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not that there's ever a time for this, but my laptop died.

I was stupid and downloading any program I could find/try to create a slideshow from the Community breakfast my church had this morning. I noticed my laptop was lagging, so i go to restart it and when it comes up, I get my regular welcome screen, so I log in...only there's no desktop! It's a completely black screen! When I press the windows key, nothing happens!


Only something does happen. Some system clean up pops up and twice I canceled it (to have to restart my laptop), so this time I let it go through. It then says it found over 2000 threats and the only way to deal with it is to register for the full clean up...only to do that I have to pay like $25! Uhh no!

But I click okay, then by some fluke, a browser opens up for me to pay to get this full clean up. But I don't have the money. so I had to bring up the task manager to force that clean up to close.

I still have my browser open, but nothing else. I'm really scared to restart my laptop in case the same thing happens.

This is my damn life! UGH

Anyone know how I can get my OS back or whatever? If so, please please let me know! I don't want to have lost my pictures and music. Thankfully my writing (and some other pictures) is saved to a flash drive and google docs!
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Went to the movies with dontelltheelfdontelltheelf. That was fun. We saw Jurassic Park in 3D, went to Styles of Hawaii, Trader Joes, then to Norms for a late lunch. We were going to go get some Poutine, but I didn't think my stomach would be up for that.

There are so many movies I want to see but can't remember what they are now. I'll have to search Yahoo! Movies for them. I do remember that one was Now You See Me or something like that.

Now for the fun I DON'T want to do again. I've been having problems with my netbook for like the last 18 months or so. Constantly running hot within 10 minutes of it being on, shutting down by itself...I know there's a lose connector where I plug it in, so that's not helping in it staying on. Well last night, maybe about an hour after I filed my taxes, I got this weird error message ) and I'd have to force it off or unplug it. Did a complete system scan and everything came up okay, but I couldn't get past that blue screen!

My dad says to keep trying, thisjerseydevilthisjerseydevil tells me it's probably dead (blue screen of death), but it all boils down to me getting a new laptop when I get my refund in about 2 weeks.

These are my 2 choices:

Toshiba C855-S5350 15.6" Laptop

Lenovo G580 , Intel Core i3-3120M, 15.6 Screen Display, Notebook With 4GB Memory, 320GB Hard Drive, Windows 8

I had more, but they went up in price by more than I could afford.

so...without proper internet/computer access...AGAIN!
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Looks like I'll be getting a new laptop with my tax refund instead of saving for a vacation :(

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