Jan. 15th, 2015


Jan. 15th, 2015 04:42 pm
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Some time last week, my mom gave me a slip of paper. It was job information for a driver position for Access...only access hires out it's drivers from other transportation companies. I went to the website of the closest transportation company and saw they were hiring drivers.

It took me DAYS to get the money for my bus fare and to pick up my 3 year and 10 year driving record from the DMV.

I was supposed to go on Tuesday, but I overslept. So I went yesterday. I was there, at the DMV, for 3 hours! They were telling people with appointments(!!!) that it was going to be a 3 hour wait! So, I got my 2 driving records and got back on the bus to head to the company to turn them in and fill out an application.

That was another 2 hours, getting there and filling out the application, and was informed that once the application was reviewed, I would be notified.

Now the waiting game.

I honestly wasn't a call back today, but around 20 to noon, I get a call back! I thought they were calling to say "thanks, but no thanks," or that they had questions about something I put in my application.

Turns out, they want me to come in for an interview!


I was so freakin' shocked!

Tomorrow at 10:45am is my interview. With how frequently the buses run (one is every hour, one is every 20 minutes and the other is every 40 minutes) I'll either get there 40 minutes early, or would just be getting off the bus at 10:40am, leaving me 5 minutes to walk 2 blocks to the location where the interview is.

Yeah...no. I'd rather be there 40 minutes early to have that "cushion" in case I have to end up walking about 2 miles from where I get off bus #2 to wait for bus #3. I hope that doesn't happen, it's a possibility.

Now...about this job.

I mentioned Access Transportation before. It's the company my mom uses sometimes to get to/from her doctor appointments, church, and when she goes to do her day care. And like I mentioned in this entry, they get their drivers from other transportation companies. The one i'm going to interview with, Global Paratransit, is a 24/7 transportation company. Because of that, their drivers need to be available to work holidays, weekend, and sometimes overnight. They also have no problem paying overtime. I found that out because my mom said one of her drivers said they have a high turnover rate when it comes to drivers. People talking/texting while driving. Not only is it against the law, but if you're responsible for driving someone else around, possibly 3 or 4 people if you're in a van, you need to not be distracted. So you don't get a first or second chance. If they find out you were texting/talking while driving, you're fired.

The benefits: if hired there's two weeks of paid training at $9/hour and after that you get paid $11/hour. They have no problem paying overtime, in fact apparently they encourage it, there's paid time off as well as medical/dental insurance.

All that said, interview tomorrow and I need to find something warm and professional to wear.

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