mail was returned to sender. Because according to the postal clerks I spoke with, it would take 14 (business) days to process the temporary change of address and the mail would be delivered after that. Well, 14 (business) days I guess would be today, but honestly, I don't know. Two clerks previously told me 7-10 (business) days and I'd have mail, then suddenly it was 14 (business) days. I don't even know if my sister is at the house or knows if the mail has come yet before I head to the post office to complain to someone about not having mail (I'd also like to tell my dad something other than "No, the mail hasn't been delivered yet.") eta Just texted with my sister. She said that the post office sent a post card confirming that our address has been temporarily changed to her address. But no other mail. So does this mean tomorrow we'll start getting mail? I fucking hope so! This is just ridiculous!

HAWAII FIVE-0 NIGHT!!!!!! yay!!!!!!
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Today is just...UGH!

The car battery started...dying...earlier this week. I had to try a couple of times to get it to start.

Today after I put gas in the car, it gave me big time problems, I should have gone back to my sister's but I didn't and managed to get to the office.

Around 12:30, I guess, I decide that I've done enough work for today and I was going to go get something to eat before going back to my sister's. When I leave out of the office and get to the car, I don't have my laptop bag (but thankfully I have my office keys!), so I go back to the office and see I left some envelopes in the hall, I pick them up to put in my office, only when I get to my office, I forget to leave them. Whatever, I put them in my laptop bag get in the car to start it up...and NOTHING! It makes a weird clicking sound but doesn't start. Then the radio goes out and the car is just quiet. I try to start it and nothing!


I’m a little frustrated, but not too much. We have a portable car battery charger! YES! But umm…where’s the battery?! This car’s battery isn’t like other car’s batteries so I had to call my dad and have him walk me through it. I let it charge for 20 minutes - 10 with the car off and another 10 with the car on. I figure that should be long enough and go to unhook everything only before I get back into the car, it dies again! ;qlskjfs;slkjg!

I do this charge thing 2 more times and it’s not holding the charge. I think the portable charger is out of juice because it’s been charging now for 30 minutes (car off) and I’ve tried to start it and it won’t.

I get a hold of my sister and she THINKS she has jumper cables. She’s going to look in her car and if she does, she’ll come to my office and give me a jump. If this all works, I’ll be driving right back to her place and tomorrow I’ll take the bus.

OH! Let’s talk about the drama that’s starting to happen at my sister’s place! There’s a spot in the parking lot that has a faded visitors painted on the ground. That’s me. A visitor. But apparently one of the tenants has been parking her SECOND car there because her FIRST car is in her assigned spot and it doesn’t run. Well since I’ve been there, she’s had to park on the street or in her daughter’s assigned spot (the daughter uses the garage for her car). After like a week of being there, she asks if I can park closer to the bush so that she has space to get in and out of the spot. Okay, cool. I can do that. And I start doing that. Sometimes I park on the street because it’s late when I get back and the spot in the lot is taken. Well I guess she’s tired of using her daughter’s spot or parking on the street so she calls the landlord, tells him who knows what and the landlord, presumably, texts all the tenants that if they see a car in the lot that doesn’t belong, to call and he’ll call a tow truck! What the ever loving fuck!? So my sister tells me to look for a spot on the street first before parking in the lot so that the car doesn’t get towed.

Now today, car problems! I’d park it on the street tonight, but if I can’t get it started in the morning, it can’t stay on the street because of street sweeping. And if I have to take the bus, I have to leave at 7 am to get to the courthouse by 9 am. When I was at my apartment, I could leave at 8 am and take 1 bus and be there at 8:50. Now I’m farther away and that means I have to take more buses so I have to leave earlier.

Now I’m wondering if I wouldn’t have called out yesterday, if I’d be having car problems today. I know chances are I probably would, or I would have had them yesterday and had to get a jump from someone at the courthouse, but I can’t help but think that this is my punishment for calling out yesterday.

Now I go back to waiting for my sister. Maybe I’ll get some reading done. I was going to try to write, but I’m feeling too rage-y. People who follow me on twitter know why. Anyone here wants to know, I’ll send you a private message.
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Saturday night? The football game was great! It rained off and on, but not enough to get soaking wet. DHS (my high school) won! 33-25! Then on the way home I had a driving adventure. I got lost on the way back to my sister's from a football game and had to pull over to pull up the directions on my phone. thank goodness I have a maps app and it gave me simple enough directions to get back to my sister's.

Sunday was church and pretty uneventful. Sunday night, however was different. I'm nearly at my wits end with my niece. She complains about the movies I watch, last night I watched 1.5 Sean Connery Bond movies but stopped the 2nd one because she was complaining so much. So I put on Percy Jackson and the Olympians and that set her off even more...she ended up turning on the other tv in the living room and watching all those animated Sunday night shows on Fox. I wouldn't have had a problem with that if 1) the tv wasn't right near where I was sitting, and 2) I wasn't already watching a movie. I decided I'm taking my movies back to storage. She's lost the privilege to watch them. I also won't be picking her up from school. Her dad pays for her monthly bus pass, she needs to use it. I'm basically not going to do anything else for her unless my sister asks me to.

Then today...oh boy today. I went to do my usual volunteering at the courthouse and I parked in the parking structure...however, before I could get my belongings out of the car, the door closed and it was locked! OMG no! my jacket, purse, keys and cell phone locked in the car! None of the windows were down so I couldn't force it lower to reach in and unlock it. So, what could I do? I went to the courthouse, checked my e-mail for my dad & mom's cell phone number, called them and got the insurance number, then called AAA where I found out that while I may be on their insurance, I'm not on their roadside assistance thingy and my dad would have to call in. GREAT! I call my dad back and he was like "looks like you have a problem..." and suggested I borrow money from someone and take the bus to my sisters, get the other set of keys, get the bus back and get the car. Only prolem with that is the parking structure closes at 5 pm and it's probably take me 2 hours and more than a couple of dollars to get from the courthouse to my sister's place and then I would have to wait for someone to get there (which would have been around 3 or 4 pm) another couple of hours to get back to the courthouse...and that's if the buses are running on time! So, I guess my mom talked him into calling AAA and getting someone to come out and open the door for me because he said to call him back when I finished and he'd call AAA. I managed to do my work, call my dad back, then wait 30 minutes for the guy from AAA to come. He gets the door open in 10 minutes and all is right with the world.

Now I'm in my office trying to get my e-mail sorted and guess what...STILL HAVING PROBLEMS WITH THE INTERNET! I'm going to have to call Time Warner tomorrow. Something's going on with the connection, despite everything showing I'm connected. pages shouldn't just not load. I still haven't been able to download like 4 shows!
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since I drive to work (and probably will for the rest of the year) I don't need to be up as early but I don't want to change my routine from when I take the bus.

My morning routine for when I take the bus is 630 wake up, do internet stuff and have breakfast so that by 745 I can get dressed and catch the 8am bus. I end up getting to the courthouse around 845 for my 9am start.

For driving, as long as I leave by 820 I'm okay to get to the courthouse on time. Which means I need to be getting dressed by 815. Now I have an hour and 45 mins to kill and no internet. I don't want to change my morning routine because it will take me too long to get back to the bus morning routine.

PS tonight is Hawaii Five-0 Monday! Hell yeah!
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There's sort of a financial upheaval at my job. I think I mentioned it last week some time, if not the week before that. But my bosses know this is the only job I have so they're going to do their best to keep paying me. Once I find a job that I can support myself on, I'm going to tell the bosses that they no longer have to pay me, but I'll continue to do that I do because they need someone to do it.

On the way to lunch today, my dad was all "how are you going to get from your sister's to downey (to get the mail)?" In my head I was like "umm driving?" and he was all "because you aren't on our insurance and if you get pulled over, that's a big ticket. but we can work out days that you can drive the car" Then I was like there's buses around, I can take them. and he was like, "okay, that's what I wanted to know." That just put me in a right foul mood. I've been using the bus for 12 years, I know how to figure out bus systems to get me where I need to go. but also, I've been telling my dad since like August or September to tell me how much it would be to add me to their car insurance and I'd pay it so that I can be insured. Then today, when I went to the bathroom, I guess my mom talked to him because when I came back, he asked me if I'd have the $380-$400 to pay to add me to their insurance (my part over all would be $40-$50 when they go to pay ever 6 months or whatever it is) and I said yes. So he said Monday he'd call AAA to get more information. Seriously, way to wait until the last minute! They leave on Friday!

and OMG the people at my church were acting like it was the end of the world because my parents were going on (a month long) vacation. They were saying goodbye to me like they weren't going to see me for a month. (If I had my way, there would be quite a few of them I'd never want to see again). I guess they assumed that since I was staying with my sister, I'd be going to church with her. Umm pass on that. I mean, if they have some sort of special service, I'll go to that because I'd still have enough time to get to my own church, but other than that, I won't be going to her church. They're too vocal and touch/feely for my taste.

Monday I'm pretty sure we're going to be packing and moving from 7am-7pm *sighs* we get the moving truck for the furniture on Wednesday and Thursday we turn in the keys.

Tuesday is Election day (in the US) so I hope that everyone goes out and votes (if they haven't done so already). I'll be working at my local polling place from 6 am-930pm

eta: forgot that I spoke with my sister about what she wanted me to contribute while I was with her. She said that I basically needed to keep "my area" clean (which is a given), wash the dishes (I would assume that would be dishes that I dirty because I really don't like cleaning up after other people who are capable of cleaning up after themselves), wash my clothes (again, that's a given) and help with buying the food (which was my initial thought until my mom told me that my sister gets public assistance for stuff like that but I'll still help out so she won't have to spend more).
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I'm packing up my room and getting boxes out, but it still looks cluttered.

I have 1 five shelf bookshelf packed and boxes sitting on it, I have 2 DVD towers packed

I have half of a 12 shelf bookshelf packed and boxes sitting on it.

Let to pack: the other 6 shelves of the 12 shelf bookshelf and 2 three shelf bookshelves, 2 dresser drawers, clothes in my closet

If I could get the empty BIG FURNITURE out of my room (a desk, file cabinet and 1 bookshelf), my room would look like my parents room: empty bookshelves, dressers, TV and a bed.

Also, I think we have to turn in apartment keys on the 7th. At least that's what I heard my dad tell my mom. She asked where we'd stay on the 8th and he said he didn't know. Oh well that's just great. *rolls eyes* Their flight leaves on the 9th at 2 pm, so I'll be dropping them at the airport at noon.

After I drop them off, I'll be taking the car to be washed, cleaned out and fill up the gas tank. I'm so excited about having the car all to myself for a nearly 6 weeks!

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