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Yesterday morning/afternoon I started to have a toothache. As the night went on, it got to the point where I could chew on the other side of my mouth because that was putting pressure on the side that hurts.

Then, holy crap, overnight, I was up every 3 hours it seemed because of the pain. I was restless to say the least.

I'm pretty certain that the toothache is really an infection of a broken tooth I need to have removed.

I thought I'd be able to go to the dentist today because on their website they have that they're open on the weekends. However when I called, the recording said they weren't open. I don't know if that was for today only or the weekend in general. But I guess it doesn't matter in the long run. This dentist charges like $275 for a damn extraction! No telling if it would be more than that since it's broken/just the root or whatever. I was going to ask my mom if she could cover it until I got my check in November, but she has her own medical bills to deal with now that she's going to the dr weekly for shots and there's an out-of-pocket expense for it.

In somewhat other related news, I heard on the news a few days ago about the open enrollment period for Cover California or something like that. Getting uninsured people health insurance at low to no cost. I put in my information to see what I would qualify for and they say according to my income, I might qualify for medi-cal. Hmm okay. I go to the medi-cal site and they want all this information about my parents (since I live with them) that I don't have...but as it looks, I might qualify for that. I need to speak with an actual person to see if I really need to give my parents income information since they already have health insurance. I also don't know if medi-cal has dental because that's what I really need at this point.

Time to find something to eat and fold up my clothes.
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This morning I went to the dentist for a follow up check up from the deep cleaning I had last month. My gums are doing better, but I still have an infection that's making my gums bleed. You poke at my gums with something sharp, of course they're going to bleed! Since having the deep clean, I've brushed my teeth 3 times a day and flossed twice and you know what...NO BLEEDING! but the dentist says the infection is still there and my broken teeth really need to come out because they're causing or contributing to the infection. So December 14 is my next appointment. At that appointment an impression of my teeth will be taken and 2 teeth will be extracted. Then I figure that every couple of months I'll go back to have the remaining 4 broken teeth removed. Hoping that by next September I'll be done with the expensive dental work and can just deal with the regular cleaning every 3 or 4 months.

Got a couple of movies from Redbox. Battleship and Starship Troopers: Invasion. I don't usually watch a movie that's apart of a series without seeing the ones before it, but the Starship Troopers: Invasion trailer looked really interesting. I was also surprised there weren't other movies that I wanted to see. I usually get 4 or 5 movies out at a time. This time it was obviously only 2.

Umm got a call from a collection agency while I was at the dentist. I don't know why as I don't have any bills in collections. So I call them back and they said they don't have my name in their system? So I ask about my dad's name thinking it might be in regards to his student loan and his name wasn't in the system either. Okay, weird. I'm also very curious. I might call back and ask for the person who called (I didn't ask for the person when I first called) to see what's going on.

Went to Costco and got a membership. I really don't need it, but having it will come in handy in getting food while staying with my sister and also for church dinners. Plus, since I can drive, I don't have to rely on my parents to take me if I need to pick up cat liter (Costco seems to be the only place that sells the brand that doesn't cause my cat problems). However, there are several downsides to having a membership. The books and movie section. No joke, there were about 20 books I wanted to get! Sadly, the movies I wanted were in blu ray only and i don't have a blu ray player. Also, I can buy stamps and movie theater tickets at costco. I see myself going to the movies more in 2013. Costco doesn't take Visa credit card (American Express is their card of choice), so I have to make sure I have the cash or money in checking account to write a check or use my debit card. The last of American Express will keep me from spending more than I can afford that's for sure.

I know I owe fills for Trick or Treating and they'll be worked on tomorrow. I downloaded some fall kits and need to unzip them and see what strikes my fancy to make things. Also, I need to write another 500 words so that willow_fae_20willow_fae_20 can fill another of my bookmarked comment_ficcomment_fic prompts. Everyone should read Still Allowed to Worry that she wrote.

Thank you dante_s_helldante_s_hell, bluedelftbluedelft, tkeylasunsettkeylasunset, and willow_fae_20willow_fae_20 (and to anyone else I forgot to thank) for the virtual gifts
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I called the new dentist to try to make an appointment for their next available Tuesday or Thursday and they don't see patients on Tuesdays or Thursdays? Just Sunday, Monday, Wednesday. But their website has Monday-Friday 8-5 and Saturday-Sunday 9-3.

So, um what? Maybe it's that the dentist who was working with me is only available Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays? I'll need to ask about this.

So I made an appointment for next Wednesday, September 26 at 2 pm. I won't be able to come home after the courthouse, which also means I'll have to take my toothbrush and stuffs with me so that I can make sure to clean my teeth after eating breakfast and lunch.
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So, today I went to the 2nd opinion dentist. Let me tell you, I was hoping against everything that I wouldn’t like this place and/or they’d tell me all this additional work that needed to be done and give me an outrageous price.

Well, it didn’t exactly happen like that. At first glance, I was skeptical about the place (the elevator was trashy looking, but that’s a knock against the building, not the actual dentist who uses office space there).

The receptionist was nice, if maybe a bit too perky for my liking at 9 am.

The dental assistant didn’t seem to know what she was doing or how to operate the computer she was using that would show my x-rays (and later, the receptionist, who also deals with the patient financials, said that she was expecting more x-rays than the 6 that were done).

The actual dentist who saw me? She was really nice. I was the first patient for the day, so they were still sort of setting us, but she apologized for keeping me waiting. Anyways, she rattled off the work that needed to be done and then she explained everything to me. She has a Middle Eastern accent, so I had a bit of a hard time understanding her, but then she pulled up a video that explained all of the work she said I needed to have done.

This was something that my dentist didn’t do, maybe it was because I didn’t ask, but I still think it should have been done. See, my dentist mentioned the extractions, but didn’t tell me about replacement teeth. It was just “you need these extractions” and that was it. This dentist, however, told me “you need these extractions, and also a partial denture and 2 bridges to keep your remaining teeth from shifting and causing more problems”. Okay, right. That makes sense. My dentist never told me that, but I knew that shifting teeth was a possibility without something to take the place of the extracted root tips (which are what need to be taken out). Also, my dentist said I needed to have a cleaning done. Yeah, I would say so after 4 years. This dentist said I needed a deep cleaning because she noticed there were spaces between my gums and the teeth and simple cleaning alone wouldn’t get all the junk that brushing and flossing missed. The one thing she didn’t mention was the cavity between my 2 front teeth. I’m pretty sure this wasn’t mentioned because of the lack of a full set of x-rays…or maybe there just wasn’t a cavity there?

After the examination, I spoke with the receptionist/financial advisor, and she broke down how much everything was going to cost, and further explained the treatments. When I say she broke down the cost, I mean, she broke it down.

pic )

She asked why it’d been so long since my last visit (remember, we were going with “I haven’t been to the dentist in 4+years) and I said it was because I didn’t have insurance and my dentist wasn’t working much with me in regards to how I could pay for my work. She told me that she didn’t want me to worry about that because she and the dentist wanted me to have a beautiful smile (and blah blah blah lol) I think I ended up with something like a 51% discount on the work that needs to be done.

Here’s the really really good part. I literally only pay for the work I have done during the visit. Today’s exam was free (they have a special for un-insured new patients and that’s why I went), but should I go back and decide to get an extraction, I’d only pay for that extraction. Should I decide to go with only the deep cleaning, then I’d only pay for that.

While my dentist set up a “payment” plan, the way it was explained to me was working on the assumption that I’d be having all the work done, so they were going to split it into 2 payments of $375 and 1 payment of $374. That means I’d be paying for work I didn’t have done during that visit.

Also, for as long as I had to wait, I was in and out pretty fast, in my opinion. My appointment was for 9:30 am and I was finished by 10:50 am and catching the bus home at 11 am.

When I got home and explained to my dad what happened, he was still of the opinion that I shouldn’t have 6 teeth removed. He wasn’t getting it that they were root tips and if they weren’t taken care of, it would cost me more in the end. He also said that my dentist was the best choice as the price was cheaper.

That may be so, but if I went with my dentist, I’d have to assume they wouldn’t give me the option have having bridge work or a partial denture to replace the missing teeth and that would make me have to have more work a few years from now or something.

So, in the end, I think I’m going to go with this new dentist. I’ll start with the deep cleaning, and then in November or December, I’ll start on the extractions. Hopefully by then I’ll have a job, if not dental insurance, and won’t have to worry (much) about how long it’s going to take me to pay off the credit card and all the dental work I’d be paying for with it.
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today I called the dentist my dad gave me the ad for.

They're booked until September 12. I was going to say "okay, thanks" and forget about it, but a free dental exam and x-rays for new patients without insurance? Okay, sure. The lady asked when I was last at the dentist, and I couldn't say Tuesday, so I said that it's been 4 years (because up until Tuesday, it had been 4 years since I was last at the dentist) and I wanted the check up. I told the receptionist that my teeth weren't hurting, but I had some broken ones and a filling recently came out. All true.

So now I have an appointment with the new dentist for September 12 at 9:30 am. That's a Wednesday so I'll have to call into N/J that I won't be in that day. I also have to call my current dentist and reschedule my 8/30 appointment for a day after September 12. The new dentist has a cheaper amount for extractions, but when they lady was explaining the cost of crowns to me, they were almost $200 MORE than at my dentist and she was all "we'd give you a discount so you'd only pay x amount" I think it was like 5% or 10% discount, but it was still more than my dentist. Anyways, I'm thinking September 13 or September 18 will be when I get the ball rolling at my current dentist, but I'll know for sure once I see this new one.
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how about that 2nd opinion?

right, so Tuesday I had the dentist appointment and after it was done, I had the estimate for the work that I needed to have done. My dad says I should get a second opinion and blah blah blah.

lat night he comes into my room and gives me an ad for a dentist near the bank I go to. the ad says that new patients, without insurance (and hey! that's me!), can get a free dental exam and x-rays.

I did tell him to find me a dentist that gives free exams and while initially he said it wasn't his money, he does exactly what I told him to do. it pissed me off that he just won't leave it alone. it never leaves anything alone.

This dentist's tooth extractions start at $69.95 which is about $20 less than my dentist's starting cost.

I've never done the whole second opinion thing and I do not want to talk about this any further with my dad, but I'm guessing I should maybe tell my dentist that I want to get a 2nd opinion and if I can have a copy of the work they're saying I need so that I can take it with me when I go to this other dentist...and I'm also guessing that I shouldn't tell this other dentist that I'm using them for a 2nd opinion because then they might charge me?

I don't even know. But I'll be calling this new place in 20 minutes when they open.

damn it, I went to their website and they just might have better hours than my dentist. at least when it comes to the weekend. They're open Saturday and Sunday from 9a-3p. But during the week they close at 5p and my dentist is open until 7:30p during the week.
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I was at the dentist for a little over an hour. I had my x-rays updated then an examination.

The damage?
5 or 6 extractions with at least 2 being surgical
2 cavities
teeth cleaning

around $1124 if I remember correctly (I forgot to ask for a print out)

I'd have 2 payments of $375 and 1 payment of $374 (somehow I remember these figures, maybe because I was expecting to be quoted something lower by extending the visits to more than 3)

My dad asked about what they did and I told him and he was like "you shouldn't get 5 teeth extracted and that total is too high. you need a 2nd opinion" well duh I shouldn't have 5 teeth extracted! I should have taken better care of my teeth, but since I didn't, they've broken and all that's left of them are the root tips or not enough of the tooth to save with a they need to come out. I told him to find me another dentist and he was like "it's not my money, I was just giving you my opinion. you don't have to get an attitude"

My thought on that is, I'd have no problem with getting a second opinion but a lot of the dentist I've seen charge for consultations whereas mine doesn't. And who's to say this 2nd opinion dentist doesn't quote me a higher price or find some other work that needs to be done? I'm sorry, I'd rather not take that risk. however, when it comes to replacing the missing teeth, I'm sure I'll get a 2nd opinion that that's sure to be more than $1100.

I've been going to this dentist since 2008. Before that, I hadn't been to the dentist since my mom was laid off in 2004 and didn't have insurance anymore. I really like this dentist that I'm at. my dad never harped on getting a 2nd opinion when I was going to the dentist covered by my mom's insurance and back then I had more teeth to worry about lmao

but anyways, my next appointment is going to be August 30 at 1 pm. i don't know if they're going to do the cavities first or start on the extractions. I'm pretty sure the teeth cleaning is going to be last. what's the point of cleaning teeth that are eventually going to be removed?
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So, I just lost a filling in a broken tooth. Looks like it's time to make a dentist appointment.

It's been 4 or 5 years since I was last at the dentist, so I'm in definite need of a cleaning (at the least) and I have 4 or 5 broken or missing back teeth (how I'm still able to eat is a mystery to me!)

So long as the dental work I need to have done doesn't top $5000, I'll be okay to pay using my credit card (and adjust my spending yet again to cover those monthly payments) since I don't have insurance.

I just don't want to deal with the disapproving looks from the dentist and the assistant.

eta since it's been so long, I couldn't remember the name of my dentist, but by some sort of awesomeness, we had the magnet for the dental office on the fridge, so I look them up to see if it's the same location, and it is! So I made an online appointment and should hear back from then between 1 and 3 today (I hope).

this is me anxious again...

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