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32 is the new 23!

I proudly claim everyone one of my 32 years!

Here's to 32 more! (but please let it be more than 32 years!)
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The last few days have been trying for me, to say the least. Drama, people trying to start drama, people treating my dad like a baby instead of an adult or not taking cues from those who care for him (my mom and me). THE DAMN CAKE WAS ALMOST DROPPED 3 TIMES TAKING IT BACK AND FORTH TO SHOW MY DAD!

I just wanted to stay in my room and pop out when pictures needed to be taken. Thankfully I was able to do that with minimal fussing from family. (Later I have a story about the drama with my 2 aunts and me being in the middle).

Anyway, some pictures from the day (and yesterday) and a quick (less than 30 second) video of us singing Happy Birthday.

some family pics )

now party time pictures )

and a video. it should play for everyone since I made it public. let me know if it works or not. thanks.
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Nooo! my niece challenged me to do the ALS ice bucket challenge (there's video of it, but my sister in law's FB is set to friends only so anyone who is a friend of hers can see it). part of me wants to be daring and do it, but the other part of me is embarrassed and doesn’t want to, but I don’t have the money to donate.

My niece also challenged her cousins (my other niece and nephew) and her aunt (my sister). My sister basically chickened out, but said Niece #1 would probably do it.

My mom, however, instantly jumped on the chance to throw water on me! LOL if she does that, there will be no one to take video of it.

I thought I could have it all videoed on my phone and upload to instagram, but apparently my phone camera lacks *something* so it doesn't meet whatever minimum requirements IG has. Next going to test out the video function on the camera to see if that works and picks up sound.

eta 1: you know...I think I'm just going to be a kill joy and donate the money.

eta 2: I need to find some of the challenge videos I really liked and post/share them here.

eta 3: I decided I'm going to participate in the Walk to Defeat ALS Los Angeles County Walk on Sunday, October 19, 2014. I haven't decided if I will be walking or volunteering my time.

eta 4: My sister, Niece and Nephew did the challenge and now my sister's trying to guilt me into doing it as well. Ha! I'm sticking to my volunteer donation because I think that will be of more help.
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pic behind cut )

Here's a pic of the family! From left to right is me, my sister Andrea, my mom Mary, my brother Richard, my nephew Marlin, my niece Jasmine and my dad Richard.

My brother has been here since Friday afternoon. Saturday my sister roped my brother into helping her clean out her storage unit. Yesterday they (mom and brother) went to church with my sister and I stayed home with dad. We had pizza for lunch and dinner. Don't know what we're doing for eats today.

Not pictured in the above family picture are my sister in law Nieves and nieces Marta & Daniela. They couldn't be here because today they started the 4th grade! Marta is on the left (the shorter of the two) and Daniela is on the right.

big picture of Marta & Daniela on their first day school )
Anyway, brother leaves tomorrow morning to go back to Florida. Sadly he'll miss them leaving for their 2nd day of school, but my sister in law is great at posting pictures on FB for all of us to see.


Aug. 11th, 2014 04:21 pm
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BREAKING: Actor and comedian Robin Williams is dead, his representative tells @ABC:
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My aunt in Oregon (the one taken off dialysis earlier this month) died about 40 mins ago.

If I remember correctly, the doctors were giving her 3-10 day once they took her off dialysis, but it was something like 19 days. I know my Aunt was a fighter. From what I remember of her, she fought her health issues for years before she finally went on dialysis, but that seemed to make her worse until the doctors gave the news that she couldn't continue with it because she had no more viable veins.

So my mom is calling her family to tell them, so far is seems like they already know because my cousins have called.

This news has been a bucket of ice water on what had been a fantastic afternoon full of behind the scenes H50 pics from season 5 filming.

I want to be in a happy mood again
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okay then...results from blood work. I'm allergic to mold. pretty much the way to fix that would be to thoroughly clean the apartment. The thing is, when I looked up the symptoms, I don't have any of them. Next is to talk to dr to see if there's a specific mold or something else.
Oh, but then I looked at another site and it says rash/hives can be a symptom.
I think it's the bathroom and hall near hot water heater. sometime last year the hot water heater broke and while they did a good job of putting in a new one, the space below the heater wasn't properly dried out. Also, in the bathroom over the shower, there was a moldy patch in the ceiling (tub area for the upstairs unit) and I don't know what was done to fix that before it was painted.

I think there's some way of testing where the mold is, but that's probably super expensive and we're poor. I'll have to see what my doctor says. Maybe (hopefully) there's a pill...and I hate taking pills.


Jul. 18th, 2014 06:35 pm
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After procrastinating for a little over a month, then writing in fits and starts, I FINALLY FINISHED MY [ profile] h50_reversebang  FIC!

I was hoping that it would be around 10,000 words, but when the minimum word count was lowered to 5000 words, that was much more reasonable for me, and my fic is around 6581 words!

The fic is due on Sunday and has already been beta read. I'm going to give it another read through before submitting/posting it.

Also, have to see what the posting procedure for the community is as well. I've never participated in a reverse big bang before.

So as soon as I'm able to post, I'll share here too.
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Today we finally sat down with the pre-arrangement counselor with a local mortuary to decide on and put a down payment on my dad's "final" arrangements.

The Doctor and nurse with hospice don't believe my dad's condition is going to improve. The neurologist told my dad's doctor that the blood clot in his brain is larger than he initially thought but it's still too deep, thus making it inoperable. So my dad is basically going to be on blood thinner medication the rest of his life. If he has another stroke, it could be one that he doesn't recover from. My dad has DRN (do not resuscitate) papers on record.

So, we contacted a local mortuary last week, got some information, then we were going to shop around, but the news from the doctor and my dad's increased lack of strength and frequent bouts of confusion, we opted to go with the only one we talked to.

But it's all settled. One less thing to worry about, but at the same time, one more thing to worry about as it's another bill we have to pay (for the next 5 years or until my dad dies).

I told my mom that as soon as I got a job, we could start on her arrangements. The counselor suggested it so that we can get a lower price now as opposed to years later when prices are higher.
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We have a SOTB (Sunset on the Beach) for season 5 of H50

and it's early. 2 weeks before the season is set to premiere.


Jul. 1st, 2014 04:37 pm
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Last night, Netflix got rid of 20 movies at midnight (July 1). Today, they're adding 45 movies. Both lists can be seen here.

Two of the movies removed were James Bond (Sean Connery) ones. I'd seen them several times before.

Of the movies added, I'm looking forward to seeing The Hunt for Red October and Legends of the Fall. Maybe some of the others, but definitely those two.
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Didn't see any whales, but saw about 15-20 dolphins and a seal! We got there so late that unfortunately my sister didn't get to join me, Jasmine and her friend, but she told us that if she didn't make it, she would go to the movies - which she did and saw The Fault in Our Stars.

I'd like to do it again. Maybe try fishing. This company does fishing trips as well.

picture ) 
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 1. just now, well more like an hr ago now, my neighbor told my parents that she would come by more often to help with his physical therapy. Apparently she's months away from finishing her physical therapist degree or whatever. I'm like GREAT! If she can help my mom during the day, I won't feel so out of sorts should I find a job and work during the day.

2-a. my sister called to ask if I wanted to go whale watching with her. She has an extra ticket because Marlin didn't want to go. AWESOME! I've never been whale watching before! I mean, I saw some whales when I went on a cruise to Mexico several years ago, but that was purely by chance. I hope to see some on this trip. We're going to leave in about 2 hours to go to Newport Beach (which will forever remind me of the TV show The OC) for it. Pictures will definitely be shared later. I hope I don't get a nasty tan from this. sun block does nothing to help me from burning or tanning when I'm in the sun for a long time

2-b. We had a scheduled appointment with a prearrangement counselor from the mortuary we decided on but since my sister and I will both be unavailable for it today, the lady said she would call and give us another time on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon.

3. I have an interview with the LA County DA's office out of the Norwalk Courthouse on Monday! OMG!! A few weeks ago, I got a call from them, but the 2 locations were too far for me to get to (nearly 2 hours by bus, if that!) and the lady I spoke with said she would keep my name on the list for anything closer to me. Since my degree goal is within the law/legal field, I would love for anything with the Sheriff's Department or the District Attorney's office. I get the chills just thinking about it.
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 Today my dad had an appointment for Access Transportation and while we were waiting for them, my dad became unresponsive!

Since we're on hospice care, we don't call the traditional 911, we call the hospice's version of 911 and tell them what happened. So we did that and they walked me through what had to be done (get him back into the apartment, back into bed and give him oxygen. While we were struggling to get him back in the apartment, I heard my dad start to snore. Okay, he's asleep...but why isn't he responding when we call his name?

We have the oxygen going, but it's a struggle for me and my mom to get him into bed, so we're waiting for the emergency nurse to come. They're "local" and they said in emergencies, they can have someone to us within the hour. It's been about 30 minutes now and I'm going from my room to the front door looking for someone to come.

Meanwhile, my mom is still trying to wake my dad and we still have the oxygen going for him.

eta 1: It's 1:20pm and the nurse has been here about 20 minutes. She got my dad to respond and helped us get him back into bed. His blood pressure is really low, but oxygen levels are high. the nurse said he basically passed out bc this was the first time in about a week that we got him out of bed and into the chair for an extended period of time.

eta 2: He's doing better now. It's been nearly 2 hours since this all started. He's sleeping but was asking for something to eat so I need to put on proper clothes and pick up some beef stew and chicken/turkey pot pies.
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Idea come to life! A couple of weeks ago I mentioned to my mom about wanting to have a family picture with my dad on Father's Day and to have someone take it. At the time, I was under the impression that he was still going to be at the healthcare facility and not at home.

Well, as you saw from the picture I posted on Friday, my dad is home so we had the picture take here. With the wonders of modern technology (aka timer on the camera) we got a picture taken...and it only took 2 tries!

picture )
In the back, it's me, my mom, my sister, Marlin and Jasmine and obviously my dad in the bed.
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see more... )

I don't think any other words are needed!
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Woke up at 4:45am

Left home at  5:08am and drove to the train park and ride.

Caught the train. Caught my connecting bus. Walked 2 blocks and caught a second bus.

Got to the courthouse and waited in line for 40 minutes.

My childhood friend's mother was working at this courthouse. Spoke with her for a couple of minutes before they started the orientation.

Sat around until about 10am before a doozy of a case was brought up.

This case though, the only one they pulled jurors for, that was scheduled to be 70 DAYS (ending at the end of September)! OMG! People groaned at that. The jurors had the option to say yes or no. The ones who said yes were applauded, the ones who said no had to tell the worker why, and then that worker either said it was up to the judge or they would be picked for another case.

Part of me hoped I'd be called, but they said that if you were unemployed and actively looking for work not to say yes if your name was called. I am in that category. I'm waiting to hear back from a couple of places in regards to 2nd interviews and/or job offers. name wasn't called. And at noon, they excused us. Told us we didn't have to worry about getting a summons for another year.

Instead of taking the 2 hour route home, I took the all train route which saved me about 30 minutes as I got back to the park and ride an hour and a half after I left the courthouse.

Drove home with very little problems from the car, and now I'm going to make something to eat!
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I'd been saying over and over how much I wanted Jury Duty and how I hated that I had to postpone my service twice.

Well, I got what I wished for...and it's ruined my plans.

All this week I've been on call, where I had to call the jury service number or check online to see if the following day I have to report. I just had this feeling that tomorrow, Friday, I'd have to report to downtown Los Angeles and sure enough, I have to be in the jury room at 7:30 am!

1. What kind of holy hell madness is that?!

2. since I'm on public transportation, I have to leave at 5am to ensure I get there on time. I'm like the Dame of navigating public transportation and I figured out that if I drove the car to the train station, I can get the 5:30 train, then 6am bus and by 650am, I would be getting off the stop in front of the courthouse. That would leave me 30 minutes or so, to get to the jury room.


This also means my plans are all screwed up in regards to how my dad was getting home tomorrow from the Healthcare facility. He'll still be checking out at 3pm, but the plan was for me to stay home and my mom to be at the facility and to be brought home by my sister with my dad's belongings. Now that has to change. My mom is going to stay home (when she finishes with her appointment) and my sister, if she's finished with her sub work, is going to go to the facility, get all my dad's things while he's transported, by ambulance, home and my mom, with the nurses/doctor/social worker, will being the intake process.

There's still a possibility, though, that when I get to the courthouse, I could not get called for a case and be able to leave by noon and be back home by 2pm so my mom could deal with my dad and his belongings.

Yes, let's cross our fingers that it happens this way - that I'll be home by 2pm so that we can stick to our original plan.

a picture

Jun. 12th, 2014 02:00 pm
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The equipment we'd need for when my dad gets home arrived today and was set up (by a cute delivery guy!), then he showed me how to use everything.

Here's a picture of the bedroom just waiting for my dad to come!

the picture )

Now I have to look for sheets for it and the pillows from their other bed.

Also, I have to go grocery shopping. I want to wait until it's cooler, but I don't want to wait too long or the store will close and/or I'll lose my parking spot.
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I'll have a rather upsetting update later today.

It's not earth-shattering devastating, but I'm still in this what about me?! phase (plight of being the youngest child and still living at home?)

So yeah, look forward to that and tell me how bad a person I am for thinking/feeling this way.

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