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The last few days have been trying for me, to say the least. Drama, people trying to start drama, people treating my dad like a baby instead of an adult or not taking cues from those who care for him (my mom and me). THE DAMN CAKE WAS ALMOST DROPPED 3 TIMES TAKING IT BACK AND FORTH TO SHOW MY DAD!

I just wanted to stay in my room and pop out when pictures needed to be taken. Thankfully I was able to do that with minimal fussing from family. (Later I have a story about the drama with my 2 aunts and me being in the middle).

Anyway, some pictures from the day (and yesterday) and a quick (less than 30 second) video of us singing Happy Birthday.

some family pics )

now party time pictures )

and a video. it should play for everyone since I made it public. let me know if it works or not. thanks.

right so...

Dec. 5th, 2012 02:50 pm
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it's like I don't even have the internet...or I have dial-up because I can't download anything and I have to refresh pages a few times before it will load.


but at least I'm able to get on at all. I just don't get why I have a slow down all of a sudden!

Maybe I can asked my sister to use her laptop when I get back so that I can do my downloads and clear out my LJ inbox of the messages I'm keeping that have download links.

In a few weeks I'll have something exciting (to me) to post that's sort of fandom related? I don't know, but I'm excited about it.

I went by the apartment. We have a doorbell again! After years of not having one (my dad took it out for some reason), I saw the white button on the outside of the door. I wanted to push it and hope I could hear what it sounds like, but I feel weird going back there. I haven't seen the owner in a few days so I can't tell him that my dad wants him to call him (my dad) bc I don't know if the owner got the note I left last week. So from what I can see from the outside, we have vertical blinds in the kitchen and living room and a new doorbell lol I know know if the carpeting or flooring in the kitchen and bathroom has been replaced. I don't know if the cabinets have been replaced either. I don't even know if there are vertical blinds in the back bedrooms (I hope there are!).

Saturday at 3pm there's an alumni event for my high school. I don't know where or if it's even supposed to happen. The FB page just says it's going to happen on Saturday at 3 pm.

Also on Saturday is masheek2masheek2's birthday party. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do about transportation. I can drive to the park & ride and take the train or drive all the way there, or do public transportation the whole way and call my sister for a pick up. I'd rather not do option 3 because I'm sure she will be tired from spending a good portion of the day at a craft fair. Going to the park & ride would probably be best. It would save me gas and I wouldn't have to worry about feeding a meter in front of the bar or worrying about validating my parking by parking in the structure next to the bar. I have a few days left to decide.

Next Friday is the holiday luncheon for the Legal Aid staff and volunteers. I can't believe I've been volunteering there for 10 months! January 31/February 1, 2013 will be 1 year! I went for the interview on January 31, then started on February 1. I wonder if they will remember...
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Okay…where to start.

Woke up Sunday morning and for a few hours I was able to fart around on the computer. Then when I went to give the cat her food, my dad started singing (horribly off key) Happy Birthday to me. I hurried back to my room and pretended to be sleep. Then when my mom was going to the bathroom, she stopped in to whish me a happy birthday as well. I spent maybe a good 30 minutes ‘liking’ all the birthday wishes on facebook and responding to some birthday wishes on twitter.

Around 840 I started to get ready for church. My dad then came into my room with a big ass packing box. Nope, he wasn’t kicking me out. LOL it was my birthday gift. ). (later I'll get to what was inside).

Then, about 10 minutes later, my mom came back to my room. they forgot the card. )

Now going to church. While we were driving, I did something stupid and daring. From the backseat, I stuck my hand, with my phone, out the window, while the car was moving, so that I could get a couple of pictures of myself. )

During the church service, I was pulled from my office (Friday I wasn't able to get all my work done because I'd run out of copy machine toner and didn't get a replacement cartridge until Sunday morning) and the congregation (like 10 people lol) sang Happy birthday to me. I stuck around for another 10 minutes before going back to my office and finishing my work.

After church, we had a Board meeting. I'm on the board and am responsible to typing up the minutes from the previous I passed those out, then waited for my mom to start things. Apparently I was having a cake. and they sang happy birthday to me...again.

pictures from church )

Then after church we went home and I said I was going to nap for an hour, but I ended up reading some fic, replying to more tweets, and 'liking' more FB birthday wishes. I still had 1 (or 2) more stops for the day. We left home around 330 to go to the Wine Bar in Long Beach to meet up with masheek2Mere and dontelltheelfJamie. I also thought more of my friends I invited from FB would join in, but alas, they didn't. However, Mere's mom, dad and sister were there, and my mom stuck around, so that was night. But before all of that, my mom dropped my dad off at the Pastor's then my mom and I got to the Wine Bar.

pictures from the Wine Bar )

Then after we left the Wine bar, my mom and I went back to the Pastor's house where we were given more food before my parents and I could leave. We got home around 9pm and I wanted to crash. But right as I was going to sleep, I was told I needed to wash and put away the dishes. So I washed the dishes, read some and went to bed.

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday here, either through private message or virtual gift. Thank you anymnous person who gave me 1000 tokens. I was able to change my userhead and now I'm trying to decide what to do with the other 899 tokens lol

Today I went to the courthouse, where no one really remembered yesterday was my birthday. I don't get why I was asked when my birthday was a few months ago. I guess they only "celebrate" it if it's during the week. L wished me a happy belated birthday, then we got to work. I did my usual Monday, post courthouse errands, then I went to the T-Mobile store and bought myself a new phone! for the last 3 weeks or so I'd been having problems with my blackberry, then yesterday I kept getting sim card error messages and I was freaking out I would lose all my contacts and whatnot on the sim card. Well the guy at the T-Mobile store helped me out. He suggested a phone for me, a myTouch that I named McDanno (lmao). I also got a screen protector and hard case. all my contacts were transfered to the new sim card (my old one was terribly out of date) and since I got home at 4pm or so, I've been playing around with McDanno (hehe) and figuring out the ins and outs.

If anyone plays 'Words with Friends', look me up! I'm simplyn2deep!
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my birthday is in 13 days!!!!

I have a choice to make too. buy myself a new phone or have my cousin do my hair. I chose to have my cousin do my hair. It'll be this style )

I don't know if I'll have her to do my makeup though. I'm all for being more daring with how my hair is done and the color of the clothes I wear, but I don't think I'm ready for bright makeup as well.

I also figured that 30 years old!!!! needs special pictures, so I was going to go to Photomaker in the mall and have pictures taken in my birthday dress, but I decided that I'd save myself the money and have my dad take my picture. For all that he annoys the hell out of me when taking pictures, they come out nice when I just let him do his thing. and then upload them to Costco and have prints done.

Also, as much as I'd love to buy myself a 2nd outfit to wear on my birthday, I'm sort of running short on cash. That's never good. So...birthday dress will have to do. I might buy myself a new pair of shoes and a purse. Yeah. That might be doable.

Also, about 25 days after my birthday is the start of the weekend family camp with the Spanish church. They gave Lora and I "permission" slips to sign up. I have the cost in my office and it's sort of outrageous. Something like $160 for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That may or may not include a meal on Friday, but includes 3 meals on Saturday and 2 meals on Sunday. There's other activities to do Friday (paint ball, mountain biking, zip line) for additional cost ($5-$10). I went last year and had an okay time. I mainly went so that Staci would have someone to "hang out" with, but I don't know if she'll be going this year. The other girls who are my "age" (I'm probably 5 years older than them) will either have their boyfriends or husbands with them...or we just have NOTHING in common and I'll feel like the third wheel (regardless of having known some of them for at least 15 years). It boils down to: do I have the money and do I want to go. Last year my church paid for me, Lora and Staci, but the church doesn't have that sort of money anymore. The membership is dwindling, and so is the offering coming in. So paying for stuff like this would probably be out. I probably have a week more to think about it and pay it.

Hmm can't think of anything else. Gonna pack up some more books and some other knick-knacks on my shelves.
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I was going to order 2 of the dresses I posted about before, but when I went to the site, they didn't have my size! So I had to think quick and went with these items )
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so I want to be like those celebrity women who wear several different outfits during the course of a day.

for me, I want a new outfit to wear to church, then something for after church/lunch, then something for getting drinks and possibly dinner

so that's like 3 outfits.

under the cut are some of my choices

clothes! clothes! clothes! )

I need to make a decision on 2 of these soon. I'll have to have them shipped to me and I'd like to have them on or before September 8.
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Honolulu, Hawaii

September 7-14, 2012

Hopefully this will allow for SOTB for season 3 of Hawaii Five-0

This also includes my 30th birthday celebration on Sept. 9th! oh yeah!

Also time to start the dieting...

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