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I think that's pretty self-explanatory.

I got my car back February 24, the day after I finished the temp assignment with the California Bar Exam (that was 4 days of interesting stuff that I'll talk about in a bit) and I'll be returning said car tomorrow, March 25 because I'm almost 28 days behind in payments, can't make car insurance payment because of no job (which I'll also talk about in a bit as well).

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BIG SIGH! I think that's everything! Until next update! I hope that will have more good news than anything else! Please send positive job and school thoughts my way! I really need them!
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finally found someone who gave me cash to junk the car. I got about $300 less than I was hoping for**, but hey, money is money.

Now I have to deal with yet another potential buyer of the brown bookcases I have. Someone was supposed to come a couple weeks ago to buy them. He rented a truck and came here to measure them and decided that they were too short. Umm I put the measurements with the listing! In the end he didn't want them. at least he admitted it was his own fault for not reading the ad clearly. I hope this other person paid better attention to the measurements. But if they don't sell, my sister told my mom she wanted a couple? of course I get no money for that. *rolls eyes hard*

** All along my mom has said whatever I sell, I get to keep the money for. She also told me the same for junking the car. I spent a week calling different car junkers that advertised "cash for cars" looking for the best offer. I was hoping for $500, but $200 was the best offer. Today they came to get the car. 15 mins ago my mom came into my room, hand held out expectantly, wanting half! Umm what?! She never said anything about taking half! Not even when the last 2 months my dad's mechanic friend said he would try to find someone to buy it (he never did and my mom kept harping on me to call the guy to get the pink slip back and "take care of it yourself.")

Now I'm pissed off and want to tell her off but I can't because she's going to be giving me money every month while I'm rooming with a friend so I can take care of myself until I get a job (and yes, pay her back the nearly grand I already owe from being unemployed since December 2013). I also want to cry. I'm not sad about it, but more disappointed that she did that when she knew what I was going to use the money for. Like it shot the plans I had in place for the first couple of months and I have to re-work everything so it makes sense again

on top of having to deal with everything else she pawns off for me to do.

Speaking of jobs...a friend emailed me about a receptionist position a friend of his has. It's part time, but a job is a job. I'm sprucing up my resume to email to them...then I'm going to try to forget about it. I'm learning not to tell people I've got interviews, no matter how excited I get about them, because I can't stand the near constant asking "have you heard back?" I get from people I see daily/weekly. It's bad enough I get "do you have a job yet?" from some people at church. I know they mean well because they've been praying for me to get something, but having to say no and grin and bear it when they say "well I'm going to keep praying" makes me feel like crap and want to scream.
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well, we're back in the apartment. all the furniture has been moved back in as well as the majority of the boxes. I'm taking my time in moving the stuff in my room.

Of course taking my time has bitten me in the ass. Our car is officially dead. the one that couldn't pass smog was sent to the junk yard and my parents got almost $400 for it. Then we had a 2nd car that just had new tires put on, the alternator replaced and some other repairs done on it, when Sunday a head gasket blew and we started leaking oil. Didn't know how bad it was until Sunday afternoon when we were heading up to see family who live about an hour and a half away. We were about 30 minutes from home when my dad noticed the car was smoking. I looked to the back but couldn't see any smoke...however, I saw A LOT of smoke coming from under the hood. We get off a freeway and go a gas station and my dad checks the oil. It's pretty much gone, so he goes to buy 4 quarts from some nearby store. He pours it in, starts up the car, but the car sounds like it's giving up the ghost! My dad pushes the car back and what do you know! nearly 4 quarts of oil on the ground! something BIG under the hood of the car blew. It wasn't safe to drive home. My dad tells me and my mom to take the bus home (he actually told us the wrong direction and we didn't find out until we were to the end of the line!) and 4 hours later, we got home.

Monday when I got home from work, my mom tells me that my dad junked the car. it was going to be $300+ to fix it and they weren't going to put anymore money into the car (they had it for like 6 years and bought it from an auction) and he got $300 for it from another auto junker. I told my mom they didn't need to get anymore cars from the auctions. they only last us 5 or 6 years and don't have a warranty if something goes wrong. I've been telling her for the last 3 or 4 years to check with their banks (they use 3 different banks) about auto loans and get one so they can get a newer used car! Hell, she has a cousin who works for Enterprise car rentals and he's always telling her about those sales, but she keeps deferring to my dad to make the decision. It pisses me off.

I need to check my credit score and speak with someone at my bank to see if it would be possible for me to get an auto loan so that I can get my own car. I really don't want to have to ask my parents to co-sign because then that would mean they would be able to drive it and I'm not about to let my dad anywhere near a car that I buy.

So that's all that's been going on with me...more or less. How are you doing?
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Today is just...UGH!

The car battery started...dying...earlier this week. I had to try a couple of times to get it to start.

Today after I put gas in the car, it gave me big time problems, I should have gone back to my sister's but I didn't and managed to get to the office.

Around 12:30, I guess, I decide that I've done enough work for today and I was going to go get something to eat before going back to my sister's. When I leave out of the office and get to the car, I don't have my laptop bag (but thankfully I have my office keys!), so I go back to the office and see I left some envelopes in the hall, I pick them up to put in my office, only when I get to my office, I forget to leave them. Whatever, I put them in my laptop bag get in the car to start it up...and NOTHING! It makes a weird clicking sound but doesn't start. Then the radio goes out and the car is just quiet. I try to start it and nothing!


I’m a little frustrated, but not too much. We have a portable car battery charger! YES! But umm…where’s the battery?! This car’s battery isn’t like other car’s batteries so I had to call my dad and have him walk me through it. I let it charge for 20 minutes - 10 with the car off and another 10 with the car on. I figure that should be long enough and go to unhook everything only before I get back into the car, it dies again! ;qlskjfs;slkjg!

I do this charge thing 2 more times and it’s not holding the charge. I think the portable charger is out of juice because it’s been charging now for 30 minutes (car off) and I’ve tried to start it and it won’t.

I get a hold of my sister and she THINKS she has jumper cables. She’s going to look in her car and if she does, she’ll come to my office and give me a jump. If this all works, I’ll be driving right back to her place and tomorrow I’ll take the bus.

OH! Let’s talk about the drama that’s starting to happen at my sister’s place! There’s a spot in the parking lot that has a faded visitors painted on the ground. That’s me. A visitor. But apparently one of the tenants has been parking her SECOND car there because her FIRST car is in her assigned spot and it doesn’t run. Well since I’ve been there, she’s had to park on the street or in her daughter’s assigned spot (the daughter uses the garage for her car). After like a week of being there, she asks if I can park closer to the bush so that she has space to get in and out of the spot. Okay, cool. I can do that. And I start doing that. Sometimes I park on the street because it’s late when I get back and the spot in the lot is taken. Well I guess she’s tired of using her daughter’s spot or parking on the street so she calls the landlord, tells him who knows what and the landlord, presumably, texts all the tenants that if they see a car in the lot that doesn’t belong, to call and he’ll call a tow truck! What the ever loving fuck!? So my sister tells me to look for a spot on the street first before parking in the lot so that the car doesn’t get towed.

Now today, car problems! I’d park it on the street tonight, but if I can’t get it started in the morning, it can’t stay on the street because of street sweeping. And if I have to take the bus, I have to leave at 7 am to get to the courthouse by 9 am. When I was at my apartment, I could leave at 8 am and take 1 bus and be there at 8:50. Now I’m farther away and that means I have to take more buses so I have to leave earlier.

Now I’m wondering if I wouldn’t have called out yesterday, if I’d be having car problems today. I know chances are I probably would, or I would have had them yesterday and had to get a jump from someone at the courthouse, but I can’t help but think that this is my punishment for calling out yesterday.

Now I go back to waiting for my sister. Maybe I’ll get some reading done. I was going to try to write, but I’m feeling too rage-y. People who follow me on twitter know why. Anyone here wants to know, I’ll send you a private message.

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