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I got a call from the mortuary. They got a date from Riverside National Cemetery. The next available date for services is December 1 at 1:45 pm.

HOLY COW! That's in 12 days away and 20 days after his death!

I get it's first come, first serve kind of thing, but it just seems like too much time. Make me want to find out how many services a day they do that's given us a date that's so far away.

But I'm also assuming that since things have gone forward, that the mortuary got their money from the life insurance my mom had through her job and that by the end of this month we should be getting the remaining money. I also need to go to the Social Security office with my mom to sort out the survivors benefits stuff my mom should be getting from my dad's social security, but we can't do that until we get the death certificate.
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Today's my Dad's memorial/funeral service.

After the service we're going over to my mom's cousin's house for lunch. I really really don't want to. So many thing I don't want to do but will because I don't want people to tell me anything.

One day I'll feel more like an adult and can feel comfortable telling people in my family no and stick to it.

My apartment is filled with people. I shared a room with my mom. I just want to sleep/veg away.

My friend thinks I might be a little bit depressed. I know I was over summer, I probably still could be.

Jasmine and I are going to get somewhat matching tattoos in honor of my dad (her grandpa) the next time we get money.
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My dad passed away about 45 minutes ago (2:30 am California time). We're waiting for our hospice nurse/doctor to come and "confirm" his death.

Family has been called and we've told closer friends, but I still "feel" the need to tell people. I haven't posted anything to facebook or twitter yet. I did update my rp tumblr, which I don't know why, really. But they know now.
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We have been told to discontinue giving him all food/liquids since he is unable to swallow and if we try to give him anything, he could choke. He is also being switched to a pain patch to make him comfortable. With the discontinuation of food/liquids, the doctor says that we shouldn't expect him to live past 7 days. We will be sent a nurse to be with us/him 24/7 until he passes away.

I've called my brother, sister and aunt and sent an email to our Pastor. My aunt is going to call her siblings (she's my dad's sister) to let them know. I haven't actually been able to get a hold of my sister, but I left her a message asking to call me back when she gets the chance.

My mom is calling the rest of the family (her side) to let them know.
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My aunt in Oregon (the one taken off dialysis earlier this month) died about 40 mins ago.

If I remember correctly, the doctors were giving her 3-10 day once they took her off dialysis, but it was something like 19 days. I know my Aunt was a fighter. From what I remember of her, she fought her health issues for years before she finally went on dialysis, but that seemed to make her worse until the doctors gave the news that she couldn't continue with it because she had no more viable veins.

So my mom is calling her family to tell them, so far is seems like they already know because my cousins have called.

This news has been a bucket of ice water on what had been a fantastic afternoon full of behind the scenes H50 pics from season 5 filming.

I want to be in a happy mood again
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Just found out my Pastor died at 8 am today.

I found out about 30 minutes ago when my dad called to say that he and my mom would be home in a couple of hours.

I'm a bit ticked. I know why Staci or Lora wouldn't have been able to tell me, but my parents called and told everyone else at the church shortly after he passed, but for me, 7 hours go by and I'm told as sort of an afterthought.

Yes, I was in class at 8am, but they could have left a message and I would have gotten it during my break.

Now we're doing a mad dash of schedule shuffling to make sure or weekends are free as we don't know when the funeral is going to be. I think it might be in a couple of weeks, but I'm not sure - it could be longer.

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