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First, John and Colleen have my cat. At least for a couple of months. Colleen is going to get her a replacement collar and let me know when she's going to take her pets to get their shots so I can go with and get Ms. Marples done as well - she's about 7 months overdo?

Second, I just sent a text to Abel asking him if the offer for a room at his parents house was still open and he said yes. So...somehow between now and next Friday when I plan on being out of here, I'll need to pack up again and get the stuff to the house.

I'm thinking maybe this Saturday and next Saturday I can take some stuff when Colleen and John come down. Although I don't know if they'll be coming down next Saturday, but there's a baby shower at the church Colleen mentioned wanting to go to.

But yeah, I bit the bullet and decided to go there because it's still close to the church and John won't have to drive further to drop me off any place on Sundays and the occasional Friday/Saturday, and if need be, I can still hop on a bus to go to church.

Also, I'll need to talk with Abel more to let him know what I'm going to need (mainly a key to the house so I don't feel locked in since his step-dad has a key to unlock the door to keep his mom from getting out of the house). I'll also need to see what the internet access is like. I don't mind not having a TV (I've gone 2 weeks now without one, what's another 2 months or however long I'm there?), but I absolutely need the internet access. I can burn through the 5GB of HotSpot access with my phone pretty fast and I wouldn't even try to stream videos/netflix with it. oh and let's not forget job searching! That's done 99% online.

Mostly, I just really really need a job. And to go back to school to finish the work on my BS degree in Public Administration. I just have 5 degree related classes plus 1 prerequisite class for the degree related class. That's it. SIX CLASSES keeping me away from my Bachelors Degree...well and money.

Also talked to Lora today. Whatever. She did give me some helpful pointers in job searching and what to tell them as far as my education went and she said they'd likely be flexible with hours and such once they see that you're dedicated to finishing the degree. Once I have the degree, so many more doors will open for me.

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