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I think that's pretty self-explanatory.

I got my car back February 24, the day after I finished the temp assignment with the California Bar Exam (that was 4 days of interesting stuff that I'll talk about in a bit) and I'll be returning said car tomorrow, March 25 because I'm almost 28 days behind in payments, can't make car insurance payment because of no job (which I'll also talk about in a bit as well).

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4 day temp assignment )

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BIG SIGH! I think that's everything! Until next update! I hope that will have more good news than anything else! Please send positive job and school thoughts my way! I really need them!
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Just registered for spring semester. At the current college, I got 1 online class and 1 class that meets Tuesday/Thursday 9:30-10:45 am. In about 23 days I register for my next 2-3 classes, but at the other college.

Despite still not having support from my parents, I'm pushing forward. I think now it's about proving my dad wrong and getting out of this environment. My dad seriously screwed me up in saying that I'd have to find another way home if I took night classes bc he (meaning him or my mom) wouldn't pick me up from the train station at 1030 or 11 pm. I had to shift to 1 online class and day time classes and that takes away from me getting a job – which is what his entire problem is! That I expect everything handed to me on a silver platter and that's why I'm not going out and looking for a job.

Same song and dance anytime I try to talk to my mom about what's going on with my education and he can overhear.
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Well crap! The class I think I NEED to take to transfer (and I'm kind of interested in) is only offered 1 day a week - Tuesday nights. Looks like I'll be watching Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD later in the week.

cut because it's long )

Next I need to look up math, Spanish and creative writing at Cypress College and find the schedule that best works for me.

I’d be willing to take night classes to free up my days to work. My parents would also probably like this option as well.
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Spring 2014 registration

Cerritos College = November 25 @ 345pm
Cypress College = December 17 @ 3pm

The first one is on a Monday and I have to make sure I'm home in time or I'll have to stick around campus to do it. The other is a Tuesday during finals week but no matter as Tuesdays are my early days and I'm home by that time anyway.

Now just waiting for the release of the schedule so I can plan...though I think they're out already, but I can't find them. Need to search the respective college websites harder/better. I'd like to be able to plan out my classes now so I know how much to save in case fee waivers don't cover everything for the cost of the classes.

Took the cat to the vet today. I'm always shocked by how relatively inexpensive the shots end up being. I guess because they have shot packages, I get a discount instead of paying for each individually. But Ms Marple is good for the year!
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I've taken the first tests in my 4 classes.

87%, 81%, 80% and 76%.

I got the 76% because the instructor gave everyone in the class 4 extra points, otherwise, I'd have 68%. I'm not pleased with this at all. I know there's 3 or 4 other tests in the class, but I just don't like/can't follow how the instructor does the lecture (he basically re-reads the book in between telling real life stories and insulting people in the class). I'm going to have to do extra credit because I want to pass the class with a B, though for transferring, a C is acceptable.

The other 3 classes are much better because we have a workbook that we fill out as the lecture goes - we're basically writing our own textbook for the class.

Also, today in my second class 2 people were supposed to bring cookies and what do you know...they weren't in class! The teacher said on Tuesday we need to "narc on them" and he'd take care of the rest. Also next Tuesday another girl is supposed to bring cookies and next Thursday another guy is supposed to bring cookies. We'll see if they remember. LOL

Right now I'm in the campus computer lab charging my phone and using the computer. Once my phone is charged, I'll be heading home with a stop at storage. I sold a couple of textbooks from when I was taking classes with ICDC. One book I had in my room and the other I hope is in storage or I'll have to refund the girl her money (and she started classes on October 7).

In more enjoyable news...I've been writing nearly every day this month. Not thousands of words or anything, but like 250-400 words on a good day. On a really good day I can do 500-700 words. Last week I did nearly 1000 words. I wish all these words were going towards a fic I can post soon, but it's for a big bang that won't start posting until FEBRUARY! Isn't that ridiculous?! I'm probably like 2000 words from finishing it, and I'll have to sit on the fic for 5 months! I need to remember to message the mod and ask if there was a way to move the posting date up if a majority of the writers are finished so that artist can claim a fic to do art and we can get this big bang moving along.

curve ball

Sep. 12th, 2013 01:31 pm
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I finally went to talk to my counselor about the math class I couldn't register for. Turns out, because in the past I took the math class 3 times and withdrew, that it wouldn't be possible for me to take it a 4th time. Even if I filled out the course repetition form and explain my situation, it's 95% likely my request would be rejected.

What my counselor suggested was to take the class at another community college, pass it, then use the transferred grade towards transferring from Cerritos to the university.

After this 1 algebra class, I have a statistics class and that's it for math. I'll have 2 other Administration of Justice classes and that should be all the classes I need to transfer.

For Spring 2014 I can take whatever AJ course that's being offered at Cerritos and the 1 math course at Cypress. Fall 2014 I can take the statistics class and the other AJ course and Spring 2015 transfer to the university.

The math situation threw me off by a semester. I hate it. I hate math. I don't know how lack of work is going to change my education plans, but as of right now, this is the modified plan.
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Trying to do this update after drinking 2 glasses of wine. things are sort of fuzzy lol

I could get used to being done with school by noon. that was so great.

The initials of the instructor for my first class is PMS. He pointed that out like right away. Didn't cover much as it was the first day. We were in there for maybe 30-40 mins.

Had a short break between classes. 15-30 mins.

second class was with the same instructor I had Monday/Wednesday afternoon. So that was a lot of the same repeated get to know you stuff. I decided I really don't like this instructor. He's a bit harsh in the way he talks (outside of the lecture, but will get to that later)

Once class was finished, went to buy my books. sadly, only 1 of 2 were available, so the other one I had to order online.

When I finished that, I took the long way home, went into Compton, bumped into a couple of people from the courthouse, got lunch, went home, then went to pay my Lane Bryant bill. Paying the bill didn't happen, but I got a manicure and my eyebrows waxed before getting home for good.

Then today...first class went by pretty fast. a lot of the stuff talked about, I had covered in my paralegal classes. And who would have thought it...doing the homework helped make the class go by faster when it came to the lecture part. lol

Had a 3 hour break. got an early lunch, which should have been breakfast, but I didn't want breakfast. After I walked around campus, went to the computer and hung out there for about an hr, went to the library to read...and then I was going to get coffee to help keep me awake, but the line was too long...and I was running out of time to get to class.

second class we had a lecture. this was the instructor from yesterday that I don't like. As long as he sticks to giving the lecture, I'm okay with him. The plus is that he said class will only be an hour - 1230-130. the class is scheduled for 1230-145 but he said the material is set up that it's taught in an hour and if he goes the full schedule, that come the last few weeks of class, he'd be BS'ing because there wouldn't be enough stuff to cover to fill an hour.

So class ended, I got a pedicure, then came home. Screwed around on the internet, watched Goldfinger, played some games on my cell, and now I'm going to bed.

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My money came through. I was able to get my books. I almost bought a Samsung tablet. I'm going to wait until I get the books for my last 2 classes b4 I buy the "fun stuff for me".

Class One: Concepts of Criminal Law
Seems like a pretty easy class. 3 exams (all multiple choice and open book), a term project and optional extra credit. I was able to get 2 of my 3 required books. The third one I ordered online because they were out in the bookstore. Thankfully I won't need it until the test in about 5 weeks, but I was told (by the bookstore manager) that the book would be in by the end of the week. Already have my first assignment (that I've been working on in between my mom calling my name to ask me about my classes) and it's due Wednesday. It's 12 pages of reading material peppered with questions to answer (the answered questions are the homework). Wednesday the actual lecture starts were we take notes in the workbook (that we do our homework in).

The class is only 45 mins, more or less, but we can't leave for any reason. No bathroom breaks, no phone call breaks. No leaving the class unless it's an emergency and everyone in the building is leaving. If you do leave out (to answer the phone or use the bathroom, take all your stuff with you, don't come back...oh and you get marked absent!

Class Two: Criminal Evidence Law
The instructor is something else! Half way through class he starts cursing as he's talking and in my head I'm like "wtf?!" He's also a bit harsh. He said no cell phones on, which is pretty much a rule in all classes, and he was like "I don't care if it's the daycare calling to say that your kid is sick/dying. Let them. Everyone dies anyways." and that's when a lot of the cursing started. He said that if the phone rings and you HAVE to take the call, take all your stuff with you and don't come back to class...and you get marked absent!

I like the instructors from both classes for different reasons. The classes overall seem really easy to follow and pass. You just have to come to class and pay attention.

Tomorrow is 2 more classes but I should hopefully be home earlier...oh wait, I have to pay my Lane Bryant bill, so I'll probably get home about the same time (3:45 pm)
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I've got 30 mins until my next class and the wait is killing me! LOL

I'll give more of an update when i get home bc i dont want to drain my cell phone battery for a 2nd time today before i get home.

Mildly worried about when my grant money will be put in my account to buy my books. they said with direct deposit its the first day of class - today- but so far nothing. I already have 1 assignment due Wednesday and cant do it without book. hopefully the money will be there tonight so tomorrow i can buy my books!

until later! i need to get to class!
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so...I got 4 of 5 classes. that elusive math class wouldn't add. I'll need to make an appt & talk with my counselor about it. It's stupid because my transcripts say I can take Intermediate Algebra, but the scheduling system won't let me add it. I won't be add it for Fall 2013, but if I get it sorted NOW I can hopefully take it Spring 2014.

My Official Schedule
8-915am Concepts of Criminal Law
1230pm-145pm Criminal Evidence

8-915am Introduction to Administration of Justice
930-1045am Criminal Procedures

Looks like I'll be leaving an hour earlier in the mornings than I do now. No big deal. I just won't be able to press snooze on my alarm for that extra hour of sleep I'm able to get now. Like I said, no big deal. Wake up @ 6am, put the coffee on (if it wasn't done the night before), eat, dress and leave at 7am.

On Monday/Wednesday, I have that lovely 3 hr and 15 minute gap. Excellent time for reading, writing, lunch, catching up on homework. Public transportation around campus isn't all that great - I think 2 buses run once an hour and 2 other buses run every 30 minutes. I'll be able to better gauge once I look up the schedules.

On Tuesday/Thursday, I'm done by 11 am, but I think I will stick to campus at least until 2 pm as to not deal with any drama from my dad about needing to find a job or whatever (yes, I think this will still happen even with me going to school)

Classes came to like $588, but my total out of pocket fees are $29. That's $19 for the Health Fee and $10 for the Cerritos College Student Association fee. I have 7 days to pay or they drop my classes. UGH going to have to pay it Monday as bills wiped me out for this week. I should have anticipated that, but I thought the fee waiver covering my classes was also going to cover those 2 fees. I get my Pell Grant money ON August 19 (Monday), so after class on August 20 I can buy my books if I'm not able to buy them the day before.

I'm excited for it to be August 19 already!
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School hasn't even started and I'm already annoyed lol

the Plus:
the classes for my major are available

the Minus:
the one GE class I need always fills up fast
I can't take a foreign language unless I pay for it myself

as of right now, all my classes are picked. I'll check in 3 hrs to see if they're still available. my registration is in 10 hrs 32 mins. I think I'll keep checking every 3 hours until I register to make sure they're still available and adjust accordingly.

Tentative Schedule:
8-915am Concepts of Criminal Law
10am-1150am Intermediate Algebra
1230pm-145pm Criminal Evidence
2pm-350pm Intermediate Algebra

I have math listed twice because the 10am class has 14 available seats and by the time I register it could be closed, so I have the 2 pm class also picked and it has 22 available seats.

8-915am Introduction to Administration of Justice
930-1045am Criminal Procedures

Really debating if I should search out a Tuesday/Thursday Spanish class and pay out of pocket...for the sake taking 3 classes a day, but I don't want to overload myself. What I have picked now is 16 units...basically full time

Another reason I made my schedule like this is because I want to leave myself available to work in the afternoon if I should find a job nearby or on campus *fingers crossed* but also, I'm debating on if I should change my volunteer schedule at the courthouse to Tuesday/Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Down side to volunteering in the afternoon at the courthouse is the dress code. CLS says the employees, volunteers and interns have to dress professional. I don't want to go to school wearing what I wear to the courthouse - it's too dressy and I don't have enough time to go home, change and get to the courthouse all by bus. If I had stable access to the car, that would be different. There would be enough time for me to go home, change and get to the courthouse by 130pm when they open up after lunch. Oh! but my mom is a caregiver Tuesday/Thursday so she has the car. Maybe I should just stick with Friday mornings. I don't mind dressing up.

I still have time to think on this. I told J & N I would let them know my schedule so I'm thinking I'll tell them on August 9. I'd tell sooner, but J is out of town until August 5 (I think).
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You don't get to make snide comments and question where I'm going to get money to go back to school.

You don't get to tell me what I should be doing! This is my life and if you have a problem with it, KICK ME THE FUCK OUT!

I know I need a job. I'm doing what I need to do to get a full time job and I'm sorry if it's not happening fast enough for you. You think I'm happy still being here?!
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It'd be great for once to have a supportive comment from my dad about something I was interested in. But no matter, I'm excited about going back to school. I need 8 classes and I'll be set to transfer to Dominguez Hills.

My visit with the counselor went well. Like I said above, I need 8 classes to transfer. I was surprised at how many of my previous grades were okay and that I didn't need to make up. I have to knock these 8 classes out of the park and keep a high GPA in hopes of being accepted to the university in 2-3 yrs.

I need to take Algebra on the gen ed side, which I was already planning on and the rest of the classes are for my major. Those classes are: Intro to Administration of Justice, Concepts of Criminal Law, Criminal Procedures, Criminal Evidence, Community Relations, Statistics, and Criminal Investigation.

Those classes alone would have me at 1 yr to 1 ½ years at the most. It would depend when the class is offered and how quickly it fills up (and potentially making me have to wait until the next time it's offered). The counselor said I was the most prepared student he worked with in a long time. He would have students, fresh out of high school and those returning after being away for years, come in with missing papers, crumpled/folded up papers and just generally not prepared for what was going to be done when they got to his office.

I should know the final results of my financial aid in 4 weeks (as the most). The lady I spoke with said it all depended on how many Financial Aid Education Plans (what I did today) they had to work on, but it could be as soon as 2 weeks. I'm hoping for 2 weeks so I won't have to worry about how I'm going to pay for classes when I register on July 30th at 7:30 pm. I need to Fall 2013 Course Schedule to be released soon too. I'd like to pick my classes (and backup classes) now and let N & J at the Self-Help Center know what my schedule will be when classes start August 19th.

At Cal State Dominguez Hills, I believe I'll have about 12 classes to take, but I won't be sure until I speak with a counselor when it gets close to that time. All of those classes will be for my major only and I'm looking at 1 ½ to 2 years.

My dad is saying that 2 ½ to 3 years is too long for to get my Bachelor's degree when someone with no classes can do it in 4 years. If I went right to the University, I'd have to take the same number of classes, therefore, the same amount of time, if not I don't know what he's bitching and grumbling under his breath about.

Next step is to go to career services to see their job listings. I would have gone today but it was just too hot and I wanted to be out of the sun and heat as soon as possible. I need to go in the morning before it gets too hot.

Also, I'll be looking forward to not having to dress professional when I go out in the mornings. I miss pulling on a pair of jeans and t-shirt and leaving.

Now to start the back to school shopping. Gonna try to not go overboard. LOL
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this is all coming together great!

**Thursday is my counseling appointment to make my financial aid education plan

**I register for Fall 2013 on July 30 @ 7:30 pm

**got confirmation that my financial aid has been approved

As of right now, Fall 2013 schedule hasn't been released and I'm not sure when it will be. That will be something I ask on Thursday...maybe by then it will be out already.

I'm also going to ask about on campus employment. If I'm out of the apartment enough, I hope that my dad will get off and stay off my back about finding another job.
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First I heard back from FAFSA about my financial aid and my application was processed successfully!

Then I heard back from Cerritos, and that application was accepted!


I'm looking around the college's access website (where I'll register for classes and have access to my grades) and it looks like I won't have to take many classes over. This is good, but also bad. Good that I don't have to take the class over, but bad that I have to find more classes to be considered a full time student (3-5 classes).

I'll need to have 2 sets of transcripts sent to this college, but thankfully I have like 2 months to get that done. Fall classes probably start the 2nd or 3 week in August. I'm so looking forward to playing email/phone tag to get that accomplished from ICDC!

I also need to make an appointment with a counselor. That needs to be done soon as well. Preferably once transcripts have been delivered, but I'll call and ask to be sure.

I'm just so happy!

Funny thing...I haven't told my parents yet. When I got the 2 acceptance emails, I went to twitter and facebook first. My parents are on FB, but don't go to my page unless I tag them. I don't plan on tagging them with this news. It probably seems weird to others for me not to tell my parents since we live in the same apartment and everything, but I just don't want to until it's time for me to pick my classes. I don't want to hear the lectures or deal with the arguments.

I'm doing what it takes for me to get a full time job. Employers want someone with a Bachelor's Degree? Okay, I'll go back to school for that and who knows, I might find a job on campus when I eventually no longer have the job with the church (due to a potential merger and a bunch of other unexpected stuff).

For the last 6 months I'd been hoping that a position with Legal Aid would open up, but I don't think that's looking good. They're steady getting volunteers, but to my knowledge, no one is being hired.
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We've been back to the apartment for 4 months & 10 days and I'm slowly trying to get my room back to "normal". Mostly I'm doing it so I can get out of the expensive storage unit and to a lesser expensive unit (from $124/month to $80/month), but I need to bring the stuff I'm absolutely going to have in my room back to my room and everything else will be moved to a smaller unit.

Friday I brought home 4 boxes of book. I went through 2 of the boxes and shelved 50 books (I had 5 on my shelf that I got from Christmas)! Today I opened another box and shelved another 20 books. I still have 1 more box to go another 8 or so boxes in storage. Yeah. I have my own library and it might be growing again soon lol

I also need to go through my DVDs. I got a few for Christmas and I need to shelve them properly (in alphabetical order) so I can find them easily.

In other news...yesterday morning I went to a graduation. My adopted sister, the girl I used to babysit, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology. Being at her graduation made me want to re-visit the idea of going back to school for my Bachelor's Degree, but I can't narrow down what I want my major to be in. I go from Criminal Justice to Law (heading towards law school) don't know what else I'm interested in that would be worth spending more money I don't have to get a degree I won't be able to use. But I really miss being back in school. It's almost kind of sad.

eta: possible major: Public Administration w/concentrations in either Administrative Management, Criminal Justice Administration, Nonprofit Management, or Public Personnel Administration
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Came into the office because I needed to post a fic for h50_holidayswaph50_holidayswap and to properly clean out my e-mail.

Now that I've done that, I'm going to get some lunch and head back to my sister's.

My niece (and to a lesser extent my nephew) have been horrible pains and I've gone back and forth about getting them gift cards and it's kind of like the 11th hour, so to speak, for getting them something.

I can't believe I'm going to say this (again), but I will be so glad when my parents come back on Jan 9th! I need my own space (that isn't shared with everyone else)!

I've done more thinking about going back to school. It looks like Cal State Long Beach is only accepting students for certain programs? I don't know. The site was confusing. I should probably go and speak with a counselor or something. I'm also looking at Cal State Dominguez Hills as they have a Criminal Justice Administration Bachelor's Degree program. CSULB and CSUDH are the only universities near me that have Criminal Justice Bachelor's degree programs. Going out of state is an option but it's one that I'm sort of scared to do and NOT succeed at because I'll be so far away from home.

Merry Christmas /\/\/\ Mele Kalikimaka
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So that package that was supposedly delivered on November 24 to my old address was actually picked up by the post office. THEY LIED TO ME! They told me they didn't have any packages for me!

I found this out when I finally called Amazon and told them I never got the package. I asked if it could be redelivered and the lady I spoke with said she'd check and get back to me.

By 5 pm yesterday I had an e-mail telling me that the package was going to be re-delivered to my sister's address and I'd get it by 8 pm. on December 20th. Thankfully that's a Thursday, so I'm going to plan to stay at my sister's until it arrives or 8 p.m. I hope it arrives early enough in the day because I've got plans.

Now then, my plans for the week:
I need to get to storage to get a couple of red blouses/tops from my unit and the slow cooker from one of the other units.
I need to wash my clothes (I'm out of socks)
I need to go to the grocery store for food stuffs for the church dinner on Sunday.
I also need to go to the mall (or the bank) to at least get gift cards for my sister, M & J. I'd rather get them all visa gift cards and let them get what they want. I figured $25 each for M & J and $50 for my sister and that will be the extent of my Christmas shopping.

There's also work on Wednesday, Friday of this week. Then next week, there's a half day (which I do anyways) on Monday before having Christmas off (which is a Tuesday and I have that day off anyways). Usual day on Wednesday and Friday of next week. I think the 31st is also a half day with Jan 1st off and back at it on Jan 2nd.

I need to e-mail J & N and ask if I can go "full time" volunteering for 2013. My dad has already told me, and continues to remind me whenever we talk (which is why I try not to call them so much) that come next year, he doesn't want me in the house - meaning he wants me pounding the pavement 5 days a week looking for work. Okay, fine. Monday-Thursday in the morning I'll volunteer with Legal Aid, then in the afternoons I'll go to the library and do my job search there since I won't be able to do it at home. Fridays I'll come to the church and do my usual work. This will ensure that I'm out of the house 5 days a week like he asks.

Last Friday, at the volunteer holiday party (remind me to take a picture and post the thank you gifts they gave out!), I got to thinking about going back to school for my Bachelor's degree and possibly going to law school. Listening to the other volunteers who are either in law school or preparing for the bar exam had me re-thinking what I want to do. I mean, I did get my paralegal degree, but every place I look they want someone with experience, even for a legal secretary position (which I would think my 11 years experience as a secretary would give me some sort of foot in the door). However, maybe if going back to school isn't a viable option just yet, I can get whatever certification I need to help me get my foot in the door as a legal secretary.

yeah, I think that's my goal for 2013. research Bachelor degree programs I might be interested in (I'm already fairly certain it will be something criminal justice related) and research the National Association of Legal Secretaries

And now I'm going to head back to my sister's. Maybe get a jump start on washing my clothes.

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