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The last few days have been trying for me, to say the least. Drama, people trying to start drama, people treating my dad like a baby instead of an adult or not taking cues from those who care for him (my mom and me). THE DAMN CAKE WAS ALMOST DROPPED 3 TIMES TAKING IT BACK AND FORTH TO SHOW MY DAD!

I just wanted to stay in my room and pop out when pictures needed to be taken. Thankfully I was able to do that with minimal fussing from family. (Later I have a story about the drama with my 2 aunts and me being in the middle).

Anyway, some pictures from the day (and yesterday) and a quick (less than 30 second) video of us singing Happy Birthday.

Me and my mom

Me and Jasmine

Me and my aunts

First the card (my sister made it and it's for everyone who's come to sign)

Here's the cake

Decorating and dealing with last minute food prep

first set wave of visitors

second wave of visitors

singing happy birthday

the filled up birthday card

and a video. it should play for everyone since I made it public. let me know if it works or not. thanks.

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